WoW! This Radio/Talk Show Host Is Being Questioned By The Police For WHAT ?!?!

steve harvey cleared of all child abuse allegations

Those suave, sharp tailor-made suits are not fooling me. I know this cat is funny – he’s written books, hosted television shows, radio shows and has his own talk show – but it’s obvious that Steve Harvey has a little gangsta inside of him that’s willing to come out, WHENEVER! Palm Beach County Sheriff’s have questioned Steve as well as one of his bodyguards who have yet to be identified. Apparently, while at a horse-back riding event for his daughter someone pulled the wrong move by choosing to steal Steve’s parking spot. Oh, no they didn’t! Steve was type upset when he couldn’t park his Escalade, so someone on Steve’s team retaliated. See why they were questioned down bottom.

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Wow…Shark Attack TV Director Killed By Great White

Adam Strange

Award-winning TV and film director Adam Strange passed away at the age of 46 in New Zealand today, after he was the victim of an attack by a Great White. The irony of it all was he wasn’t even filming for one of his films, he was simply enjoying a swim at a popular beach when the shark pulled him under. Then at least 3 other sharks were drawn to the attack. Cops came by boats and helicopters, shooting at least 20 shots at the sharks, and though one was killed, it was still too late. Adam leaves behind a wife and small child. So sad. Rest in peace!

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(Photos) Oh Sh*t! Check Out Who Swizz Beatz Was In The Studio With Yesterday!

Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz was putting in WORK yesterday, as he had sessions at his studio with some MAJOR names in the business. I’m talking, SUPER major! One of them hasn’t even announced anything about new music, so could this be a sign that some is one the way? One of the others is working on his next album so it’s likely Swizz will play a part in that, and the third is working on Justin Timberlake’s album…but since he’s collaborated with the person I was just talking about in the past, perhaps he’s there to work with him! Hmm! Find out who all was in Swizzy’s studio yesterday in the gallery. SHOWTIME!

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IFWT Wishes TLC’s Chilli A Happy Birthday !!!!


Happy Birthday to Chilli on her 42nd b-day. Many more. Drop down bottom for more.

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(VIDEO) Sports: Too Harsh or Just Right?! Pee Wee Hockey Coach Gets Jail Time For Trip!

IFWT_Coach trip 1

Martin Tremblay, a Vancouver pee wee hockey coach, has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for tripping a player during a postgame handshake.  Some think it’s too harsh of a punishment and others think it fits the crime.  Weigh in and let us know what you think…

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IFWT Celebrates Black History Month: Honoring Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley was born a slave in 1830 in Maryland. Although it was against the law for a slave to be educated, Bradley was educated by his master’s children. He would develop a skill in mathematics and for engineering. During his teenage years, Bradley began to develop what would become the first ever steam engine. He would eventually hold a job position at the United States Naval Academy were he would further develop the steam engine. Although he was never allowed to patent his work, he was paid and therefore purchased his freedom. Read more about Benjamin Bradley below.

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(Video) Damn, That Had To Hurt! Someone Throws A SHOE Right At Taylor Swift’s Ex’s GROIN!

Harry Styles

There must have been a Taylor Swift fan in the audience of the One Direction concert in Glasgow on Tuesday night! During their performance, someone threw a SHOE on to the stage (“Who throws a shoe?!” *Austin Powers voice*) and it made a perfect landing right where it hurts on the ex of Tay, Harry Styles. It was so bad, he fell right to the ground in pain! OUCH! Eventually, he picks himself back up…but not before wreathing on the floor a bit. Watch the painful video below! I’m sure Taylor had a bit of a snicker.

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(Check The Pics!) IFWT Wishes J Woww A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, J Woww!

Happy birthday, Jenny! We wish you many more!

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NBA: Should He Stop?! LeBron James Responds To Pregame Dunk Routine Criticism!!

IFWT_Lebron dunk 11

C’mon fam, don’t be so sensitive! OF COURSE, you’re going to hear things from fans because they want to see you in a dunk contest! If you can do it during pregame warmups, why not the dunk contest where you have a ton of time to prepare?! LeBron was caught on camera with two SICK dunks (see here & here) during the Heat pregame warmups and he is now responding to the criticism that  he has received.

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(Video) Tyler The Creator Talks To @BlackRicanJew About The Grammys, New Album & More

Tyler The Creator on Hot 97

Tyler, The Creator has begun full promo mode for his forthcoming sophomore LP, Wolf. A couple weeks back, the Odd Future frontman revealed the project was in the works, and shared with fans the 3 alternate versions of its cover art, along with the release date (April 2nd) and its lead single, Domo 23. Along with some of his Odd Future crew, Tyler stopped by the Hot 97 morning show this morning with Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and Kay Foxx to discuss the project. He also talked about his groupmate Frank Ocean at the Grammys, how he feels about the use of the N-word and more. Watch the interview below.

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