(Video) Rihanna & Chris Brown’s Relationship Portrayed on Law & Order: SVU [Full Episode]

Chris Brown & Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship has been anything but smooth sailing. From young love to that fateful night back in 2009, restraining orders, Twitter beef, love triangles…you get the idea. Law & Order put their twist on their love story for this week’s episode, and it’s pretty intense. The ending isn’t too happy, either. Watch it in full below.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Holy Thickness! James Harden’s Curvy Mystery Girl Revealed! Is She As Bad As Trina?!


Yesterday we shared a picture of James Harden with a young lady with some niiiiice (Fab voice) curves! We’re not sure what the relationship is just yet, we just know Harden likes’em thick (remember he dated Trina). We didn’t know who she was yesterday, but a couple sites did their research and identified her for us! Check out who she is and some nice additional pics after the jump…

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(Photos) Is Justin Bieber Trying To Be The New Lil Wayne?

Justin Bieber

Man, remember when Justin Bieber was a cute lil’ thing with that whispy hair and simple outfits? Those days are long gone! In the recent couple of years, the Biebs has been adapting more of a streetwear look, and his latest mirrors one of Lil Wayne’s that sure did catch a lot of flack. Maybe JB should tone it down just a tad! Or do we like it? Check the pics in the gallery and let us know!

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Exclusive Interview: GamertagRadio Talks With SuperDaE, Man That Exposed New Xbox & PS4!!!


Our Friends at Gamertagradio got an Exclusive interview with the Incredible Hacker that has LEAKED both NEW Xbox Durango Connect, AND PS4 images that have Hit the net like Crazy!! And without further ado Please Hit the Jump to Heat the Dramatic Story for yourself!!

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Wow! Ne-Yo Reveals A Secret No One Knew About Him!

Ne-Yo and his current fianceé, Monyetta

Ne-Yo has been keeping a secret under his belt for all of these years that not many people knew about him…he was previously married! While leaving Supperclub in L.A. after Diddy’s party earlier this week, he revealed the news to TMZ, explaining that it was 11 years ago when he was just 19. However, he and his then-wife were only together a few months before they got an annulment. She never thought he’d make it in music. Guess who’s having the last laugh! LOL! Ne-Yo explains more below.

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CelebKicks: @slimthugga x @paulwallbaby x Rocking Air Jordans

IFWT Slim Thug x Paul Wall

Check out Slim Thug and Paul Wall. As the rock some heat. Hit the jump to see the gallery…..

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(Photos) Joe Budden & Tahiry Get Close On Set Of XXL Photo Shoot! (Oh, & Olivia’s There Too)

Joe Budden, Tahiry & Olivia's XXL photo shoot

Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose have been broken up since 2009, but the pair have always remained in touch in one way or another. With the current season of Love & Hip-Hop, they’ve been closer than ever…perhaps a little too close for the comfort of Joe’s current girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia. Joe and Tahiry have been spotted out together a lot recently without Kaylin around, and texts released from Tahiry in what seemed to be a moment of anger revealed that Joe is perhaps taking it a step too far. However, one is inclined to think this may all just be for the help of the show! It IS all about ratings at the end of the day, no? The exes got together once again yesterday for a XXL photo shoot (along with Olivia…who seemed to be a random addition to their mix but whatevz!) and got pretty close on set. Check the pics in the gallery!

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WOW!!! Remember When Tila Tequilla Did WHAT On The Howard Stern Show?!?! #tbt


This Is Thursday, So Why Not Throw it Back Like a Champ(lol, Pause)!! If you haven’t seen it, or just Don’t remember it, Tila Tequila visited Howard Stern(when she was Hot out here), and….Although it’s NO Elke The Stallion Sextape, But BETTER than Stacey Dash’s let’s just say is was Very pleasing to his Male(and some females) Audience!! Hit the Jump If you are interested!!!

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) We Were Just Wondering…Whose Boobs Are These!


Fellas check out this pic and tell IFWT whose boobs you think these are!

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(Video) Diddy And Mark Wahlberg Discuss #AQUAhydrateDay


Yesterday, Mark Wahlberg and Diddy announced a joint venture with the new performance water, AQUAhydrate. It was also, AQUQhydrate day, so the two took the time out to fills us in on the new brand and what’s going on with the water. Drop down bottom and check it.

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