Guess Which Celeb Had His Bachelor Party In Vegas & Cabo?!


A certain celeb, who I thought I was in love with when I was a teenager, has been spending the last few days as a bachelor in style. First he and his pals headed to Vegas were he partied it up Rat Pack style before heading to Cabo for some golf and to soak up the sun. So far there is no word on when he and his beautiful fiance will be tying the the knots, but it seems like these two would have a very hush-hush wedding that we probably won’t know about until after the fact. Find out who it is below!

Julie A.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Instagram DAMN!!!! [Afternoon Edition]


Check out the latest from the instagram world. Click below to see the pics.

WiL Major

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(Video) Usher And Justin Bieber Dissed!

Green Day’s front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, was visibly upset yesterday at the I Heart Radio concert. They cut his set short so that Usher had more stage time! That is when all hell broke loose! Armstrong claims to be around for 20 plus years even smashing his guitar at the end! At the 3:11 mark he speaks of usher and at the 5:58 mark he blasts Bieber. For video footage click below

Eloisa Melo

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Buffie the Body Speaks On If Her Butt Is Real And Why She Quit The Model Industry


Recently, we’ve located former Bootylicious video vixen Buffie the Body in the ‘Lost & Found’ section. Just where did we find one of the most infamous booties, who was popular in the early 2000′s? She just released a lengthy (it’s d*mn near an hour) ‘tell all’ video on YouTube, where she addresses all the controversy that’s piled up against her since her jaw dropping debut. The two major ‘issues’ that she addresses are whether or not her booty is real and how and why she left the hip hop modeling scene, along with several career highlights. Buffie all dishes advice to new video girls on baring it all, without being properly compensated.
Peep a few highlights after the jump.

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Supermodel Says Airline Killed Her Dog & Lied About It!


Supermodel Maggie Rizer claims that United Airlines killed her dog when they didn’t open air vents in the cargo area of the plane while delayed for two hours. Maggie says her died from a heat stroke, but that isn’t the worst part. Upon landing, Maggie was unsympathetically told that the dog died and they sent it to vet to find the cause of the death but in reality the dog was just left dead in the crate and not send anywhere! Read more below.

Julie A.

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(Video) NFL: Eva Longoria Discusses Her Relationship With Jets QB Mark Sanchez

IFWT Eva Mark

Since confirming their romance, actress Eva Longoria has been very candid about speaking about her relationship with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.  She appeared on Chelsea Lately and dished a little more about her new boyfriend.  Check it out after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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Join The @skenergyshots Movement That’s on a Mission To Solve World Hunger!


Funk Flex

Join the @skenergyshots movement that’s on a mission to solve world hunger.

Show your commitment on Facebook:

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(Fellas Check The Pics NSFW!!) 10 Sexy Pics Of Cubana Lust We’re Sure You’ll Love!


Check out these 10 sexy pics of Cubanalust you don’t want to miss!


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Kanye West’s Biggest Fear Is Losing Kim K …He Was Practically In Tears About It!!


What’s gotten Kanye so worked up!? We all know from past albums that Kanye may be a little… sensitive. None the less, all the struggle makes for great music. But now Kanye is just torn about some news that recently is going around about him. Find out after the jump!

Biz Baby

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Bronx Zoo Defends Tiger That Mauled Man


Yesterday a man was mauled by a tiger at the Bronx Zoo. This morning, the zoo announced that they will not be putting the tiger down because it did nothing wrong. 25-year-old David Villalobos jumped into the tiger habitat from a monorail that takes guests along the top edge of a fence past elephants, deer and a tiger enclosure. The passengers are not strapped into the train making it easier for Villalobos to take a 16-foot-jump into the tiger area. Two tigers attacked the man, who was in the habit with them for about 10 minutes before he was recused. Read more below.

Julie A.

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