Hmmm…Is This Karrueche’s Response To Chris & Rihanna Going Together To Court?!

What a love-triangle!

We all watched as Chris Brown and Rihanna showed up to his court date together yesterday, so you know his ex Karrueche was fully aware as well. Up until quite recently, Chris’ status with both ladies was very up in the air…as one day we’d see him with Kae, the next we’d see him with Rih. It looks like, for now at least, he’s decided to stick with Rihanna…and as one would expect, this probably isn’t the best feeling for Karrueche. An interesting tweet she sent out in the midst of all the court drama yesterday seems to share her feelings on the situation loud and clear to the world. See what she wrote in the gallery!

I’m hosting @McDonalds #FlavorBattle #DJ Competition in #Miami Tonight!


Big ups to @McDonalds #FlavorBattle for getting behind the DJ community and helping us find the hottest mix-masters on the scene. Check out the talent & tell me who u think will win! Don’t forget to tune in to on TONIGHT at 9p EST to see me host the finale. —-> Funk Flex

IFWT Wishes Ashton Kutcher A Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Ashton! We wish you many more!

IFWT Remembers Big Pun!

R.I.P. Big Pun!

13 years ago, we lost one of the dopest MC’s ever, Big Punisher! Your legacy lives on and you are missed every day! R.I.P., Pun!

(Video) T.I. Wants To Steal An Identity…Guess Who ???


The time is nearing…”Identity Theft” will be in theaters in about a day, and our favorite Grand Hustle homie, T.I. stars in the comedy as a bounty hunter. There is one identity, if given the opportunity, he would steal. You’ll never guess. Drop down bottom and see who it is.

WWE: What A Guy! Check Out What CM Punk Is Doing For This Fan!

IFWT_CM Punk and fan

I just love when athletes/celebs give back.  Here’s a bad story that ends with a happy ending!  Wrestling star CM Punk is helping out a fan that was shot & robbed!  Story after the jump…

(Video *18+ ONLY Graphic Content*) Man Gets Beat BADLY Butt Naked For His Father’s Debt In Newark, NJ


This is ridiculous and uncalled for — no one deserves this type of punishment. In Newark, NJ, a ruthless, ignorant attack took place all because this man’s father owed money. A lot of the video is distorted but you get the gist of what is happening to the poor man. See the 18+ footage below, warning: watch at your own discretion.

IFWT Celebrates Black History Month: Honoring Joe Louis


Joe Louis was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1937 to 1949. He is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Nicknamed the Brown Bomber, Louis helped elevate boxing from a nadir in popularity in the post-Jack Dempsey era by establishing a reputation as an honest, hardworking fighter at a time when the sport was dominated by gambling interests. Read more about Joe after the jump!

(Video) Oh Sh*t! Caught On Tape: This Famous Rock Star Collapses On Stage In Canada!


This famous rock star also know as Brian Hugh Warner had a scary moment last night when the rocker collapsed on stage during a live concert. At Saskatoon, e was midway through his hit “Beautiful People” when suddenly he stopped singing, turned to the side and just falls on the stage (footage found at 1:13). With the band not realizing it wasn’t a joke and it was really happening, they kept playing — but soon rushed in and began to help the singer out. The rocker also threw up on stage before collapsing, but it isn’t clear in the video. See the footage below to find out who it was!

NBA: Kobe Bryant Urges Dwight Howard!


I don’t know if everyone is going to agree with the Black Mamba here. While it’s a great attitude to have, not sure if it’s worth the risk of making the injury worse. Kobe Bryant again has urged Dwight Howard to play through some pain while claiming that the Los Angeles Lakers’ center “worries too much” about media and fan criticism. Check out what Kobe had to say…

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