NBA: That Didn’t Take Long! Magic Give Away Dwight Howard’s Number!

IFWT_MAgic Number 12

And like that, it’s done! All it took was half a season…Dwight Howard’s No. 12 jersey has been given to a new player. I wonder if Dwight will even care?! He did create a lot of drama before he left and I know some fans could care less, but doesn’t it seem just a little bit wrong that for the first time in over a decade – someone other than Howard is wearing #12?! Details after the jump & let us know what you think…

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Meek Mill Releases “Dreamchasers 3” TrackListing!

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is in the preparation process for Dreamchasers 3. So far he has 16 tracks and just needs some to add some features. Click below and check out the titles of the songs and let us know who you think he should feature on his tracks.

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(Photos) Lil Wayne’s Son Has So Much Swag! Check Out His Custom Trukfit Beats!

Tuney swagged out!

Lil Wayne is a pretty fly guy, so it comes as no surprise that his children are just as dope. Sarah Vivan, the mother of Wayne’s oldest son, posted a photo of their little guy lounging in his Beats By Dre headphones with his matching Trukfit shorts and it was just so cute, I had to share! The Beats are customized by one of IFWT’s good friends, Karen Civil, and of course the shorts were courtesy of his daddy! Check out some more shots of the adorable Tuney in the gallery!

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(Photos) Dope! Travis Barker And Hopsin In The Studio Together!!!


This should be interesting. Legendary drummer Travis Barker and up and coming hip-hop artist Hopsin are in the studio together working on Hopsin’s new EP. They look like they’re having a good time and they said that the EP is coming along great. Hit the jump and check out the gallery for the pics of the both of them.

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Kicks: @adidas Energy Boost Now Available

adidas Energy Boost Vivid Red Neon-Iron

The all-new adidas Boost technology has hit stores today and online, viewed as the sleek Running shoe “adidas Energy Boost”. The running shoe colorway is black and vivid red/neon as well. It features incredible Boost foam (thousand mini foam balls fused) to give that boost of energy. Its priced at $150 and is available now at adidas. Check out pics after the jump…

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(Check The Pics!) Mila Kunis Shows Us Why She Was Voted ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’

Still amazes me that some people don’t think Mila is gorgeous! If these pics don’t make you a believer, I don’t know what will! See her new shoot in the gallery!

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Auto:(Video) Oh Shutup! See The GEICO Commercial That Has One Million Mothers Upset


You have to be kidding me!! Some people just have too much time on their hands and will look for anything to get upset about. First off, I am sure by now most of you have seen the GEICO ad in question. It is the commercial with the pig and a woman appear to be stranded on “lover’s lane” and the woman drops a hint that she wants to make out, which the pig completely misses. Instead he says they should play “fruit ninja’s” to pass the time. A simple, somewhat funny, but definitely not offensive commercial. Right? WRONG! A organization of women, called “One Million Moms” is trying to lash out at the insurance company, claiming the commercial plays with the idea of “beastality” as in humans having sexual contact with animals. Ok, so did we all see the same ad, because that thought never entered my mind or I am sure the minds of millions of other people who have seen it by now. They claim it was a horrible commercial for families to see. WTF are you women talking about! Does someone in the group have a personal agenda they are trying to get out to the public and just using this as an excuse? Because this complaint is a joke. Check out the commercial after the jump and form your own opinion. Let us know in the comments if you feel this ad was offensive.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Hamed Haddadi Changes Jersey Number as Tribute to Iran

IFWT_Hamed Haddadi 1

I love this story (#JudgeMe)!  It hits home for me because my family is from Tehran, Iran.  Persians stand up! Lol. Haddadi is the first and only Iranian to play in the NBA and since being traded to the Suns, he changed his jersey number from 15 to 98.  Find out the meaning after the jump…

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(Video) Kendrick Lamar Ft. A$AP Rocky- F*ckin Problems [Live]


Last night Kendrick Lamar graced the stage at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. He brought out A$AP Rocky for “F*ckin Problem” and it was dope! Click below to watch the live footage from their performance.

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New Ironman Armor Hits The Net!!!


A insider close to the Ironman 3 movie has just released an unknown armor photo, this unidentified suit doesn’t seem to have a name. The insider also leaked a hulk armor and space armor from the movie. No word on what role the suit will play until then check out the photo after the break.

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