(Photo) LaLa Blesses Kimye’s Baby!!!

Kim & LaLa at a Midori event

As Kim’s baby bump gets bigger, everyone and their mother wants to be seen with the unborn Kimye baby! LaLa posted a picture up on Instagram of her kissing Kim’s stomach with the caption “Kisses to baby Kimye…best girls night out with @kimkardashian…love u!” Read more after the jump.

(Music Video) Fred The Godson Presents T.B.M. – The Intro


Fred The Godson reps for his team while Talkin Bout Money on his newest visual displayed after the jump.

(Video) Guess Which Artist Tyga Is Collaborating With For His Next Single??


Tyga recently revealed the title of his next single from his upcoming album and he’s collaborating with a very well-known artist. Ladies, you’re in for a treat. Can you guess who? Hit the jump to see!

Auto:(Video) Dramatic Police Chase From Early This Morning Ends In Fireball


This high speed chase comes to a crazy ending!! Dude is on the run ( not sure for what at this time ) and is leaving officers in the dust to the point that they back off and let the helicopter track the driver. You can see him get comfortable and slow down a little bit, but then just as fast he is back hammering on the gas and smoking down the highway. The chase comes to a dramatic close when he loses control and the car explodes like a bomb. Funny side note though, he keeps using his turn signals everytime he switches lanes lol. The police were actually able to pull this guy to safety before arresting him and he is currently in the hospital. Watch the video after the jump.

(Video) Sports: Blake Griffin Breaks Out His Best Harry Caray Impression

IFWT_Blake Griffin

Check out Blake Griffin as he does his best Harry Caray impression…

(Video) Trav & Jim Jones – Weight

Trav and Jim Jones

Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” instrumental is really making its rounds in the hip-hop world. Hit the jump to see Trav and Jim Jones’ rendition.

(Video) New Clipse Album On the Way!


G.O.O.D. Music’s own Pusha T recently spoke with MTV and guess what? Fans can expect a new Clipse album! Surprised?… He even provided the name of the album. Hit the jump to see the video.

Halo 4 Reviewed By Conan O’Brien


Halo 4 has been on store shelves for a few months, that does’nt stop funny man and late night TV host Conan O’brien to do his own review on Halo 4. The game did lend his voice for the game so i guess its only right the guy give his opinion on the game. Does he give the game a good grade or does he think the game stinks. After the break find out.

(Fellas Check The Pics!) 5 Pics of Suelyn Medeiros Showing Off The ASSets!


Fellas check out these pics of Suelyn Medeiros showing it all off!

Auto:(Video) You Would Freak Out If This Happened To You


If I was this woman, my thoughts would be moving a million miles for per second trying to figure out what is going on. This video is from Israel and is not in English so let me translate. This woman parks her car legally on a city street and gets out and goes about her business. While she is gone, some retards who work for the city decide even though there is a car parked there, this would still be a good time to paint that parking space as a handicapped. They could of came back later when it was an empty space and did the job the right way, but no, not these geniuses. They paint AROUND the car and when they leave it looks like the parking space has been a handicapped spot for a while. Next thing you know a tow truck comes by. The car is ticketed for parking in the handicapped spot and TOWED!! The woman was forced to pay a $270 fine, but she was smarter than the average bear. She tracked down a surveillance camera on that street and put it on Facebook and it went viral!! The city apologized to the woman and returned the fine money. I still think they owed her more than that for her aggravation. Check the video after the jump and watch it happen in real time.

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