(Video) LOL! A$AP Rocky Stars In Hilarious Alexander Wang Commercial

ifwt_alex rocky

I really can’t tell if this is real or not, but it was posted on Alexander Wang’s official YouTube so I assume it is! A$AP Rocky continues to be at the forefront of fashion, this time starring in Wang’s ad for his Spring 2013 line. Watch the hilarious commercial below.

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Battlefield 3 End Game Trailer

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

DICE just released a new trailer featuring Battlefield 3’s new End Game expansion pack. The new trailer features game play from Flag Mode, one of the newer game types in the new expansion.

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(Photo) Damn, I’m NOT Mad At What’s In Meek Mill’s Cup!

Meek Mill

Meek Mill’s latest Instagram post is of one cup I definitely wouldn’t mind taking a sip out of. Okay…we can’t really sip it, but I would love some access to it. LOL! See what I mean in the gallery.

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Auto:(Video) Hyundai Releases Another Commercial For The Super Bowl (Funny)


Hyundai plans on having 5 different commercials air during the Super Bowl, and it seems we will see all of them before the game even starts. They have already released 3 of the 5, and now this is #4. This is the best one by far because it incorporates football into it as well. Hyundai is going hard the past couple years after being a joke car maker for decades. They have definitely stepped up their car game. Check the video after the jump.

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Soccer: David Beckham Joins Paris Saint Germain & Will Donate Salary To Charity!


What a guy!  Not only is David Beckham nice, talented, good looking man … but he’s generous too!  I just love stories like this! David Beckham pledged to donate his salary to a children’s charity Thursday after signing a five-month contract with French Ligue 1 powerhouse Paris-Saint Germain.  Details after the jump…

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(Video) Waka Flocka – Real Recognize Real


Off Waka’s upcoming DuFlocka Rant 2 mixtape dropping February 5th, Flocka hits the studio for the visual to “Real Recognize Real.” Get into the video below.

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Analysts Believe Blackberry is Doomed and Can’t Come Back


  Wall Street says good luck to Blackberry on trying to make a come back to the mobile market. Wall Street says the damage is too great for the come back. Analysts reviews of the smartphone have been all bad, one Analyst said they “see limited scope for traction in the hypercompetitive smartphone market” for BlackBerry 10 and another said “expect a muted consumer response due to RIMM’s damaged brand image”. Barclays’s think for Blackberry to win in the market they needed to price their new devices much lower than what they priced the devices at now. Can Blackberry make a comeback with all this criticism from Analysts?

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Hillary Clinton Has Officially Stepped Down As Secretary Of State!


Hillary Clinton has officially stepped down from her position as Secretary of State. At 65 years old, Hillary has stepped down because she wants to pursue other ventures. John Kerry has taken her place. Click below for more details and for photos of the famous and popular politician and former first lady. Let us know your thoughts of her departure in the comments section.

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(Photos) Rihanna Shaves Her Head, Cassie Style!

Rihanna's new 'do

Another day, another new ‘do for Rihanna! Just spotted rocking the pixie cut earlier this week, she’s back to long locks…though not completely around her head. Taking a page out of Cassie’s book, Rih shaved off half of her head and showed off the look as she hit JFK airport in NYC. Check out some more of this look in the gallery. Which is your fav on Rihanna?

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Auto: I Bet Your Grandma Doesn’t Speed Like This


You know the AT&T commercial where the little boy says he could tape a cheetah to his grandmother’s back to help her move faster? Well this grandma just needs her car to move faster than most people. A grandmother in Minnesota was given 4 speeding tickets in less than 3 hours!! Why you might ask? Were the cops just harassing her, did they have it in for her? Nope, not at all. This woman was caught doing 112mph at about 1pm. 20 minutes later she was caught doing 99mph. Then within the next 2 hours she was caught twice doing 88mph each time. None of the cops knew of the previous tickets because she was driving on the interstate traveling through different parts of the state. Did I also mention the first time she was pulled over she had some weed in plain sight! LOL, this grandma is crazy. In most cases if your caught going that much over the speed limit you are arresting on site and your car impounded. So the fact that she got 4 tickets that day, maybe she wishes she was arrested after the first one. The reason for all the speeding you may ask? She was running late to her granddaughter’s dance recital, which she never made it to because of all the stops, smh.

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