Auto: GM Recalls Almost 9,000 Cars


GM announced today that they must recall almost 9,000 cars due to a rear suspension issue. The recall at the moment is mainly limited to the Malibu, but an investigation is going on to see if other models were impacted. What happens is some of the bolts on the rear suspension may not of had sufficient torque applied to them. What can happen is the cars gets out of assembly enough to just cause noises, or bad enough to actually lose complete control of the car. Scary! The recall is ongoing now, and we will have more info in the coming days if any other models were impacted as well.

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Ray Lewis Taught Mary J. Blige How To Do The Squirrel Dance at Ravens’ Victory Party

IFWT_Ray Lewis

Of course he danced the night away!  Lol. Mary J. Blige posted a pic on Twitter of Ray Lewis teaching her how to do the squirrel at the Ravens post Super Bowl XLVII celebration party.  Jay-Z, Beyonce and many others were all in attendance.  Check out a couple of the  pics…

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(Video) Love & Hip-Hop [Season 3; Episode 5]


If you weren’t around to catch tonight’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop, we have it here for you! Tahiry and Erica debuted their songs (LMAO), our guy Ebro had a cameo, and of course…drama, drama, drama! Watch it in full below.

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(Photos) On The Set: Wiz Khalifa ft. Akon – Let It Go

On set of Wiz Khalifa's "Let It Go" featuring Akon

“Let It Go” will be the next track Wiz Khalifa pushes off his 2012 album O.N.I.F.C., and yesterday, he shot the video for it with Akon. Go on set with the guys in the gallery.

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Auto:(Photos) 10 Cars That Could Use A Corvette V8 Engine


The V8 engine made by GM has always been well respected and loved by car enthusiast. Either for the raw power that the engine generates, or because of the smaller compact size that allows you to place it in cars that could normally never fit a V8. The people at Motor Trend put together a list of 10 cars that would be awesome with the V8 engine that is going in the new 2014 Corvette. Check the gallery for the 10 cars they shared and hit the link after the jump to read more.

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NBA: Nets’ Andray Blatche on the Trading Block?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat

Andray Blatche has played well so far this season, but it looks like his name is still getting thrown into some trade talks. Report after the jump…

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Why Willow Smith Will No Longer Be Playing Annie In The Movie Remake


Though her parents are the production company behind the upcoming remake of the classic film Annie, Willow Smith will no longer be playing the lead role. This announcement comes over two years since it was first revealed the film was in the works. Originally the report was that the 12-year-old was simply “too old” to be playing the role and had been dropped, but during a speech in Philly this past weekend, poppa Will revealed the real reason. Find out why below.

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Frank Ocean Decided Not To Press Charges Against Chris Brown


Just when we thought this news died down, there are still more updates daily. Looks like Frank Ocean is taking the high road and isn’t pressing charges against Chris Brown. It’s still unclear who really started the brawl, but either way it’s nice that he cut Chris a break. Click below for details.

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10 CRAZIEST Schools and College Majors!!


MAN, I wish I would have known about some of these schools before choosing Montclair State University (go Redhawks though! LOL). Check out ten crazy schools and majors below!

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(Warning Graphic Video) Tiger Kills His Trainer In Circus


You couldn’t pay me enough money to train tigers. This is a prime example of it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. In this case til someone gets chewed to pieces by a tiger. Click below to see this lion set trip on his trainer. Click below to see the video.

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