(Video) Tennis: Serena Williams Showcases Her Singing Skills On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

IFWT Serena Jimmy

Go ‘head Serena!!! On Monday night’s appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Serena Williams displayed her skills, performing the same song she celebrated her fourth U.S. Open title with. Check it out…


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(Video) Cousin Bang, CamRon, Kanye West At Harold’s Chicken Shack


Cousin Bang is back on the scene and he has a story to tell. Cam runs up on Cousin Bang while he’s frying some chicken and Bang lets Cam know a lil’ something. He tells him a story about him and Kanye in Harold’s Chicken. I will not spoil it for you, click below to see the video.

WiL Major

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NEW MUSIC: Travis Barker & Yelawolf – Push Em


Travis Barker & Yelawolf set the tone for their collab EP “Psycho White” which is due for the streets November.

DJ RellyRell

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(Fellas Check The Pic) Early Evening Delight Courtesy Of Coco


Check out the early evening delight courtesy of Coco. Click below to see the pic.


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Video : David Garibaldi x Notorious BIG


David Garibaldi, one of the America’s Got Talent Finalists, is about to paint history. In his newest production, David combines the worlds of art and hip-hop by illustrating the legendary Bad Boy artist The Notorious B.I.G. Be the first to watch #ArtForAll! After the jump.

Funk Flex

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Tech Talk News: What Did We Learn From Today’s Apple Announcement??


Today event came and went, but what did we learn from the event.  For sure we learned all the rumors and leaks we true. We also saw some improvements in the with the camera and front facing camera.  More info after the break if you missed the event.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(PHOTO) Sports: Whoops! NFL.com Renames The Jets “Tebow”


Tim Tebow is not the starting quarterback of the New York Jets, but he seems to get all the attention for the team. If you believe the new NFL power rankings, the team really is all about Tebow. SMH.


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(Video) Live Stream: DMX, Sean Paul & Chi Ali On MTV RapFix


DMX, Sean Paul and the newly freed Chi Ali will be coming at you live at 4pm EST on MTV Rapfix. You can watch the live stream below.

Marisa Mendez

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Auto Talk: Why gas stations in NJ, PA are selling $8/gallon gas in protest


Over 50 gas stations across New Jersey and Pennsylvania have raised the price of their fuel to more than eight dollars a gallon. They are all Lukoil stations, and their owners have raised prices in protest of practices by Lukoil North America that they say leave individual gas station owners at a competitive disadvantage.

Funk Flex

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Tech Talk Device: What The iPhone 5 Won’t Have!!!


There is always a bit of what didn’t happen at the Apple event, BUT this is usually due to the rampant Rumors that happen Prior to the Official Announcement, But there are a Couple of things that although were Rumor, People Really Expected to see in the iPhone 5, Hit the Jump in case you are curious!!


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