(Video) LOL! Sway Brings The TV Kanye Gave Him To MTV Rapfix

Sway and his first ever TV, given to him by Kanye

MTV host Sway’s first television has become a popular topic on the web these past 24 hours, after Kanye West revealed during a rant on Hot 97 yesterday that it was gifted by him! Yeezy was pissed about his placement on this year’s Hottest MC list and felt Cruel Summer didn’t get the respect it deserved, so he’d called up DJ Enuff to let the millions of listeners know how he felt. Today, the infamous TV made its first appearance on air, with Sway hilariously bringing it onto the MTV Rapfix set. Watch the funny moment below.

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At It Again! Chris Brown Beefing With Someone New!!!

Chris Brown

Uh-oh! Looks like Chris Brown just started up more drama, but now it’s involving someone within his team. After Chris’ refueled his private jet in Bermuda, him and his bodyguard Big Pat got into an INTENSE fight. Chris was so mad, that he didn’t let Big Pat on the plane and decided to ditch him there completely. Crazy! Click below fore more details involving the situation.

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God of War: Ascension Trial of the Gods Trailer

With God of War: Ascension dropping next week, we get one more trailer showing off the games multiplayer mode.

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Mobb Deep Announces 20th Anniversary Tour Dates

Mobb Deep

Havoc and Prodigy have put all their Mobb BEEF behind them, and are heading out on the road this year in support of their 20 year anniversary in the game. Damn, 20 years! That means I was 5 when they started! LOL! Find out where you can catch them in the gallery.

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(Photo+Video) AP-9 Talks His Affair With Coco And Releases Pics!!


Don’t call the side joint names and don’t try to make them feel like s#!t if you know you out here slippin’. AP-9 has released photos and spoken out on his situation with Coco. he even went as far as releasing a text convo with Ice-T. Click below to see the video and hit the gallery to see the pic.

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Auto: I Woke Up In My New Bugatti…SUV


The Bugatti is by far one of the most expensive cars in the world. Sticker price is well over a Million dollars. Only way you are driving a Bugatti is if your are super rich and buy one, or just want to front and rent one from a luxury rental place for your music video. Since having a Bugatti is an elite status symbol, what would it be like to have a SUV added to the fleet. This concept is many years away from being a reality but the thought of it would intrigue many people. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Text Messages Dwight Howard

IFWT_Phil Dwight

Dwight Howard has a new mentor?! Zen master Phil Jackson?! Phil Jackson may not be the coach of the Lakers, but he’s still involved with them (not including his relationship with fiance Jeanie Buss). This is probably a good thing for Dwight Howard. He needs someone like Phil in his life. Check out what Dwight had to say about the Zen Master.

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Damn! Draya Explains Why She’s VERY Single!


Draya Michele gets asked everyday in interviews why she’s single. She finally wanted to set the record straight as to why she’s solo dolo, and her reason is definitely understandable. Click below and check out the gallery to find out why she’s single, and let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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New Xbox 720 Rumors Say No Blu-Ray On Board!!!


The rumors are going around saying Microsoft will annonce their Xbox 720 sometime in April. So Far news is vague about when exactly when the console will drop the news right now is that it should drop sometime around the holiday season. Now lets get to the new news surrounding the console. Now according to insiders who had hands on time with protoype said the console may ship without Blu-ray. Now we know the days of Dvd’s maybe over soon and if the console does’nt equiped with Blu Ray is it worth buying, that could be a major drawback in buying the console.Now according to Game radar writer Tom Magrino went so far as to say that “there is a zero percent chance that the next Xbox will ship without a Blu-ray player,” which he described as “the future of physical media.” After the break find out what other rumors are brewing with the Xbox 720.

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Ultimate Comeback! Former Destiny’s Child Member Is Pregnant, Has A Reality Show AND A Book!

LaTavia Roberson

I’m a firm believer in the quote, “Good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” While it may take weeks, months, even years to see why something wasn’t right for you, eventually you find out or at least, get a second chance at your dreams. LaTavia Roberson was unceremoniously booted from Destiny’s Child years back, but she’s coming back stronger than ever now with a good man, a baby on the way, a reality show AND a book! Don’t call it a comeback! Details on her new ventures below.

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