NBA: Hakeem Olajuwon Says Dwight Howard Wanted Out Of Orlando In 2011

We all know Dwight Howard was fronting for real when he was still in Orlando, when he would be asked about how he felt staying there. He had to play the politically correct role so he wouldn’t come off as a bad guy, but in the end he still somewhat did. He and then coach Stan Van Gundy, had an up and down relationship and now Hakeem Olajuwon has shed more light on the issue. Read more after the jump.

Nasty! Got HORSEmeat???

Horsemeat Lasagna

A European company was caught out using up to 100 percent horsemeat in a dish served all over the world. Findus Frozen Lasagna has claimed that they were unaware their Polish supplier was substituting beef for horse. After conducting tests in Britain and Sweden, the results showed that 75 percent of the meat coming from Poland was horsemeat. Read more after the jump.

(Photos) Pharrell Williams Getting Close With Miley Cyrus In The Studio!!


Looks like Pharrell is “selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo” as Rick Ross would say… But really, the two have been working together a lot in the studio lately, and I don’t know about you but it seems like a bizarre combination! Time will tell how their music will turn out to be but at least they’re forming a close friendship out of it. Hit the jump check out the gallery and the photos of the two together!

(Video + Photos) WHOA! Stacey Dash Is Caught Masturbating And Smoking Mary Jane Out Of A WHAT !!!


If you thought that her Romney comments got the attention of folks, wait until you peek game at this one. Straight like that! Stacy is feeling herself (literally). Company interrupts what was suppose to be some great ALONE time. She’s even smoking out of FRUIT! I guess that whole “Single Ladies” incident was bad for her career. THIS SHOULD PICK IT UP. (I don’t think the runner-up to Obama would appreciate this). Drop down bottom for more.

(Video) Goat Loose in Brooklyn???

Loose Goat in Brooklyn

This is definitely only something that happens in New York! A loose goat was found running around in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn yesterday. Luckily an African immigrant (who also happened to be a goat herder in West Africa) was able to grab him. Check out the video after the jump.

(Photos) Black History Moment: Black Women In Politics!!!

Condoleezza Rice

Check out some influential Black Women in Politics, right after the jump!

NCAA:(Video) Ole Miss Coaches Caught Faking Reaction To New Recruit


Reality TV is rarely ever real!! All those Basketball Wives, Love&Hip-Hop, Real Housewives of Orange County and all the rest of those crap shows are more scripted than sitcoms. It’s ashame ESPN is no different! Most sports fans already know ESPN is the biggest thing in sports, but it also has alot of gossip and fake things for TV. As we see another example here. The University of Ole Miss (Mississippi) recently landed the overall #1 ranked high school football recruit in the country. This past Wednesday was the big day, and high school senior Robert Nkemdiche as well as top 5 recruit Laremy Tunsil, had already faxed their letters of intent to the Ole Miss coaching staff about 30 minutes before they went on TV on ESPN and announced to the college football world where they will be going. Only thing wrong with this is the fake a** reaction the coaching staff had to put on for ESPN since they had cameras on the campus that day. SMH. ESPN is becoming more and more about gossip instead of sports. Check the video after the jump.

(Photos) See How Bad Frank Ocean’s Finger Was Cut

OUCH!!!!!!! Last night, Frank Ocean gave his Twitter and Instagram followers a gruesome photo of his cut finger that may have been taken after his fight with Chris Brown.

The Hood: See Who Got It Worse In The #Blizzard


We want to see all of your blizzard pics!! Send us the pics of the snow by you, you can also send a sexy pic of yourself and/or your loved one that you’re spending time with during the snowstorm. Tweet all your pics to @FunkMasterFlex or email them to [email protected] !!!! We will put all of your pics into the gallery in this post! IFWT

(Photos) George Bush Hacked???

George H.W. Bush & Bill Clinton

Former President George H.W. Bush’s emails got hacked yesterday, including confidential emails, phone numbers, photos and even the security code for George W.’s House (LOL he better watch out now!) Guccifer, a notorious hacker, also hacked photos sent to and from members of the Bush family, including some embarrassing nude self-portraits of George W. (why in the world would Dubya send nude pictures to his sister?) This would have been way more epic if W had been hacked while still President. Check out what was taken after the jump.

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