NBA: Kobe Wants Teammates To Help More, I Smell B.S.


I’m about to go IN on Kobe for this one. Let me explain first. After last night’s loss to the Miami Heat, in which Kobe did not play well on either end of the floor, he immediately went into typical Kobe fashion and tried to deflect blame. Kobe was praised the 2 games previous for playing such great defense on the opponents best player. Respectively that happened to be Kyrie Irving and Brandon Jennings. Both good young players who will get even better, but they are NOT Dwayne Wade, maybe someday they will be. Wade finished with 27 points, while Kobe offensively was as terrible as the acting on “Love & Hip-Hop”. Kobe went on to say to the media his teammates need to do a better job of getting him open and getting him easy shots so he doesn’t have to do isolation each time. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Kicks: 2013 Reebok Kamikaze Shawn Kemp Retro II Sneaker Review W/ @DjDelz


Check out DJ Delz Review of The new Kamikaze II. Hit the jump to see the vid…. DJ JUANYTO

Former NOLA Mayor Brought Up On 21 Corruption Charges


Former New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin who was mayor when Hurricane Katrina hit, has been brought up on 21 charges of corruption. Nagin rose to fame following his actions dealing with the aftermath of Katrina and making such remarks like NOLA would be a “chocolate city” as well as “God is mad at America.” He even wrote a book, “Katrina’s Secrets: Storms After the Storm.” Nagin plead guilty to the charges he is currently facing back in 2010 after his failed third attempt at being mayor. Although he won by a landslide when he ran to be mayor for his second term, his slow movement in rebuilding NOLA post Katrina is what ultimately made him lose his third run and drove him away from political offices in general. Nagin is being charged with a bunch of felonies including taking bribes. Find out more about his charges below. Julie A.

(Video) NBA: Tahiry Reveals What Caused Break-Up With JR Smith

IFWT_Tahiry JR Smith

Tahiry recently spoke with VladTV & opened up about her relationship with Knicks baller JR Smith. She explained the relationship from beginning to end. Tahiry spoke sooooooo nicely of JR and I kinda feel like there’s room for the two to get back together?! I mean what do I know, but it just seemed like they had something good (from listening to this interview). So what caused the break-up?! Check out what Tahiry had to say after the jump… GameTimeGirl

‘Sugar Man’ Star Rodriguez Booked For Coachella, Glastonbury !!!

Star Rodriguez

Rodriguez, the Detroit singer-songwriter at the center of the Oscar-nominated documentary Searching for Sugar Man, will perform at the Coachella, Glastonbury and Primavera festivals this year. Rodriguez, now 70, who made two albums for Clarence Avant’s Sussex label in the early 1970s that were flops everywhere except in South Africa where his legend grew along with his record sales. Read more below. Russ B

Space Saving 8 Room NYC Studio Apartment

Life Edited Room by Graham Hill

Graham Hill is the talented NYC native responsible for as well as the Life Edited Room. The young entrepreneur has taken his typically small NYC space and turned it into a spacious 8 room, space saving apartment. What initially seems like a studio apartment, unveils a ton of features showing very few signs of sacrifice. Tat Wza

(Photos) Meek Mill Filed Court Papers To Sue The Philadelphia PD For WHAT !?!?


Damn though. Philadelphia PD f**ked up now! Meek Mill is suing his hometown police department, and more specifically officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas, because of his unnecessary arrest back in October. Police held Meek for nine hours before they let him go without any charges being pressed against him. While in custody the officers, “posted and published, or caused to be posted and published, on Instagram and other social media websites, depicting plaintiff in police custody, held plaintiff in custody against his will in a jail cell for approximately nine (9) hours, after which time plaintiff was released on November 1, 2012, at 4:30 a.m., without being charged with any criminal activity and having caused plaintiff to miss a scheduled promotional appearance in Atlanta, Georgia.” The courts papers are saying that his civil rights were violated in a major way. Meek (also known as Robert Williams – new to me, LoL) is suing for “anxiety and embarrassment associated with plaintiff being placed in a false light; and the anxiety and embarrassment of being seized, detained, confined and imprisoned against plaintiff’s will.” WoW! I say get them where it hurts – in their pockets! The police in Philly, Jersey, and NYC is always messing with somebody. What ya’ll think, should he sue or NOT? Let me know your thoughts. Drop down bottom and check out the court papers. JaaiR (JR)

Kanye West Signs New Producer To Very G.O.O.D. Beats


Kanye West has announced that he is not only making baby news, but music news as well. Yeezy has signed a well known producer, well known outside of the hip-hop world at least, to his Very G.O.O.D. Beats imprint. The producer has been mashing electronic dance music and hip-hop. As you may know, Kanye is a pretty big fan of the electronic dance sound and his latest signing shows that. Find out who he signed below. Julie A.

‘American Idol’ Night 2 Ratings: Are The New Judges Working??!!

With new judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey the question arouses: How successful will the show be compared to when judges Simon Cowell and Paula were on board. During the last couple years, Idol ratings dropped at least 23 percent between the show’s first two nights; this time the decline was only 7 percent.The two-hour telecast delivered 16.2 million viewers and a 5.6 rating among adults 18-49. Maybe Fox’s reality chief Mike Darnell was onto something when he said that the judging panel was generating helpful buzz. Read more below! Russ b

NFL: Alicia Keys Will Sing National Anthem At Super Bowl XLVII


With all the female star power scheduled to be at this years Super Bowl, I am not sure if the show on the field or the show from the singers will be better to watch. We all know Beyonce will be performing during half time, and you know she is going to kill that! Now it is reported that Alicia Keys will sing the national anthem to kicks things off that night. Beautiful woman and football, isn’t America great sometimes. Even though my Giants did not even make the playoffs, I still can not wait for the big game. With Alicia and Beyonce singing you should make sure you are in front of the TV before the game and during halftime. IamJOE357

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