(Fellas Check The Pics!) Kim Kardashian In Lingerie & Fur!

Kim In Factice Magazine

French magazine keeps it pretty simple, but sexy for their latest spread featuring Kim Kardashian. Factice put Kim in only lingerie, pearls, and fur. Check out the pics in the gallery.

Julie A.

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Kicks: Air Jordan 4 “Glow in the Dark” Due Fall 2013 @Jumpman23


The news Jordan Brand made already about next year releases are making people plot to cop. Now imagine the Air Jordan IV ‘Green Glow if it was to release…, but they are thou. Check out images that leaked from the Fall 2013 release and hit us up and let’s talk about it…


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(Video) T.I. On Joy Behar’s “Say Anything”


Tip sat down with “The View” co-host, Joy Behar, during her own show “Joy Behar: Say Anything.” Joy asked the King of the South a few interesting questions including why he picked out the names he did for his children. The comedian, who clearly has never watched Tip’s show, asked him if his father image damages his hip hop image. She also touches base with him on his arrests, how he explains his troubles to his children, and more. Watch more below.

Julie A.

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Tech Talk Gaming: Company of Heroes 2: Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer



As everyone knows Company of Heroes is all about the online mulitiplplayer experince. The same can be said about the sequel, but this time players will have the option of teaming up. Having an option to 4 vs 4 with online play. Check out the game play after the break.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Video) T.I. Says F**K You To Who During His Listening Session???


I love TIP, because he’s so rugged, and he does it in a way that can be classified as SMOOTH. On another note, December 18th T.I. will be dropping his album, “Trouble Man”. Separate from the listening session in Miami this family man threw another in NYC. T.I. explains the reasoning behind the title and shows his disdain for the people who turned their backs on him while incarcerated. “I think this my best work ever,” Tip says. We can pretty much thank those BACK-TURNERS for that. #Motivation. Drop down bottom and check TIP out.

JaaiR (JR)

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NBA(Photos): Twitter Goes Crazy With Lakers Jokes After Loss To Knicks


It is not surprising at all with the way the Lakers have been playing that twitter went off last night with jokes about them. Kobe should be happy right now that he does not have a twitter account to read all the jokes on his team. The Lakers are a team you love to hate if you are not a fan of them, and judging from twitter right now, alot of people are loving to hate them lol. Check the gallery above for some of the funny tweets about the Lakers from last night.

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The Internet Still Free, For Now

Google SOPA Ban

Remember not too long ago when Google made their attempt to fight back at SOPA? [Pic Above] The organization looking to join the worldwide internet with similar regulations. We’ll now the UN is looking to make a similar move. Looking for everyone to fall under the same umbrella of internet law and regulation. Jump for details…

Tat Wza

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(Video) Diddy, Alicia Keys, DJ Khaled & Busta Rhymes Join Swizz Beatz On Stage In NYC


Last night, Swizz Beatz and friends invade Webstar Hall in New York City. Our very own Funk Flex got the crowd rocking before Swizz hit the stage. His wife, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, and even Diddy stepped on the stage with Swizz last night. Watch a recap below.

Julie A.

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(Video) Ma$e Recalls His Last Convo With The Notorious B.I.G.


Fresh out of his Bad Boy contract, Ma$e sat down with Sway to talk about quite a few things while he was on what he calls a “truth campaign.’ Ma$e talks about the East Coast vs West Coast beef, how he feels when he touches down in L.A., how he felt when ‘Pac was killed, the last convo he had with B.I.G., B.I.G’s death and how it affected Ma$e, and more. The former Bad Boy rapper talked on growing up with Cam’ron and Jim Jones as well as riff that occurred between them.Watch more below.

Julie A.

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Audio: Hot 97’s Ebro Speaks On #OccupyHot97 On The Combact Jack Show


In case you missed it, a Twitter exchange between Hot 97′s Program Director Ebro Darden and Rap Radar’s B.Dot about whether or not Hot 97 are doing enough for the New York rap scene. B. Dot made claims that New York radio is not giving unknown rappers enough play saying that NYC radio should be first to break new music from the city. Ebro fired back saying that Hot has broken new NYC artists and the two had a lengthily exchange. Now, Ebro sat down with Combat Jack, after they had a Twitter exchange as well, to talk about turning music down, why he even voiced his opinion to B. Dot, how the Hot 97’s DJs feel about new music and what they play, and more. Ebro said that bottom line it comes down to ratings and if the music is moving, bringing up the first time Enuff played Jay Electronia and how his buzz flopped. Ebro even breaks down how it is decided which songs stay in rotation,  how songs are “tested” to see how well they are liked, the risk he takes by allowing certain shows (Late Night With Peter Rosenberg, the New at 2 with DJ Camilo, the Rush Hour with DJ Enuff, Funk Flex’s show, Kay Slay’s show, etc) play new music that hasn’t fully been tested, and more. Listen to what he said below.

Julie A.

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