Whoa! Chilling Audio Released Of Man Plotting To Brutally Murder Justin Bieber!!!!


This is really just sick. A convicted murderer placed a call to a hitman to brutally kill Justin Bieber, his dogs, and his bodyguard. The audio of Dana Martin’s phone call that was placed to hitman Tanner Raune has been released and it’s really disturbing. This man was allegedly obsessed with Justin Bieber so it’s a pretty twisted situation. Dana Martin is currently in jail for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl. Click below to hear the audio.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Oh Damn! Cam’ron Shares A Picture of Adrienne Bosh With Some Interesting Info!

Oh my.  Is Adrienne Bosh’s past coming back to haunt her?!  First Lil Wayne and now this.  Everyone thought it was crazy that Wayne had said he smashed Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne.  But it looks like he wasn’t lying about it – NOT that it makes it right.  He definitely didn’t need to say what he said. Killa Cam has now been added to the mix by posting a pic of Adrienne from back in the day and had an interesting caption added to it!!! Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Oh, You Fancy Huh?! Cowboys Reveal New $2 Million Luxury Bus!!

IFWT_Cowboys luxury bus 1

The new Dallas Cowboys team bus is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the Dallas Cowboys. It’s nicer than my own home. Lol. $2 million on a bus though?! Of course! It’s Jerry Jones were talking about here! She even has a name, “The Elegant Lady.” Check out the pics and details after the jump…

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Fabolous Calls Jay-Z Out On WHAT?!?!


LOL! This is too funny. Fabolous took to his instagram and twitter to call his boy Jay-Z out on something, and he didn’t stop at that, he went as far as using his crazy hashtags to really make his point. Definitely hit the jump and check out the gallery to see what Fab called Jay out on.

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Auto:(Photo) WTF?!? Woman Does What At IHOP? CRAZY


$26 dollars would of saved this woman from a bad life decision…$26 dollars!!! How stupid are you lady? We have all heard of people doing the famous “Dine-n-Dash”, when people order food at a restaurant and when the bill comes after eating they run out of the place. However, I don’t think anyone can beat what this retard did. Read more after the jump.

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NBA: Derrick Rose Takes Part in 5-on-5 Drills


There’s been so many good and bad new stories about Derrick Rose lately.  Well here’s another good one for you Bulls fans!

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OS 6.1.2 Jailbreak To Be Released Tonight


So earlier today Apple released an update for its iOS operating system, to fix the few bugs the update had. The word was th update would affect the jail broken iPhones using “evasi0n” the jailbreak software compatible with iOS 6.1.2 will be released some time later today according to the team of developers who developed the “evasi0n” jailbreak. Everyone looking to download the new updated version of evasi0n, it will be available on their dev site.

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NBA: Uncle Luke Rips Lil Wayne Over Miami Heat Drama!

IFWT_Lil Wayne Luke

Everyone is weighing in on this whole Lil Wayne/Heat mess!  No, Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke is NOT on Wayne’s side and he’s got A LOT to say about it! Check out what he had to say after the jump…

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Auto:(Photos) LMAO..Jeep Twitter Account Hacked, You Have To See These Tweets!


LOL!! A day after the Burger King twitter page was hacked, the Jeep company had it’s twitter page hacked as well, and the outcome is hilarious!! From mentioning 50 cent, to “shoutouts” to Worldstar and some other rappers, this had everyone dying laughing earlier today. The issue has since been correced and the tweets have been erased, but we have them here for you :-). Check out the gallery after the jump if you wanna laugh.

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(Video) NBA: Remembering Jerry Buss


As the world remembers the LA Lakers famous owner Jerry Buss we look back at his historic career.

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