50 Cent Speaks On MMG Chain In Video, Claims He Got It From Where?!?!


We previously broke the story about the MMG chain used in the Major Distribution music video. Since then 50 has shed some light on how he came about the MMG chain brandished in the video on the neck of a young man, seemingly mocking Rick Ross and his camp. 50 claims the medallion came from a jeweler and that people can’t trust everything they read on the internet. Since 50 never been one to back down from good beef, I have to believe he did it just to get at the MMG brand and shake things up. It was earlier purported that the chain belonged to Gunplay, the MMG artist got into a scuffle with part of 50’s entourage at the BET awards last year, but the G-unit boss claims he got obtained the chain legally likening it to a Death Row hat he saw A$AP Rocky wearing. What do you think, is 50 pulling our leg? Does he really think those are similar situations? I can’t call it but the court of law says innocent until proven guilty so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Hit the jump for more

Google Closes $1.6 Billion Deal For New Headquarters In U.K.

As Googles reign in the world of technology continues, the multi-billion dollar corporation closes yet another huge deal. A new Headquarter in the U.K. called The King’s Cross building is estimated to be 1 million square feet and should be completed 2016. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, But financial Times said that the deal was estimated to be about $1.6 BILLION!

NBA: Hawks Josh Smith Says “I’m a Max Player” As He Discusses His Expiring Contract

IFWT Josh Smith

You can never be 100 percent sure what you’re gonna get from Josh Smith.  He sometimes has amazing games and sometimes he disappears.  But despite continual All-Star snubs and two years worth of trade rumors, he’s still pretty confident about his abilities.  Read more after the jump.

Beyonce Opens Up About Miscarriage & Fake Baby Bump Rumors


As soon as Beyonce announced that people began slandering her saying that she wasn’t really pregnant and just wearing a fake baby bump. For the duration of Bey’s pregnancy the slander only seemed to get worse and still to this day people really don’t believe that she carried and gave birthday to her daughter. Before she announced her pregnancy, Bey was the victim of countless magazines claiming she was pregnant and then we found out that she was in fact pregnant about a year or so before Blue but suffered a miscarriage. Although Jay-Z was the first to speak about the miscarriage in his song, “Glory,” he didn’t really go into detail. USA Today has received an early copy of Bey’s forthcoming documentary, Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream, and gave us a glimpse of Bey speaking on the miscarriage and surrogate rumors. Read more below.

Kicks: @Nike x Zoom Turf Jet ’97 “Oregon Ducks” – Release Reminder

IFWT Nike Zoom Turf Jet '97 "Oregon Ducks"

Duck fans have enjoyed a pleasant channel of PEs of Nikes and Jordans, but tomorrow, Nike will let one out of the factory. Hit the jump to read more and to see the gallery….

(Photos) BTS Of “Ocho Cinco” With Diddy, French Montana, Los, MGK, & Red Cafe

Diddy, French Montana, Los, MGK, & Red Cafe on the set of "Ocho Cinco"

If you follow French Montana, MGK, or any of the Bad Boy family on Instagram, you noticed that they have begun shooting visuals for “Ocho Cinco.” The Bad Boys already released a video but it was an in studio video and not an official production, so now we’ll be getting the official video treatment. Perhaps we’ll get an appearance by Ocho Cinco himself? We’ll have to wait and see, but we did learn that Diddy travels with a ton on sunglasses via MGK’s captions. Check out the pics in the gallery.

NFL: Redskins Trent Williams Hit With a Champagne Bottle & Tasered in Nightclub Brawl

IFWT Trent Williams

Details were sketchy at first but it turns out Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams was the victim not the attacker during a fight on Friday in Hawaii.  Read more after the jump.

(Video) Fabolous Talks About Jay-Z, “So NY” Record, And Representing New York Hip Hop


Fabolous has been putting on for BK for years, but now he feels like he’s stepping into the shoes left vacant by the rise to unmatched celebrity of those who came before him like Diddy and Jay-Z. Rubbing elbows with the New Yorkers and letting them know that he’s riding for New York and New York hip hop. Here Fab is explaining the ‘So NY’ record and where he stands amongst New York artist today with the rise of new comers A$AP Rocky and French Montana. Watch the Video For More.

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Karrueche Goes Topless For The First Time!


For the first time since making a name for herself, Karrueche Tran posed topless for Rolling Out magazine. Kae, who has launched her own clothing line “The Kill,” shows off her figure for the cover story. Check out Kae’s pics in the gallery.

Mila Kunis Wants To Star In 50 Shades Of Grey Movie?!?!

mila kunis talks pregnancy

So by now if you haven’t heard of the 50 Shades Of Grey bestseller, I’m certain you live under a rock. A movie adaptation for the women’s erotica title is due to surface and many celebrities have been rumored to be linked to the project, most recently Mila Kunis has expressed interest in the female lead role saying,”There are times when you just want to do something fun and different because you’re going to have a good time doing it.” Other stars interested in doing the flick include Emma Watson from the Harry Potter franchise, Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood HBO series, and Amanda Seyfried who was most recently seen in Les Miserables. Hit the jump for more.

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