(Trailer) Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens & More Star In ‘Spring Breakers’


Disney stars meet sex, drugs, and guns in the forthcoming movie, Spring Breakers. Gucci Mane and James Franco, who is giving his best at acting like RiFF RaFF, join Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson (from ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”), in what looks like the craziest spring break, ever.  It’s clear that these known good girls are taking that leap into attempting to nab more adult role and have decided to take that leap head first. I’ve been hearing about this movie for a while now and now we have the trailer. The movie will be released on March 29, for now watch the trailer below. Julie A.

IFWT Would Like To Say Happy Birthday Estelle !!!


The “All Of Me” singer has turned 33 today. Happy Birthday Estelle. ENJOY! Drop down bottom. JaaiR (JR)

Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Air Jordan 1 Mid – UNC

IFWT Air Jordan 1 Mid UNC

It’s a huge year for the Air Jordan 1 series. Hit the jump to find out more and see the gallery…. DJ JUANYTO

(Video) Waka Flocka Speaks About Chief Keef’s Arrest


Waka Flocka, who has had some legal trouble in the past, is coming to the defense of Chief Keef. Currently Keef is in jail for 60 days for holding a gun and many people made fun of him and put him down. Waka Flocka has a message to those people as well as some advice for Keef when he comes out of jail. Hopefully Keef will take Flocka’s advice because he has done nothing but stupid sh*t since he made a name for himself in the rap scene. Watch more below. Julie A.

“The Voice” Is Adding Another Coach To #TeamUsher…Check Out Who


Monday, March 25th season four of “The Voice” will be premiering and it’s being said that Usher is taking his coaching duties to the extreme. He has decided to bring to the show a very talented rapper/producer. Pharrell will be grinding to the beat of the Battle Rounds. “A master of his craft, an artist, an innovator. Who better to have on my team than Pharrell?” Usher says. “His ability to nurture and develop talent is invaluable and will truly benefit each and every one on my team. I think I may just watch. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

It Will Take HOW Much To Sign T.I.?!


T.I.’s 10 album deal with Atlantic records is over following his last release, Trouble Man, and now he’s looking for a new home. Being one of hip hop’s most talked about rappers as well as having the success that Tip has, he is making some serious demands when it comes to him being signed. Currently, there are MAJOR record labels looking to sign the King of the South, including two run by rappers who have already met with him. We’ll have to wait and see who he decided to sign with and if they meet his demands. See what he’s demanding and who is entertaining the idea of signing him below. Julie A.

Sports: Manti Te’o Bobblehead Night?? Dead Wrong LOL


Since every media outlet in the world is going to run this story about Manti Te’o into the ground, might as well look for the funny stories that will go along with it. A minor league baseball team in Kentucky, The Florence Freedom is planning a fun night at the expense of Te’o in May. It is going to have “Manti Te’o girlfriend bobblehead night”. I was dying laughing once I learned of the details. As part of the promotion in late May, the first 1,000 fans will get an empty bobblehead box, there will be a pretend kiss cam for fans to kiss their imaginary friends and there will be an imaginary food fight in the kids’ area, as well as an air guitar contest. They are going hard! LOL! An empty bobblehead box?? So wrong, so funny! Why do I have a feeling that night will be one of the biggest nights as far as attendance is concerned for the team. I might have to go there myself. IamJOE357

Samsung’s Rumored Fonblet To Have 5.8 Inch Screen


Samsung is setting the bar high when it comes to phablet smartphones. Rumors are circulating that Samsung’s next smartphone offering will be a 5.8 inch smartphone called the “Galaxy Fonblet. At some point Samsung is going to have to making bigger smartphones, when is a smartphone just too big. Website Sammobile says the “Galaxy Fonblet will be offered for now only in Europe. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Fellas Check The Pics!) DAMN! Kim K & Her Sisters Showing Off Breasts & Booty In Skimpy Bikinis!


Damn!!! These sisters were flaunting those voluminous curves and big hair! Khloe gave us a blast from the past with this photo! Let’s just say this might be their hottest pic together! Check it out below! Biz Baby

(Video) Wiz Khalifa – 100 Bottles

ifwt_Wiz khalifa mm

Yesterday, soon to be father, Wiz Khalifa tweeted that he found a dope visual from Cabin Fever 2 on his hard drive that he wanted to reveal for all his taylors. Not too long after, as plenty of fans awaited the drop, he let it loose. Taylor gang leader got ratchet in the bar (of course) with his homies, looking like he was having a blast. Director, Greg Neiser, didn’t like the video much, as it didn’t make the cut. So this is just an extra vid for all you Wiz fans to enjoy. If you haven’t taken a listen to Cabin Fever 2, check it out here. Biz Baby

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