(Video) Alicia Keys Talks About Executive Producing “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete” At The Sundance Festival


Alicia is not only getting ready to go on tour with Miguel in March, but she also is the executive producer and music maker for the film, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete“. She explains to HitFix why she decided to do this instead of star in the film. Jennifer Hudson is starring in the film as a tatted up heroin addict. Def. a change out of the norm for the two. Drop down bottom and check it out. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Tyga Ft. Rick Ross – Dope


Tyga takes us through L.A. for his latest video featuring Rick Ross. Tyga takes us from getting chased by the LAPD to mansion, fur coats, and ladies with Rozay. “Dope” is the second video to be released from Tyga’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Hotel California, due out in March. Check out “Dope” below. Julie A.

Celeb Kicks: @Stalley x Shows off Nike Basketball ‘BHM’ Collection

IFWT Stalley

Check out Stalley showing off some heat. Hi the jump for more info… DJ JUANYTO

(Photo) Oh Damn! Another Rapper Spotted Grabbing Coco’s Butt & He’s Not Ice-T

Coco is in trouble once again

Remember a few months ago Coco was spotted with upcoming rapper, AP-9’s hands on her butt? Well, she’s caught red handed once again, this time with someone new! Not only was Coco’s ASSets being felt up by another upcoming rapper, but he also screenshotted her attempt to DM him asking him to remove the pic of them! Last time Coco was spotted with pics like this, Ice-T took to his Twitter account to go IN on his wife. Mustafa Abdi, who goes by the rap name Moose Diesel, refused to take the pictures down and simply responded, It’s not a good look for you, not me. You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.” Maybe it’s time for Coco to learn to keep her ass to herself! Check out pics of the two and her DM in the gallery. Julie A.

WTF! Husband Set His Wife On Fire & The First Thing The Woman Did Was Check On The Kids


It’s a baaaad week to be a female in a relationship. We got one man biting off his girl’s thumb and NOW, this dude, Carlos Diaz decided to set his wife on fire with a blow-torch. What’s up with the sadistic ways? The wife had kicked her husband out the house three years ago and I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons he doused her with accelerant and put a flame to her after luring her into his truck (which was technically his home). The wife, Cathy Zapata said that it was raining outside so she jumped out and threw herself into a puddle. Diaz then hoped back into his car, sped off, but NOT before trying to run the wife over. Zapata was not worried about any of the physical harm to herself, but she called the baby-sitter before she called the police. She thought that was his next stop. His next stop was actually to an old landlord, who kicked him out two years ago. Diaz threatened to set him and his auto-body shop on fire as well, but the lighter gave out. Lucky! It must be in the water, because these men have lost it. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Another Horrific Subway Attack, This Time In Philly


There have been too many horrific subway attacks since a man was pushed onto the tracks back in December in New York City. In the most recent subway attack, a 23-year-old innocent woman was thrown onto the tracks of a subway in Philly at 3:30 p.m. The man who pushed the woman, who was later arrested, is said to have walked away with the woman’s cellphone. Luckily the woman somehow climbed up the tracks on the opposite platform and was able to walk away with minor cuts and bruises. William Clark was arrested two days later after the incident after being spotted wearing a very unique jacket. Clark approached the woman and grabbed her by the neck and kept telling her to ‘shut up’ after the victim told Clark she had no money. The victim said that Clark didn’t seem crazy. Watch the video of the woman being pushed below. Julie A.

NBA: Barkley, Shaq “Kevin Garnett Is No All-Star”


Well I am glad I am not the only person who is saying this! let me put it on the table that I am not a fan of KG, I despise him, but that doesn’t change the fact this season he is not deserving of being an all-star. I am a Knicks diehard fan, (full disclosure) but me saying Tyson Chandler should be starting in the all-star game for the East is not based on me being a Knicks fan. The proof is in the play on the court. Shaq & Barkley seem to agree with me. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

NASA Say’s 2012 Was The 9th Warmest Year On Record (Video)


Could 2012 be the 9th warmest year on record due to Global warming. This dating back from more than 130 years, NASA is not blaming Global Warming but the Green House effect. Saying temptures have been rising since the 1880’s and hitting highs in the late 90’s. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

‘Django Unchained’ Toys Discontinued

Another 'Django Unchained' controversy

Action figures inspired by the characters in Django Unchained have been discontinued after they caused too much controversy. Several groups spoke out against the toys including Project Islamic Hope and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network forcing the Weinstein Company  to tell the toy manufacturer to axe the toys all together. Fortunately for the company, they only released about a 1,000 of the action figures. The toy company has stated that they never intended to insult or offend anyone and had no problem stopping the production on the toys. Check out the toys in the gallery. Julie A.

DAMN! This Man Was Hungry Enough To Bite Off His Girl’s FINGER !?!?


Yo, this is CRAZY! You got to be sick as hell or hungry as all hell to bite someone’s finger off! Ricardo Marquis Davis a FL resident was driving his girlfriend to work (Taco Bell) when he claims that they got into an argument, she pushed his head and he BITE off her thumb. My dude you were on your way to Taco Bell. You could have eaten there! A nurse at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center called Palm Bay police said spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez. The women was uttering, “I can’t believe he bit my thumb off,” which is why the nurse called officials. When police got to the hospital the woman was gone so they went to her last known address where they found Davis. He admitted to committing the crime. Of course he’s in jail on serious WATCH! Oh yea…they were NOT able to re-attach the thumb. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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