Incarcerated Cash Money Artist D-Boy Killa Stone Died!!???

D-Boy Killa Stone

It has been confirmed that the popular Louisiana rapper from Cash Money, D-Boy Killa Stone has passed away during his time in prison. Weezy showed much love to his homie by sending out an “RIP” tweet (Pic After The Jump) and Juvenile also showed his sympathy via twitter. At this time we don’t have any information as to how he died but IFWT will be sure to keep you updated.

(VIDEO) Real Life Barbie And Ken Fighting For What?!?!


Plenty of people have wished they could look more like Barbie and Ken the Matel dolls. Their perfectly sculpted physiques and symmetrical faces have been the inspiration for many people’s plastic surgery procedures/ addictions. Take these two, who now go by real life Barbie and Ken because of their relative likeness to the dolls after repeated surgery and use of make up. Honestly these people look so fake, but they were made for each other right? I guess not, there’s a disturbance in Barbie’s dream house. Check the video for the reasons why.

50 Cent Addresses G-Unit Reunion Petition


The Game has been promoting an online petition to get a G-Unit reunion. Game was trying to get all five members of the crew back together for a reunion, which seemed like a great idea except one small problem: 50 Cent doesn’t speak to any of them any more. As you know, Fif had public beefs with Game and Buck throughout the years since G-Unit disbarred. Last week, Tony YaYo said that he would love to see a reunion, but only with the founding members of G-Unit whom are Banks, 50, and himself. 50 admitted a while ago that he no longer speaks to YaYo or Banks but they don’t really have beef. Fast forward to present time, fans got souped for a group reunion but 50 is ultimately the one who is calling all the shots and he recently addressed the reunion and the petition. Read what he said below.

NBA: Whoa, Money Well Spent?! Amar’e Stoudemire Spent How Much To Train With Hakeem Olajuwon?!


If you remember, last year Amar’e spent some time with NBA legend Hakeem “The Dream’ Olajuwan training and getting ready for this year’s NBA season.  So far (making his way back from injury) it looks like the training has done Amar’e good!  So how much did it exactly cost Stat?!  You might be surprised to find out…

Google To Release Keylime Pie OS This Spring


There has’nt been a major update in the Android ecosystem. The last great update was last year when Andoroid released Ice Cream Sandwhich. However news is circualting on the web that Google plans on releasing Keylime this Spring. This is great new since Samsung plans on releasing its Galaxy SIV in the same time period. According to Android police who got their hands on some documents, the site says the announcement could be announce at Google’s annual I/O conference which is slated for May 15th through the 17th this year.

Kicks: adidas Derrick Rose 3.5 Sneaker Review With @DJDelz

IFWT DJ Delz x Derrick Rose 3.5 Sneaker Review

Here is a review on the upcoming Adidas Derrick Rose 3.5 Sneaker releasing On January 31st, watch Dj Delz’s video review after the jump………

(Video) Mary J. Blige And Angela Bassett Star As Betty Shabazz And Coretta Scott King


Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are two of the most known and important figures of Black History. After the two leaders were murdered and even before that, their wives supported all of their movements and stood by their husbands through everything. Although Dr. Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King are well known publicly, we don’t really see much about their personal lives and struggles of raising their children as widows. Lifetime Network has announced that they will be airing a TV movie, Betty & Coretta, on February 2nd at 8pm. Angela Bassett will be playing the role of Dr. Shabazz while Mary J. Blige will be starring as Mrs. King. The film will be focused on Betty and Coretta’s work following their husbands’ death. Mary J. Blige and her husband, Kendu Isaacs, take on the role of exectutive producer while Shem Bitterman directs the film. The role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr will be played by Malik Yoba and Lindsay Owen Pierre will portray Malcom X. Check out the trailer for Betty & Coretta below.

(PHOTO) NBA Beef: The Shots Continue Between Shaq & Jalen Rose!! Shaq Posts Another Picture

Jalen & Shaq cover photo

Here we go again!  The beef between Shaq and Jalen Rose dates back to 2010 and it’s been pretty quite up until a couple days ago.  As I previously explained this all started again when Kobe was live tweeting during the airing of his 81 point game.  Shaq took a shot at Jalen during Kobe’s tweets, then Jalen responded back which leads us up to yesterday where Shaq posted 2 pics & took a couple shots at Jalen. Thennnnn last night Jalen tweeted about Shaq and in turn Shaq posted another picture taking aim at Jalen. C’mon fellas, can’t we work this out?! Check out what happened last night after the jump….

Dope!! Fast & Furious 6 Plot Revealed


Justin Lin, the creator of the Fast and Furious franchise has released the details on the new Fast & Furious pic due to come out Mar. 24th. The old gang has been split up and is on the loose. The Rock’s character is responsible for bringing the group back together for one final mission that should see them all restored to proper standing. The twists in the plot for this flick are sure to make the fans happy and all of the most loved characters are back in this sixth installment of the fast car film. The first footage is expeted to premier during the SuperBowl and expect to see some outrages automobiles. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) On The Set Of Gucci Mane’s “Nothin’ On Ya” Ft. Wiz Khalifa


On to what the 1017 rapper does best – RAP! His next single is “Nothin’ On Ya” and it features the weed toter himself, Wiz Khalifa. Now, the two are on the set shooting the visual. They even had one of my fave BSM members in the building. Drop down bottom and have a look.

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