(Video) LOL! Oh Damn! How Could You Do Beyonce Dirty Like THIS?!


Damn!! Bad Lip Reading went in on poor Bey’s inauguration performance, LOL! They remixed the National Anthem & called it, “La Fway” Oh man, you don’t want to miss this — it’s hilarious!! Check out the comedic video after the jump!!

(PHOTOS) NFL: C’mon Ray!! Ray Lewis Rocks Spray-On Hair!!


Ray, Ray, Ray. SMH.  Have you been talking to Carlos Boozer?!  Lol. Fellas, PLEASE this is NEVER a good look!!!  Check out how Ray Lewis showed up to talk with the media in New Orleans for the Super Bowl yesterday.

(Video) Ryan Leslie – ‘Carnival Of Venice’


R. Les explores Las Vegas for his latest video, ‘Carnival Of Venice.’ In black & white, he’s seen cruising down the strip in his lambo. Black Mozart drops soon. See the dope video after the jump!

Never Ending Drama! Now Chris Brown Wants To Do WHAT About The Frank Ocean Fight?! SMH!


Sheesh! You think things would’ve died down since Sunday night’s drama, but from the looks of it — it may have just started! Chris swears he didn’t do anything wrong and now he wants to talk to the police about the Frank Ocean brawl. The thing is, he left the scene before cops got there the other night… so they basically had to go strictly based on what Frank said. Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, claims Chris is 100% ready to talk to the cops and let them know detail for detail cause he knows he’s innocent. TMZ claims that Geragos’ team has the surveillance video of the last part of the fight, and Chris kept calm — not even throwing one punch at Frank. But we come to find out, the video also proves Frank is clear from trouble, cause he didn’t make any hits at all. Bad thing for Chris, they can’t even base it solely just on the video surveillance is lawyer had! The fight started in the parking lot where there were no cameras or witnesses. So we can’t even prove who started it. While Chris claims he didn’t make one move, a witness says Chris started the whole thing! Oh and if you’re wondering why Chris just booked it instead of waiting for the cops like he should’ve, his lawyer had given him the strictest instructions in the past. If he ever got into a sticky situation, he MUST flee the scene immediately. So dramatic!!!!!

(Mug Shot) NFL: HUH?! Ex-49er Reportedly Beat Up Ex-Boyfriend Over Soy Sauce & Underwear!!

Kwame Harris cover photo

No, that headline is not a joke.  That’s real.  It’s amazing some of the things couples get into it over. Soy sauce tho? SMH.  I can’t make this up. Check out the report after the jump…

NBA: Kobe Bryant Responds To Fan That Tweets Him, “She Wasn’t With You Shooting In The Gym” !!!

IFWT_Kobe-and-Vanessa-Bryant Feat

We’ve heard it SO many times before.  We all know the line, “You Wasn’t With Me Shooting In The Gym”  from Rick Ross’ (feat. Drake & French Montana) “Stay Schemin.” We  already got a Kobe reaction to the line a while back, Vanessa recently took to Instagram about the line, BUT now Kobe finally says something about it when a fan tweets him the line.   It’s so great to see Kobe & Vanessa going strong – so you know he had a good response when he replied to the fan’s tweet.

(Photos) Adrienne Bailon Shows Off Her Breasts & Comes Dangerously Close To A Nip-Slip In A Daring Dress!

IFWT_Adrienne Bailon

One of my idols and my favorite Cheetah girl! On Monday, Adrienne Bailon attended the Valentine’s Day cocktail launch for HPNOTIQ Liqueur in New York. The beautiful 29-year-old, came extremely close to exposing her nipple in a daring, sexy, cut-out red dress!! The dress had a wide gap at the bust, which looked gorgeous on her as she lavishly stood out in the crowd. Check the pics of Adrienne’s near-nip-slip below!

Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Gets Drunk & Punches On Duty Officer


According to TMZ, on December 14 Lindsey Knickerbocker, OC cast member & 23 year old daughter of Tammy Knickerbocker, took partying to a new level when she got drunk, drove into 2 parked cars & snuffed an officer.

(Video) RATCHET Moment: Tough Guy Gets Put In His Place After Being Disrespectful (Next Time Tap Out!!)

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 5.48.40 AM

Let’s be clear… Violence isn’t cool, but some of it is entertaining, and 1 of these guys in the following video does EVERYTHING wrong resulting in a major L being distributed. Watch how this ratchet moment, which started because a barber gave out a bad shape up, plays out below.

There’s Surveillance Video That Clears Chris Brown Of Any Wrongdoing in Frank Ocean Fight


As we all know a few days ago singers Chris Brown & Frank Ocean got into an altercation in a parking lot that eventually let to someone getting beat up. Not much is verified on what initiated the tussle but Chris Brown’s legal team have already contacted detectives with surveillance footage that supposedly presents Frank Ocean & company as the aggressors.

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