Hillary Clinton Has Officially Stepped Down As Secretary Of State!


Hillary Clinton has officially stepped down from her position as Secretary of State. At 65 years old, Hillary has stepped down because she wants to pursue other ventures. John Kerry has taken her place. Click below for more details and for photos of the famous and popular politician and former first lady. Let us know your thoughts of her departure in the comments section.

(Photos) Rihanna Shaves Her Head, Cassie Style!

Rihanna's new 'do

Another day, another new ‘do for Rihanna! Just spotted rocking the pixie cut earlier this week, she’s back to long locks…though not completely around her head. Taking a page out of Cassie’s book, Rih shaved off half of her head and showed off the look as she hit JFK airport in NYC. Check out some more of this look in the gallery. Which is your fav on Rihanna?

Auto: I Bet Your Grandma Doesn’t Speed Like This


You know the AT&T commercial where the little boy says he could tape a cheetah to his grandmother’s back to help her move faster? Well this grandma just needs her car to move faster than most people. A grandmother in Minnesota was given 4 speeding tickets in less than 3 hours!! Why you might ask? Were the cops just harassing her, did they have it in for her? Nope, not at all. This woman was caught doing 112mph at about 1pm. 20 minutes later she was caught doing 99mph. Then within the next 2 hours she was caught twice doing 88mph each time. None of the cops knew of the previous tickets because she was driving on the interstate traveling through different parts of the state. Did I also mention the first time she was pulled over she had some weed in plain sight! LOL, this grandma is crazy. In most cases if your caught going that much over the speed limit you are arresting on site and your car impounded. So the fact that she got 4 tickets that day, maybe she wishes she was arrested after the first one. The reason for all the speeding you may ask? She was running late to her granddaughter’s dance recital, which she never made it to because of all the stops, smh.

Sports: Mario Chalmers, Kris Humphries & More NBA Players Make Their Super Bowl Picks!

IFWT_Super Bowl Sun

Oh how I love seeing other people make their picks.  I still haven’t made up my mind yet.  I want both teams to win for different reasons so I promise by tomorrow, I will make my pick.  But for now, take a look at who some of the NBA players are picking to win…

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Evening Cake Taste!


Fellas check out these random hotties showing off their cakes!

Guess When Drake Is Releasing Some New Music!


It seems like it’s been forever, but finally…we’re going to be getting some new music from Drake! His label has confirmed that that YMCMB rapper/singer will be dropping a new song…likely the one he’s been working on the video for…very, very soon! Find out when we’re getting “Started From The Bottom” below.

(Photos) Oh Okay! Rita Ora Is Iggy Azalea’s Wifey?!?!


Looks like Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are getting very close on tour together considering they’re showing lots of love and affection towards each other on various social media sites …They’re so close that they even started calling each other “baby” and “wifey”!! Hit the jump to see the photos of them in the gallery!! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Mac Miller Over “Donald Trump” Song

Mac Miller

Just after he settles one lawsuit, now he may face another?! In 2011, Mac Miller had quite a lot of success with “Donald Trump,” a song he made about…what else? Money. “Take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump sh*t,” he raps on the track. “Look at all this money, ain’t that some sh*t?” Not only did the song bring him a gold plaque, but it also brought him the attention of the Donald…and he loved it! When the music video hit the 2 million mark on YouTube, Donald made a little video congratulating him, and even referred to him as the next Eminem! But somewhere along the line, things went south. More details below.

Auto:(Video) Ferrari 458 Beats Lexus LFA Head To Head


You would expect a supercar that cost $379,000 to pretty much be faster than any other sportscar under that price tag, but sorry Lexus, that is not what happened. Car and Driver tested cars from 5 different categories based on pricing. LL1 for cars costing no more than $29,999 up to LL5 for cars costing over $240,000. The Lexus LFA was the only car in the LL5 category this time, but when put head to head with a Ferrari 458 Italia, which at $239,000 was in the category below, the LFA came up short against that sexy dancing horse. Do not get it twisted however, the LFA is still a seriously dope supercar that anyone of us which we could have. But something about Ferrari over the years just continues to exceed expectations. Check the video after the jump for more details and the actual racing.

(POLL) NFL: Super Bowl XLVII This Sunday! Who You Got?!


Super Bowl week is finally upon us! It may not be my Giants, but I am pretty excited about this match-up! It’s a battle between the Harbaugh brothers…Will Randy Moss finally get a ring or will it be Ray Lewis going out on top? Will Colin Kaepernick go from backup to Super Bowl QB to end his 2nd season? Sooooo many different headlines. Take the poll after the jump & let us know who you’re rocking with!

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