Brooklyn Man Fakes Own Kidnapping To Girlfriend?!?


If at some point you fake your own kidnapping to avoid your girlfriend, you probably should not be in a relationship. A regular Einstein from Brooklyn showed up on Malcolm X Boulevard with his wrists duct taped together, but the roll of duct tape was still attached LOL.

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Gun Company Threatens To Move If Bill Passes?!?!

Gun Control

In the neverending battle to pass laws to make our streets safer, Colorado is proposing a limit to the rounds of ammunition allowed on guns. Magpul, a gun company with high magazine guns, has threatened to leave their hometown in Colorado if the proposed bill is passed.

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(Photos) Tragic! NY State Trooper Stabbed At State Capitol !!!

NY State Trooper Stabbed

Off all places, at the capital? Smh! Hit the jump for the full story.

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NBA: Joakim Noah Says Coach Thibodeau ‘Doesn’t Understand the Whole Rest Thing’


The questions about how hard Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau rides his starters have been asked countless times, and the answers are always the same: That’s how he chooses to do it, the players can handle it, and the results have been mostly successful.  Read more after the jump.

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C’Mon Son!! NYPD Cop Arrested For Doing What At Wendys?!?!


It’s never smart to put your business out in public, no matter WHAT it is! Hit the jump for the full story!

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McDonald’s Is Changing Their Menu?!?


McDonald’s plans on releasing a new menu, with some new additions and discontinuing other items. Remember the Big N Tasty? Or McSalad Shakers? Check out what’s new after the jump.

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Woman Tries To Hide Needle In Her…Yea,That Didn’t Work Out!!!


Group of people arrested due to drug possession, hit the jump to see where this lady went wrong!

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NFL: Patriots Owner Rober Kraft Says They ‘Lucked Out’ With Roger Goodell As the Commissioner

IFWT_Roger Goodell 3

Most NFL players say they disapprove of the way Commissioner Roger Goodell does his job, and there’s a vocal contingent of NFL fans who disapprove of Goodell as well. But there’s little doubt that with the NFL in better financial shape than ever, Goodell’s bosses are happy with the work he’s doing.  Read more after the jump.

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(Photos) Paris Fashion Week: Take A Look At Which Celebs Were Front Row At The Givenchy Show!

Kanye West

Kanye, Kim K, and Frank Ocean were just among the few spotted at the Givenchy show during Paris’ fashion week! See the footage of the celebs at the show below!

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(Video) Coke Boys Flip – Cocaine Unit


Coke Boys own FLip hits us wit the visuals to his latest track called “Cocaine Unit.” Make sure you download his “F.L.I.P” mixtape. Click below to see the video.

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