(Video) LMAO!! Loopy Blogger Says “Yo Nothing Is TurntUp!!!”


Ha Ha, Loopy Blogger At it again with another Funny AF yet REAL video, Funk Said the same Thing, Stop Using Slang that’s Not Yours!!! Hit the Jump to see him “In The Office”!!!

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa Wants To Work With These Two Producers ONLY !?!?


Even though his main focus right now is “O.N.I.F.C.,” Wiz is planning another project for the future. Wiz has in mind who he wants to be the producers on that project. The Cali influenced rapper has before worked with either of the duo, TGOD Cardo and Sledgren, but he wants something that’s strictly these two on something. Just the two. This should be hotness. Drop down bottom and check out more on Wiz Khalifa.

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(Video – Caught on Tape!) NBA: Whoa, Did Kobe Bryant Call Someone A “F*cking A**hole” Last Night?!


Oh the mysteries of a player saying a curse word on TV. Lol. So last night during the Lakers/Clipper game, one of the players clearly yelled out “Goddamn! You fucking asshole!” from the televised game. Many fans are saying it was Kobe Bryant. If it was Kobe – who was he talking to?!?! The ref?! Check out the video after the jump & let us know what you think…

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‘Underdog’ Co-Creator Dead At 85


William Watts Biggers, co-creator of the cartoon “Underdog,” has died at age 85. Biggers died unexpectedly on Sunday at his home in Plymouth, Massachusetts. “Underdog” premiered on NBC in 1964. Underdog became a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon and was also turned into a live-action film in 2007. He is survived by Victoria Biggers, his son, W. Watts Biggers, Jr., and longtime girlfriend Nancy Purbeck. Read more below.

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PS4 Controller Leaks!!!!


It looks like the protoype of the PS 4 thats making the rounds on the net today was just confirmed by IGN that the controller is actucally the real deal. Nothing has been confirmed by Sony but now we know Sony is on track to release a console. Leaked pic after the break.

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Celeb Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” All Star Game

This colorway of the Air Jordan 11 that sneakerheads pray, will come back as a retro someday. To Celebrate the All Star Break and Michael Jordan 50th Bday. Hit the jump to take a look at Mike Killing in the All Star Game….

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(Video) Beyonce Talks To Oprah About The Beginning Of Her Relationship With Jay-Z

We all know how cute Jay and Bey are together but little people know much about their relationship. During her interview with Oprah, Beyonce sheds a little light on the beginning of their relationship, including how long it was before they went on a date! The singer says that she wouldn’t be the woman she is if she didn’t go home to Jay. Bey’s full interview with Oprah will air one hour before her HBO Documentary on February 16. Watch a clip of their interview below. beginning

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(Audio) Whoa !!! Chick Pops Off On Her Man’s “Side Piece” On @BlackRicanJew


Rosenberg has already informed women that if your man goes out the night before Valentine’s Day that he’s most likely out with his “Side Piece.” So, after THIS chick finds a text message in her dudes’ phone, she calls up girlfriend #2 on Valentine’s Day and DEMANDSthat she stay the hell away from her man – Abduhl. Women are catty! Drop down bottom to check out chick 2’s response to the threats.

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NCAA: Skylar Diggins Takes To Twitter After Nude Photos Leak!

IFWT_Skylar cover photo

Well Skylar Diggins didn’t confirm or deny the nude photos after they leaked late last night, but she did have something to say that seemed to address it this morning.  Check out her tweet after the jump…

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Boxing: Watch the #BronerRees weigh-in live TODAY on #IFWT at 3:30pm. @HBOboxing


For those of you who do not know Adrien Broner, you better get familiar quick! Already a star in his own mind, Broner is close to becoming a household name with the likes of Mayweather and Pacquiao. Some people do not like his cocky attitude, or his showmanship, but those are some of the main reasons why anyone knows who he is. Well that and his Elite boxing ability. This Saturday night he takes on Gavin Rees, a very experienced 32 year old fighter. And even though Broner is a big favorite, that is not stopping Rees from talking s**t! For the link to the weigh-in and to see what Rees said, Read more after the jump.

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