NBA:(Video) Kobe Bryant Looking Fresh On Jimmy Kimmel For Funny Interview


Last night Kobe Bryant was on the Jimmy Kimmel show discussing everything from the Lakers recent come from behind win against the Hornets, to the playoff chances for him and his teammates. The pair of cheetah print Louboutins Kobe was wearing was easily the main attraction of the interview. The camera couldn’t get enough of them, and well they are dope shoes, and he is the Black Mamba, so why not. Check out the funny interview after the jump.

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(Video) Rare Footage Of The Notorious B.I.G. & WHO Performing In London ?!?!


“Gimmie the loot, Gimmie the loot…” With the 16th anniversary of his death less than a day away, hip-hop fans are already getting ready to send a tribute out to Biggie. Monday, BET will have a cypher tribute with Lil Cease, Maino, Joey Bada$$, Joell Ortiz and more. Don’t forget to watch. Today, however, Tim Westwood has granted us some throwback tunes. Biggie and Puffy performing at the Hammersmith Palais In London. All of the classics. Drop down bottom and check it out.

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(Video) Juelz Santana On The Dipset Reunion, Slow Bucks, “The Harlem Shake” & More


HHS1987 sat down with Juelz Santana before a recent show in Philly to chop it up about a few things. Juelz spoke on his latest mixtape, Slow Bucks, “The Harlem Shake,” if he’s back to where he wants to be, how he meet Meek Mill, and more. As you know Dipset will be reuniting for an IFWT show on March 25,  Juelz spoke on reuniting even further and how it feels when the crew is all on stage together. Watch more below.

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Demi Moore Seeking Spousal Support From Ashton Kutcher


Even though she is richer than him, Demi Moore is seeking spousal support from her ex-husband. It seems as though Ashton Kutcher has nothing to fear since no judge would ever grant her the support, but the actress is going to do her best to try. She claims that he was a terrible husband and she was really hurt by their break-up. Maybe if she would have listened to everyone when they told her not to even date him, she wouldn’t be looking so crazy right now. Demi and Ashton are currently in the middle of working out some for of financial settlement, which is why it took so long for them to divorce, but that isn’t enough for her. Read more below.

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(Audio) Peter Rosenberg & Miss Info Talk, Men Who Shave Their Arm-Pits


Ewlk! I totally agree with Miss Info. Who wants a dude with a bushel of hair ANYWHERE?! A woman has to do all of this primping and prepping, however these dudes get off scott free. Uh, NO! If you watch, “Black Ink” then you saw when ol’ boy went to get his nails done. (FUNNY). I mean, not while at work, but guys would probably feel a lot better if they sat down and took in a spa day every once in a blue moon. For me, you don’t have to shave it all off, just control it. Drop down bottom to see how often AVERAGE dudes shave their bodies.

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Kicks: Unreleased Air Jordan Retro 1 Pantone Sample Sneaker With @DjDelz

IFWT DJ DELZ x Air Jordan Retro 1 Pantone

Here is a look at a pair of Unreleased Air Jordan Retro 1 Pantone Sample Sneaker With @DjDelz, around 5-10 pairs of these ever made in the world. Watch after the jump……………

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Justin Bieber Goes CRAZY In London, Tells Photog He Will Beat “The F*ck Out Of Him”

Poor Beiber just can’t catch a break lately, yesterday alone he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on stage and his friend did serious damage to his Fisker. While leaving his London hotel, a photog got loud with Bieber and really rude calling him a “f*cking little moron” and telling him to go back to “f*cking America.” This prompted Justin to swing open his door and launch at the man saying, “What the f*ck did you say?! I’ll f*cking beat the f*ck outta you!” Damn, Justin! Thankfully someone from his team pushed the singer back into the car before things went left. I feel like Justin just needs to maybe head back home to Canada for a little bit and relax. Watch the singer go crazy below.

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NBA:(Video) This Is Just Wrong LOL, New Version Of NBA Jam With Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un


Dennis Rodman hasn’t been in the news this much since he was on celebrity rehab. His trip to North Korea last week has caused reactions from shock, to laughter, to straight up anger. Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea is obviously not looked upon too favorably outside his own country. But that didn’t stop he and Rodman from striking up a friendship. Someone decided to re-make the classic “NBA Jam” game from the back in the day, but this time with Rodman and Kim Jong as the deadly duo on the court. The video is really hilarious and you have to pay attention to what the announcer is saying about the North Korean leader. Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) Joe Budden Brings Slaughterhouse To The Stage With Him In NY


“I feel weird doin’ these Slaughterhouse records without my n****s up here with me,” is what Joey says before he brings the crew to the stage to perform, “Hammer Dance“. Hot 97′s MetroPCS 5 Boro Tour was live. Drop down bottom to check out the show.

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Taylor Swift Has A Framed Picture Of WHAT In Her House?!


Taylor Swift is quite the interesting girl. There is little to nothing that Taylor won’t open up about either in her music or when she’s asked about things. Besides obviously her music and her many break-ups, Taylor became a household name during Kanye’s infamous interruption during the MTV Awards and she’s been riding the wave ever since. It turns out that Taylor, although mortified at the time, actually had a picture of Kanye interrupting her and framed it! Kanye is giving the infamous shrug as the singer is standing there horrified and that is what she chose to frame. Read more below.

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