Tech Talk News: @Viddy Passes 4 Million Users As It Turns 1 Years Old Today!!!!

Love it!!!! I just got off a Google Chat with the Homie @YourFriendEven, and He, as am I, Very excited with the progree Viddy has made in just a Year!! To celebrate we will do the Top 10 Celebrity Viddy accounts, as well the Top 10 Editors Choices, AS WELL AS Android News!!! Hit the Jump.


Here’s #IFWT Message to Viddy;

Here are a couple more;

Evan’s coverage at Viddy HQ;

FreddieJ’s Happy Bday;



NOW, Straight from Viddy’s Blog, a year ago today they signed on in the App store and 4K ppl joined, Now they are reporting 100K PPL a day(Whoa, that’s GREAT!!)

Here’s the Top 10 Celebs On Viddy, and I’ve posted on Most of them!!;

1. Snoop Dogg – Viddy Oohwee:

2.  Linkin Park – “Burn It Down” Coming April 16:

3. Bill Cosby – Laughter:

4. SouljaBoy – Happy Easter:

5. Terrell Owens – Check my Footwork!!!:

6. Giuliana Rancic – New Nails:

7. Warren Sapp – 1 Of Life’s Simple Pleasures!!:

8. Apolo Ohno – Raw Feelings, Just a Thought:

9. Michael Strahan – #Linsanity:

10. Jimmie Johnson – More on track footage:

*Bonus: Panic At The Disco – Want To Film Our Next Video?:

**Double Bonus: Panic! At The Disco: Ready To Go – “Music Viddy”:

AND NOW, Straight from Behind

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Caught On Tape: Policeman ‘Robs’ Civilian’s Motorbike

Check out this video of police officers getting their “Gone In 60 Seconds” on. Click below to see the video.

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(Video) Sports: @RealSkipBayless vs.@jalenrose vs. @stephenasmith on ESPN First Take!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Sh*t got kinda crazy on First Take this morning due to yesterday’s broadcast on ESPN.  Jalen Rose, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss Jalen’s comments about Skip’s basketball playing days and the fallout from them (original video HERE if you missed it). Check it out…

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BREAKING NEWS: George Zimmerman To Be Charged In Trayvon Martin Case!!!

Finally some justice! NBC News is reporting the special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case will announce criminal charges against George Zimmerman later today! More details below!

Marisa Mendez

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(Photo) MLB: Lol, We See You! Young Fan Tries To Sneak A Beer At Blue Jays Game

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

I don’t condone this, but the pic is pretty funny.  You ain’t that slick kid!

What is the legal drinking age in Toronto again?  Well, don’t ask this boy, who may be the smoothest criminal with an alcoholic beverage we’ve seen in awhile. But did he get away with it?

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The Weeknd Hitting The Road On U.S. Tour [Click For Dates]

We’ve been waiting forever to see The Weeknd perform some of our favorite tunes live, and now we finally will be able to when he hits the road this Spring. The OVOXO singer will kick the tour off at Coachella this weekend, and continue through August when he concludes at Lollapalooza. There’s quite a break in there, though, so hopefully this means more dates will be announced. Full list after the jump.

Marisa Mendez

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Auto Talk: Cartel Customs to showcase Scion FR-S Speedster at Long Beach

When an automaker comes out with a two-door sportscar, you know what will come next: a roadster version. But while we haven’t heard anything from Toyota, its Scion division or its partner in crime Subaru on the prospect of a GT 86/FR-S/BRZ convertible, a California coachbuilder has stepped up to the plate with a concept version of its own.

Funk Flex

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(Fellas Check The Pics! Kinda NSFW!) 10 Sexy Pics of @ModelBubbles We’re Sure You’ll Love!

Fellas check out these 10 sexy pics of Bubbles you don’t want to miss!


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(Fellas Check The NSFW Pics) Random Hotties And Their Sexy Mirror Flicks !!!

Check out these random hotties and their sexy mirror flicks. Click below to see the pics.


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Tech Talk Rumor Is: The Next iPhone Will Be…….

There are a lot of rumors starting to be re-speculated, Since the 5 was supposed drop last fall, and Now with june coming up on us, and that being a traditional month of when iPhones are announced, people are getting giddy with excitement, Mock up’s floating around, and All kinds of ‘What should be in the 5′ articles being posted….I love this time of the year!! Hit the Jump.


There are some things that are definitely true, like Apple is working on an next gen iPhone, but that is probably the only thing we can count on for sure!! The main reason we can’t over speculate is specifically due to the last iPad announcement….we just knew the “New iPad” was gonna be called the iPad 3, but it wasn’t, and looking back, that makes perfect sense, in this post pc era!! Ok let me explain….Apple’s 1st products were their computers, And they started out naming them by #’s, then as they progressed, they just named them one name, and said it was the ‘NEW’ version of that. Then they changed the game by making the iPhone, followed other iOS products(like iPad, and making iPod’s mobile), so now that mobile is becoming the main stay it’s time to re-name the products and say here is the ‘NEW’ version of that, hence the NEW iPad, so it’s likely the NEW iPhone will be just that, “The New iPhone”, instead of the ‘5’. Unless

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