Sports: Wait, What?! JaMarcus Russell Attempting NFL Return!


Seriously?!  Did I just read that right? Draft bust JaMarcus Russell want to make a return to the NFL?! Ahhhh hahahahahahaaa. Oh wait. That’s not a joke?!  Oh.  Didn’t he try this in 2010/2011 and now he thinks it’s going to work?  ok. Good luck! Report after the jump… GameTimeGirl

(Photos) Can’t Believe Beyonce Lip-Synced The National Anthem? Here’s Official Proof From “Secret” Recording


Oh nooooooo! King Bey, how could you do this to your fans!? Well, I love Bey and I personally don’t care.. but DAMN! You’ll never believe how the fans are reacting now that the truth is surfacing and all is coming to light! Just these past few days, Bey’s fans have been defending her like it’s Obama and the secret service.. but now? Her fans have taken a total 360 and are PISSED! One fan said, ‘Apparently Beyoncé’s inauguration performance was as dope as Lance Armstrong biking through the French Alps.’ Another mentioned, ‘As of 4 minutes ago my life was shattered.’ And one of the most hilarious ones was, ‘Its like when i found out santa claus wasnt real… how can you do this humanity?’ Piers Morgan said something that makes a lot of sense, but of course no one really wants to listen! Piers goes on to say, ‘Beyonce still SANG it, everyone. It was HER voice.’ Bey hasn’t come straight forward with it yet or made any comments about lip-syncing. Just when ya thought Beyonce was damn near perfect, she lip-synced! Smh, the cruelty of you fans! Piers is right, it’s still her voice! Bey fans were too outraged that the piece had actually been recorded in a studio the day before (which was supposed to be a secret), with these pics as proof. See the photos below so you can sink in misery along with Bey’s other fans! Or you can just stop and remember, she’s a human too! You’re choice,…

NBA: Kobe Bryant Live Tweets As He Watches His 81-Point Game For FIRST Time! Check Out What He Had To Say!

IFWT_Kobe 81

This was pretty dope to watch yesterday.  Kobe Bryant live tweeted yesterday as he watched his historic 81-point game.  It was the first time he had ever watched it (which is kind of weird since last week during an interview he said that doesn’t feel the need to watch it. Hmmmmm). Kobe even played nice with Shaq and responded to a tweet by Shaq as he watched the game.  Check out what the Black Mamba had to say… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Damn! Faith Evans Finally Opens Up About Biggie’s Murder & Her Last Crazy Encounter With Lil Kim!!


Plenty of years passed and Faith Evans’ love for B.I.G. still shines bright throughout this interview on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Tuesday. Faith opens up about Biggie, reminiscing about her late husband. She also speaks about their son CJ, who’s already a Junior in High School & how he has many similarities with his father! Time flies.. sheesh! The hardest part of the interview was probably when Faith admits she hasn’t lost hope in finding & figuring out Biggie’s murder — she’s already spent millions on lawyers for years of trying to figure out the case. She also talks about how Kim dissed her by hitting Faith with the, “who’s that?” at Diddy’s White Party a few years back, after she dropped the whole thing and tried making peace within herself. Smh, Kim. See the full interview below! Biz Baby

Uh Oh!! SHOTS?! Which Famous Singer Admitted She Laughed At Beyonce For Her Pre-Recorded Lip-Sync?!

IFWT Photo)GuessWho

I hate hearing any type of slander against Beyonce, but she should’ve seen it coming.. can’t really lip sync without the truth coming out, eventually. This might not exactly be slander but some others could take it as a slap in the face for being insulted by a legendary diva! This diva couldn’t hold back her criticism and just flat out said she cracked up when she heard the news that Beyonce pre-recorded her Star Spangled Banner performance at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. The famous singer that criticized Beyonce performed at Obama’s first inauguration ceremony back in 2009, so she knows what it’s like to be under that type of pressure (and it isn’t like it’s some amateur taking shots at Bey!) But she didn’t stop there, she goes on to say, that Bey had ‘done a beautiful job with the pre-record’. She mentions that, ‘When I heard the news this evening that she was pre-recorded I really laughed. I thought it was funny because the weather down there was about 46 or 44 degrees and for most singers that is just not good singing weather.’ After complimenting her she goes in a different direction mentioning she never thought of prerecording her performance 4 years back because, she wanted to give people the real thing and pre-recording never crossed her mind. This whole controversy started on Tuesday, simply when a spokesman for the Marine Corps Band who had the musical accompaniment for the National Anthem said that she did not in fact sing the Star…

(Mug Shot) NFL: SMH: Cowboys’ Jay Ratliff Arrested


C’mon!  How does this happen?!  One of your teammates just died as a result of a DWI crash.  Athletes have so many options, yet decide to drive under the influence.  I just can’t understand it.  There is NO excuse. Jay Ratliff was arrested and charged with DWI early Tuesday morning after he crashed his 2011 Ford pickup truck into a 18-wheeler.  Report after the jump… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Tyga Reebok Classic T-Raww Commercial


Dope news for Tyga! His new deal with Reebok is big, exciting news, and now they’re actually making moves! Jonathan Mannion captures Tyga strutting around his crib showing off his new Reebok Classic signature T-Raww kicks! His sophomore album, Hotel California, hits store shelves on March 26th. But for now, check out his new commercial! Biz Baby

NFL: Bill Callahan Responds To Claims That He Sabotaged Super Bowl XXXVII; Jerry Rice Supports Claims

IFWT_Bill Callahan

Oh what a mess this is and right before the Super Bowl.  Would a NFL head coach sabotage his team in a Super Bowl?!  No way, right?!  Well  according to former WR Tim Brown, Bill Callahan did.  Even Jerry Rice is supporting former Raider teammate on his comments.  Bill Callahan has now responded to Brown’s claims. Check out the full story and Callahan’s statement after the jump… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Oh Sh*t!! NO HE DIDN’T! Husband Finds Out His Wife’s On A Dating Site & Does WHAT For Revenge?!


Stories like this will make you NEVER want to cheat!! It’s probably the worse thing you can do to your significant other and the worst thing to ever find out! This man happened to see his girl on a dating website (SMH), mind you, their married. Then he decides to take matters into his own hands. Do you think he went too far or he didn’t deserve it. Hmmm, maybe men are crazy too!! But I definitely know a some females that would take it this far or maybe even worse, LOL! Anyway, check the footage below and let us know what you think! Biz Baby

Google Made $50 Billion In 2012!!!


Did you think you had an awesome 2012, think again Googles was better. I’m sure you stacked paper and thought you were doing it big. In 2012 Google made a staggering $50 Billion in revenue,not bad for a company that jusr pretty much started. “Revenues were up 36% year-on-year, and 8% quarter-on-quarter. And we hit $50 billion in revenues for the first time last year. Even though Even Google made all this money investors were still worried about Google’s earnings report. Wall street was also worried that Google’s cost-per-clicks declined by 6% from last year, sometimes everything can’t be good news. Yungjohnnybravo X TatWZA

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