RIP America’s Greatest Sniper Fatally Killed At Gun Range


Chris Kyle, author of ‘American Sniper’ an autobiography detailing over 150 kills of insurgents from 1999-2009 was killed at a gun range by a man who may have been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The gunman has been identified as 25 year old Eddie Ray Routh and has been charged with two counts of capital murder. Kyle was noted as a former Navy SEAL with an impressive knack for ringing up corpses, it’s unfortunate that he was struck down in such a manner.

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(Video) Juelz Santana Explains Why He Likes Rocking Women’s Clothing


AYE! Juelz Santana inspired us pink timbs and jersey dresses, and basically all pink everything. Now he explains why he personally likes rocking women’s clothing! SMH! He shares with SW that he’s going to put the viewers on “swag” as he was currently (in the video) wearing a women’s Gucci belt, and explains that’s why the belt has the “big buckle.” Santana also weighs in on Jeremy Scott’s adidas designs explaining why he feels comfortable wearing just about all of his shoes.

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Boston Bus Crash Leaves Dozens Injured


A charter bus carrying more than 30 high school students and chaperones crashed last night. The charter bus crashed into an overpass in Boston. The bus was headed back to Philly from a trip to Harvard University. 34 people have been reported as injured, one of them has life-threatening injuries. Three other people have serious injuries and the rest are all reported to be minor. Read more below.

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Kicks: @Nike x SB Dunk High ‘McRad’ – Black History Month

IFWT Nike SB Dunk High "McRad" BHM

Nike is going to release a bunch of new and old sneakers for this year’s Black History Month. Hit the jump to check out another addition to the list….

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He Speaks! Justin Bieber Addresses Drug Rumors


First Justin Bieber was spotted holding weed and then he was spotted partying with codeine and a double cup! Justin remained pretty hush about both incidents. After the weed photos surfaced, he took to his Twitter to apologize for letting down fans. This time, Biebs took to his Twitter account again but not really to apologize. Hmm, if Justin wants to do certain things he’s going to need to learn to not allow people to take pictures of him partyin’ it up. Read his response in the gallery.

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(Video) LMAO! Woman Asks Dealership To Test Drive A Range Rover & Never Comes Back!


A Michigan woman was able to pull off a robbery ended with her driving away from a car dealership in a Range Rover, Tuesday Jan. 29, all because she played it smart, distracted the employers and just acted cool. And she stole it.. ALL BY HERSELF! The unidentified suspect walked into Wes Financial Auto in Dearborn, Michigan and tricked an entire staff just by distracting them. The dealership requires that potential customers provide two forms of I.D. before they are allowed to go for a test drive. Since there were so many sales people at the dealership, the woman went from one person to another, until she was able to get her hands on a key. “She goes, ‘Ah…I’m here to see the Range Rover,” said owner, Wes Issa. “I go’ Which one?’ She says, ‘The silver one.’ And I’m like ‘Okay’….she says, ‘Thanks babe,’ and walks out. “The other sales guy handed her the key thinking that I already took the license from her and her IDs,” Issa explained. Because she left behind no information, there’s no way to track her down—unless police find the car somewhere, but it may be too late. “I don’t know what they’re doing with these vehicles,” Issa said. “Chopping them, selling them for parts. I don’t know what’s going on. I mean, whatever it is, it’s hurting us.” The dealer ship is offering $3,000 for the woman to be found or at car. But….. good luck with that, buddy! SMH!

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NBA: Boston Celtics Have a ‘Good Conversation’ With Greg Oden

IFWT_Greg Oden 5

There’s been some chatter about former No. 1 draft pick but injury plagued Greg Oden making his return to the NBA.  It was reported that Cleveland and Miami were the frontrunners but the Boston Celtics are making a move.  Read more after the jump.

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(Audio) Wiz Khalifa – Started From The Bottom With Drake

IFWT_Wiz Drake

Drake Dropped his first single for his third studio album, the song “Started From The Bottom” a few days ago. With the dope back beat it comes as no surprise that somebody else would have put a verse on this song which I’m sure will become an anthem for anybody who feels like they started from the bottom and worked their way into proper position. Drake was trying to share his story once again, for anybody who may have gotten it confused, and Wiz must have thought it a good idea to get in on the action. Drake has done it again, another anthem, let’s see who else jumps on the song by the time the album is released. Hit the jump for more.

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Another Cast Member Added To “Girl Meets World”


The spin-off to the 90’s sitcom, “Boy Meets World,” has added another cast member! As you know, “Girl Meets World” will be following Cory and Topanga’s teenage daughter, Riley. The producer of the show, Michael Jacobs, opened up about the new cast member and if any of the loved “Boy Meets World” cast members will be appearing on the show! I mean, can you imagine Cory without Shawn, Eric, or Mr. Feeny?! Find out more details below.

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Uh Oh… Selena Gomez Was Spending Time With WHO All Night?!

Selena Gomez recently split from Justin Bieber

Oh young love! Unfinished business?! Selena Gomez is back at it for more! Selena was spotted Saturday night coming home after hanging out with Bieber allllll night. (Probably playing board games, right?) No actual footage of them together other than her leaving his Los Angeles home, although this would be the first time they’ve seen each other in a month, which is long in teen time. She even headed home in one of his vehicles. I guess Justin’s latest problems don’t bother her much, eh?

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