Oh Sh*t! Don Omar Accused Of Hijacking For “Danza Kuduro” Video


A day after Dominican Independence day, Don Omar gets some bad news! Remember that song that played at the end of the last Fast & Furious movie? That feel good song? Well, now Don is accused of hijacking the yacht since he brought hot babes into the boat without asking the owner’s permission… which is considered filming illegally on board. The yacht, named Le Reve can be seen at the 2:15 mark in the video, when Don Omar approaches to find the girls partying on board. Then they’re seen getting off and following him. No one ever asked to use or film in the boat which portrayed a “fast, lavish, over-the-top lifestyle.” The Portuguese owner of the Yacht is taking legal actions against Omar specifically for trespass AND defamation. The owner claims, “it has suffered damages as a result of its association with the video’s slutty vibe.” The company wants a big fat check. See exactly what it is at the 2:15 mark below.. Man, if this song isn’t catchy to you — I don’t know what is.

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(Photo) LMAO! Tyler, The Creator Did WHAT To Donald Trump?!

Tyler The Creator

LOL! Trouble maker Tyler, The Creator has no chill! Check out what he did to Donald Trump below!!

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NFL (Rumors): 49ers Pursuing Darrelle Revis


I wonder how Jets fans are going to feel about this?!  Darrelle Revis called out Jets’ bosses about a week ago, so maybe this move would be good for both sides?! Rumor has it that the 49ers are pursuing Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Details after the jump…

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(Photos) DAMN! Who Hurt You? Rob Kardashian Reminisces On Happier (And Skinnier) Days


Poor guy! Loses his girl but can’t seem to lose any weight! The pictures surfacing of Rob seem to be looking worse and worse, but not just for his appearance – also for his health! Not too sure what he was reminiscing about, but he did post up a pic where he was skinner (and probably in the relationship) and captions it, “Take me back.” I would probably be depressed too if two women like Adrienne Bailon or Rita Ora left me, but in one of the pics below – he doesn’t seem too upset about cuddling up with this chick (caught on camera). Check it out for yourself below!

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(Video) NBA: Stephen Curry Goes Off For Season-High 54 Points & Hits 11 Three-Pointers!

IFWT_Curry  14

Stephen Curry had an amazing night last night, but my Knicks overcame Curry’s NBA season-high 54 points to beat the Warriors 109-105. Curry was 18 of 28 from the field, finishing one 3-pointer shy of the NBA record with 11 in 13 attempts, in a performance that had the crowd hanging on his every shot. Steph Curry’s 54 points are the 3rd most for a visiting player at MSG since 1968. The other 2? Michael Jordan (55) & Kobe Bryant (61). Check out his highlights after the jump…

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(Video 18 & Up Only!) Want To Be Scared? This Might Be The Scariest Trailer So Far Of 2013!

IFWT_The Conjuring

With movies like “Mama,” “Insidious,” and “Sinister” we’ve seen a lot of creepy, scary haunted house and strange horror kid movies lately … but the word is, “The Conjuring” might be the scariest one yet. It has even been said to be one of those, “I can’t watch this alone movies.” I’m the biggest punk when it comes to scary movies (even though I watch them anyway) but I might have to sit this one out. Check out how freaky it is below! Oh yeah, this story is based on true events..

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Google Founder Says Google Glass Dropping This Year But For How Much???


Google co-founder Sergey Brin and the man of the hour with Google glass took the stage earlier today to talks about the unknown and unreleased project known as Google Glass. The project is 2 years in the making. Brin thinks the glasses will be the way of the future and the days of checking your smartphone consisntely will be a thing of the past. Brin says he isa victim of checking email and social media updates on his smartphone because he thought “as if it was something really important.” It was comparable to a smoking habit, he said. “I had a nervous tic. But with Google Glass, I’ve really enjoyed exploring the world more.”The one thing Brin comfirmed was the Google glass will be released by years end for a whopping $1,500. “You’re standing rubbing this featureless piece of glass,” Brin said. “Is this the way we were meant to use our bodies? You want something that will free your eyes.”

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Auto:(Video) Remember When Vin Diesel He Wheelied The Car?


If you remember that, then you are gonna love this video. To see a car do a legit wheelie is such a rare sight, so to have it on camera is even better. Check out this drag race with a Ford Mustang and check out how high the front wheels come up and the driver maintains control. Watch after the jump.

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UFC (Report): Ronda Rousey Offered Role in ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel


Ronda Rousey’s career is just booming!!  She became the first-ever UFC female champion and now according to reports she has been offered a role in the ‘Hunger Games’ sequel!  Congrats to her!!!  Details after the jump…

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Sony Discounts It’s Favorite Games!!!


Looking to score some of 2012’s hot titles, Sony is currently having a sale from the hottest games from last year. Sony on Tuesday announced the winners of its third-annual PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards, and with the winners comes some sales. Discounts on the titles go all the way up to 50% off the winners. Sony will also award higher discounts to PlayStation Plus members who can receive up to 60% percent off the same titles. After the break check out the titles on sale.

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