NBA: Lakers Have Really Fallen Off, Who Called Them Out?


Did you ever think you would hear the word laughingstock associated with a team Kobe Bryant was on? It is starting to get to that point now. After the big off season acquisitions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, nobody thought the team would be 17-25, including 2-8 in there last 10 games. The season is on the brink of total collapse, and if they do not get on a hot streak, they will miss the playoffs, which would be unbelievable considering who is on the roster. You know things are bad when average NBA players are taking shots at them. Read more after the jump.

The Truth Shall Set You Free…& Get You Sued?!?!


Guess what Lance Armstrong is Being sued for? Hit the Jump for the full story.

(Video) Jim Jones – Future “Neva End” ReVamp


Jimmy the Capo is Vampin’. Check out the remix of “Neva End”. Drop down bottom and check it out.

(Video) Rita Ora- Radioactive

ifwt_rita ora mm

It seems like people have been cooling off from the Rita Ora hype ever since her various controversies that she’s had over the past few months. Regardless, you should still check out her new video for Radioactive, it’s pretty dope. Click below to watch and let us know what you think!

Apple Loses It Spot To Exxon Mobil As Most Valuable Company


  The days of Apple being the #1 valuable company are over as the new #1 is Oil company Exxon Mobil.   Exxon Mobil was once the most valuable company until Apple came and took the spot with the rise of their iPhone.  Since its record number of sales back in September the company share have fell  37%.  And on Weds. Apple posted some disappointing numbers with its iPhone. Like some Analysts feel the iPhone and Apple as a company has peaked and the days of it being the number 1 valuable company are over. Things could change when Apple releases their cheaper iPhone over the summer. I think Apple as a company recognized the numbers falling and decided to release 3 iPhones this year. Since it’s release Apple only had 1 release per year, but companies like Samsung have put some pressure on the tech company.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Secure The Trademark For Blue Ivy Carter’s NAME ???


I’ve seen it all now. When you have too much money that you don’t know what to do with, you do things like this…The Hov and Lady B are making Blue Ivy’s name a trademark. Whether or not their turning their daughter or just her name into a brand is something that when you hear it, you say WHY. Within the next three years they have to prove that they are using the trademark for the various purposes like skin cream, music, key chains, eyeglasses, strollers, scrunchies, software, or teething rings, among other products. Wendy’s franchise in the making. I have to see this. Drop down bottom for more.

NFL: (Photo) This Ravens Fan Literally Looks Like A Raven


The big game is almost here. Next Sunday most of America will be tuned in to watch the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers vs the Baltimore Ravens. You will see passionate fans on both sides screaming and yelling. You will see face paint, body paint, and if you look close, you might see this fan and confuse him for an actual Raven. This dude get the illest haircut ever, if your a Ravens fan. From the top view looks the best, you can see the eyes and everything of the bird. Check out the gallery for this super fan.

Tina Turner Ditching The U.S And Moving WHERE For Good?!


Looks like Tina Turner is saying goodbye to the United States and moving somewhere far far away. Can you guess where? Click below to find out!

Peep This!! Cassidy Stars In New Rapper/Pastor Collab !!!

IFWT_ Cassidy

Cassidy’s still got some shine left, so why not use it to your advantage! Hit the jump for the full story!

(Video) 50 Say’s There Is No G-Unit Reunion & More!!!

IFWT_ 50cent

50 dishes out a lot of info in an interview you don’t wanna Miss! Hit the jump for more!

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