Congrats! Big Sean Announces A Major Move!

Big Sean

Congrats are in order for G.O.O.D. Music’s own Big Sean. As the Detroit MC gears up to release his sophomore album Hall Of Fame later this Spring, he revealed another major move today: he’s officially launched his own fashion and lifestyle company, Aura Gold! The clothing line coming out of Aura Gold will be named Finally Famous (sharing the name with his debut album), and will be introduced tomorrow at ProjectMVMNT in Vegas. “Launching my own label is a dream come true for me,” Sean said of the new venture. “Even though I have a lot to learn about fashion and the industry, I do know what I like and the small details that make something stand out to me. I look forward to evolving the line with more colors, fabrications and offerings to show the other dimensions of my style progression over time.” I love his fashion sense so this is something I’ll definitely be checking for!

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(Video) If You’re An African American In Georgia, Then Watch It – The FBI Is Specifically Profiling You


I feel like this is a set-up for some slavery type madness. The American Civil Liberties Union has bought to the attention of the FBI that they are aware of the studies they’ve been doing. “Over 15,000 documents from 34 states around the country already shows…that communities of diverse backgrounds — racial, ethnic and religious communities — are being targeted for intelligence collection and investigation, based on nothing more than bias and stereotypes about what communities have a propensity to commit certain crimes,” says Nusrat Choudhury a staff attorney at the ACLU National Security Project. The FBI was suppose to keep this, “secret racial and ethnic mapping program” under raps, but somehow the information was found. The program profiles Muslims and Arab-Americans in Michigan, African-Americans in Georgia, Chinese and Russian-Americans in California and broad swaths of Latino-American communities in multiple states. What could the FBI possibly be using this information for? If these communities don’t get together and stop killing each other, then the FBI is going to come and wipe it all out. Bet they’ll work hand in hand then. Drop down bottom for more on this story.

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Google Plans On Opening New Retail Store In 2013


  Looking to develop new ventures outside of the world of the internet, Google is on the verge on opening its first retail store sometime in 2013. The store is currently in it’s developmental stages buy Google plans on opening the store before the 2013 holiday season. According to  9to5Google  who says they have a reliable source on the info and retail store says ” confirmed that Google will open stores in several major metropolitan areas across the United States”. The store will highlight the company’s  Nexus-brand devices as well as computers running Chrome OS.  Lets hope Google  doesn’t opt for the Apple decor like other companies (yes im talking to you Samsung and Microsoft.  

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Damn! Rob Kardashian Tells Kim He Hopes Her Sex Tape Haunts Her Forever!

Kim & Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian definitely has youngest child syndrome. You know, the one where all of your older brothers/sisters (in this case, just sisters) have success and are doing their own thing, but you can’t find your way. With a handful of failed business ideas and failed relationships under his belt, Rob wasn’t feeling too great a few months back when yet another relationship bit the dust: his with Rita Ora. It got pretty messy, in fact, with Rob taking to Twitter to blast the UK songstress, saying she’d slept with over 20 other men during their time together. Yikes! Of course, the behind-the-scenes stuff was captured on camera for this season of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami, and apparently Kim tried to stop her baby bro from totally playing himself on Twitter…but he didn’t want to hear it. During last night’s episode, Kim called Rob up to tell him to stop airing his dirty laundry out, telling him, “Don’t post anything else. Everyone has problems.” But yet, Rob didn’t “want people to think I’m being a bitch,” so the siblings couldn’t see eye-to-eye. He was also mad because apparently Kanye didn’t want to do a song with one of his friends. After hanging up with each other, he sent Kim a NASTY email, of which Kim then read to her mom. Find out the contents of the email below.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Here’s One 50th Birthday Gift Michael Jordan Probably Didn’t Want!


I think we found one of the gift’s Michael Jordan was least looking forward to! Check out what MJ got for his 50th birthday and he probably wishes he could return. Lol.

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Erica Mena Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

Erica Mena

Erica Mena got Rich Dollaz a bit nervous over the weekend, when she posted a photo to her Instagram account showing an obviously protruding belly, adding in a caption about the girl she was photographed with being an “Auntie.” Obviously this sparked pregnancy rumors, and when asked if he knew anything about it later that day, Rich was quite clueless and looking forward to a talk with Erica when she arrived back in New York from Washington D.C. After the blogs and media ran wild with the story for about a day, Erica decided to finally respond via Twitter and Instagram. Funny how she’s telling everyone they’re dumb for assuming…yet you posted a photo of a woman with her hand on your belly! Come on, E. This chick is starving for attention! Check out her response in the gallery. She’s going to be the girl who cried baby wolf in a second!

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Are You Ready For ‘See Through’ Smartphones?!?!


Polytron Technologies, a company based out in Taiwan, is looking to make everybody’s dreams come true with see through smartphones. They recently showed off a prototype that is almost completely transparent, with the exception of the SD card & battery, but they plan to fix that. They’re also actively talking to phone manufacturers to get this out as soon as possible. Peep the video after the jump!!

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(Video) Drake Fills Us In On The Back Story Of “Started From The Bottom”


Of course he’s doing it for “Toronto.” Drake expresses that he did have to work to get where he is and there is no shame in his game. The video for “Started from the Bottom” is sorta the back story of his life and he let’s us know that and more after the jump. HIT IT !!!

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(Photos) WOW – This Is A Big Move !!! Chief Keef Plans On Doing What When He Gets Out ???


According to Corey B. Brooks, a Pastor from the Southside of Chicago, says that once Sosa gets out of prison he plans on getting baptized. BIG move, right? If he does, I’ll respect him a little bit more, because it takes baby steps to get to some kind of positivity in your life. Brooks, the Pastor at New Beginnings Church, not too far from Keef’s Englewood home has been known for making moves so that his Chicago community can be a better place. AWESOME! The Pastor was asked on his twitter account if the “3 Hunna” rapper agreed to being baptized. Apparently, yes. Drop down bottom to check it out.

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T-Pain & His Wife Are Swingers?!

T-Pain and his wife Amber

Rumors have flown around for some time that T-Pain and his wife Amber enjoy an…alternate…lifestyle, if you know what I mean! They’re said to have welcomed various people into their bedroom and participate in swinging, but apparently this isn’t exactly the truth. T-Pain spoke with TT Torrez to clear up the rumors, clarifying that while yes, they do enjoy another female with them in the room, they don’t exactly practice “swinging.” Teddy Pain also speaks on social media and more below.

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