(Photo) Lindsay Lohan Drags WHO Into Her Million $$$ Lawsuit? [Hint: RIP, She’s Dead]

Lindsay Lohan sb

Just when you think Lohan stories aren’t mind blowing enough, she says something stupid to remind you why she’s treated the way she is. Lindsay is filing a $1.1 million lawsuit against a clothing manufacturer called the the 6126 Collection. This company has sold leggings for Lindsay and collabed with her in the past. Lindsay is suing because she claims she owns that 6126 trademark, which represents the birthday of a famous diva …who has already passed away. Incase you didn’t figure it out, trademark 6126 = June 1, 1926. SMH Lindsay, stop trying to make money off of other people, just cause you need it. Let the poor woman rest in peace! Find out below to see the pictures of who the dead diva is!

(VIDEO) NBA: @carmeloanthony Sets Knicks Franchise Record!

IFWT_Melo sets Knicks franchise record

Yea Melo!!! Check out the basket that gave Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony 20 points for the 30th consecutive game, breaking the record previously held by Richie Guerin, a record that stood since the 1961-62 season! #KNICKS

DAMN!!! It May Not Be A Good Idea For Justin Bieber To Hang Out With Lil Twist After THIS..


Ohhhh boy. 18-year-old, Justin Bieber, is at that age where the trouble starts — but do the influences around him help? Biebs’ Ferrari is currently in repair shop undergoing serious repairs after his new buddy Lil Twist bottomed out as he peeled out of the Four Seasons driveway in Beverly Hills. If you don’t remember, JB & Twist were turning up at the Four Seasons on New Years, then suddenly Twist decided to take the car for a drive on the 405 Freeway and then gets pulled over by the CHP. After the officer handled the situation, a photog who was taking pics of the scene thinking JB was the one in the car, was struck and killed by a motorist. On and mind you, supposedly Twist is who introduced marijuana into Justin’s life. So basically, just when you think Twist has already put JB through enough.. news breaks that when Twist left the Four Seasons driveway? …He caused $8,000-$10,000 worth of damage to JB’s Ferrari. All this is CRAZY — because that driveway doesn’t have any hidden dangers to even give the whip that much charges for damages. Then to make even matters even worse, the hotel has decided to pay the bill that cost damages to their hotel.. all to maintain its lucrative relationship with Justin. WOW! As if JB isn’t rich enough! Just makes me wonder why Twist isn’t picking up the bill! See the photo of Bieber’s whip in the shop below!

(VIDEO) NBA: Matt Barnes Ejected After Going For Greg Stiemsma’s Neck!

IFWT_Matt Barnes ejected

Damn, Matt Barnes isn’t playing. SMH. He was ejected in the second quarter last night after violently grabbing the neck of Greg Stiemsma.

Sony Confirms “Killzone Mercenary” for PS Vita With New Trailer


Sony is ready to drop new Killzone game to the already popular series. check out the recent trailer released by Sony. The trailer was released earlier today at Sony’s Gamescom press conference.

(Video) 40oz Van Talks Tumblr, 40oz NYC Brand And More!


If you are not familiar with Van then you might be familiar with his Tumblr page. If you are not even close to knowing who he is you might has noticed his hat on everybody across the city(and other cities too). A lot of people wonder, what exactly is Van’s occupation? BlowHipHopTV linked up with 40 to discuss his success throughout the years with the parties, the internet and the 40oz NYC brand. Click below to see the pics.

NEW MUSIC: Problem Feat. Gunplay & Trinidad James – My Last Molly Song Ever I Promise


Hopefully as promised, this will be the Death of Molly. Honestly… I think they’re lying. But check out Problem, Gunplay & Trinidad James’ new record below.

Auto: Woman Robs Bank While On Test Drive For New Car


I seriously can not stop laughing at this story. A 51 year old woman convinced an 83 year old man she wanted to buy his car. The asking price was $2,200 for a Chrysler 5th avenue from the 1980’s. She tried to ask if she can take a test drive by herself which he declined. She then asked if he would drive and allow her to ride passenger so she could feel how it rides which he agreed to. What happens next is insane. Read more after the jump.

(Fellas Check The Pic!) We Were Just Wondering…Whose Boobs Are These!


Fellas check out this pic and tell IFWT whose boobs you think these are!

(POLL) NFL: Super Bowl XLVII This Sunday! Who You Got?!


Super Bowl week is finally upon us! It may not be my Giants, but I am pretty excited about this match-up! It’s a battle between the Harbaugh brothers…Will Randy Moss finally get a ring or will it be Ray Lewis going out on top? Will Colin Kaepernick go from backup to Super Bowl QB to end his 2nd season? Sooooo many different headlines. Take the poll after the jump & let us know who you’re rocking with!

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