Auto:(Video) This Dumb Driver Is Asking To Explode In Her Car


The idiotic woman in this video is lucky the worker at the gas station was paying attention. She literally takes the gas pump and sprays her entire windshield with ALOT of gas. She confused it with the windshield cleaner that is at every gas station. How someone can manage to confuse those 2 things I just can’t even begin to explain. Did you not smell the gas pouring all over your car?? The worst part about this video is when the attendant runs over and grabs it from her, she just gets in her car and drives off. She has so much gas on her car, if someone driving by throws a lit cigarette out the window, or she herself is a smoker, her entire car would ignite in seconds. With all that gas an explosion would not take long to occur. Hopefully after the video ends she pulled over somewhere to wash her car. Watch the video below. IamJOE357

(Video) Vado Talks Slime Flu 3, Leaving Interscope & More With DJ Whoo Kid

ifwt_vado mm

Vado surprised us all when he dropped his new mixtape, Slime Flu 3, out of nowhere earlier today. Perfect for the moment, DJ Whoo Kid released their recent interview, where V12 talks about the project, as well as leaving his record label, who he’s working with now and more. Get the 411 below. Marisa Mendez

NFL: Numbers Don’t Lie! Check Out These Super Bowl Facts!


The 2013 Super Bowl is less than two weeks away!!!  I can’t wait! This is just some fun random facts for you sports fans.  Take a by-the-numbers look at Super Bowl facts surrounding America’s biggest party. GameTimeGirl

(Fellas Check The Gif!) We Were Just Wondering…Whose Boobs Are These!


Fellas check out this gif and tell IFWT whose boobs you think these are! DJTech4 

(Photo) Cassie joins Karrueche in beef with Rihanna?!!!!

Rihanna & Cassie

In the photo above, Cassie appears to be all smiles with Rihanna but things aren’t always what they appear to be. It seems as if Cassie has switched sides lately and is Karrueche’s new friend as well as team side chick’s newest supporter. Instagram is full of surprises as Cassie shows up on Karrueche’s page sporting a THE KILL snapback, with her new ally in what appears to be a rather close and cozy BFF picture. Where does Chris Brown fit in all of this? Funk Flex

(Check The Pic!) Oww! Jennifer Lopez Kills ‘Em In Thigh-High Boots & Leopard Print

Jennifer Lopez

J to the L-o hasn’t lost one ounce of swag since hitting her 40’s! The 43-year-old singer/actress/mommy hit the streets of NYC today looking every bit of fly, rocking thigh-high Loubie’s and a leopard print coat. I’m sure her boo Casper Smart was loving that look! Check it out in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

(Fellas Check The Pics) Loving Sexy Blac Chyna And Her Curves!


Check out Blac Chyna and her sexy Curves. Click below to see the pics. DJTECH4

Gears of War : Guts of Judgment Campaign Trailer


We get the low down from Lt. Baird on the back story on Gears of War prequel. Check out the trailer after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

NEW MUSIC: T.I. – No Worries (Freestyle)


Wayne isn’t the only one lacking worries… T.I. joins Team No Worries spitting a verse over Detail’s produced instrumental. DJ RellyRell

Auto:(Photos) Hot Chick, Hot Whip..Playboy Model Knows Her Cars


Every mans dream. A gorgeous model, who not only takes pictures with cars, she knows more about the cars then most men! That is exactly what Playboy model Jessica Barton is all about. She is a very well known model, especially in car circles, since she loves car culture herself. She had a custom Toyota Supra, that literally was known as one of the fastest cars in the world!! You notice I say HAD, that is because sometime two weeks ago, her car was stolen from Florida, where she is based now. Her car is very well known, as it has been in as many magazines as she has. Hopefully it is found soon, but by now with all the custom work that was done to it, the Supra could be in a million pieces. It has a literally one of a kind paint job from Aston Martin, and she is so into cars, she designed her own turbo system, which actually got renamed the Jessica 76 turbo! She is no amateur with just a pretty face. While she hopes for the safe return of the car, you guys can check out pics of her and enjoy them. IamJOE357

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