(Video) WTF! Wow.. Here’s Proof Caught On Tape That The Idol Contestants Screaming “Racist” Are Confused!!!


What. The?! After seeing this, I’m almost positive that the 9 contestants claiming Nigel Lythgoe is racist is just a plea for attention! Just back in September, before ex-“American Idol” brothers Terrell and Derrell Brittenum planned to sue for racist allegations against the show — they publicly THANKED Nigel Lythgoe for giving them their big break (and it was all caught on tape)! Which would make you wonder, why in the world would you ever thank someone, if you claimed they were racist & giving you different treatment than other contestants? Weird. Even past contestants who were also of the African American decent told TMZ that A.I. was definitely not racist. The twin brothers, along with seven other African-American former contestants are planning to take legal action against AI. TMZ reports that the contestants are claiming, “’A.I.’ unfairly targets black contestants by using information obtained by illegal criminal background checks … in order to disqualify them from the competition and boost ratings.” But check the video below, it looks like a whole different story as the twins do look pretty comfortable with Nigel! They bumped into him at a Broadway show in NYC, looking ridiculously happy to have ran into each other, even going as far as a massive hug session! To make matters even worse, one of the brothers is heard saying, “Mr. Nigel Lythgoe, who gave me MY start!” …WTH?…

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Kendrick Lamar’s Downloadable Audio From Saturday Night Live

IFWT Photo: Kendrick Lamar

We’ve already shared the footage of Kendrick on SNL on Saturday night, but now we’ve got our hands on the audio of his “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and “Poetic Justice” performances to add to your playlists! Download the live versions below for your listening pleasure!

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NFL: President Obama Weighs In On Football Violence & Safety. What Would He Do If He Had A Son?!

IFWT_Obama football

What do you think about football and the violence of the sport?  Yes, we LOVE it as fans – but would you let your son play knowing he could be at a risk?!  I’d have to say yes.  Yes, that is my own personal opinion and many will disagree with me, but it’s just how I feel.  President Obama has weighed in.  Check out what he had to say & let us know what you think…

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Uh Oh! Chris Brown May Face Assault Charges Over Brawl Involving Frank Ocean!


And the trouble begins. Chris Brown (who no stranger to assault) is currently still on probation for viciously assaulting on/off girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammy awards. Then last year, he was injured in the ugly brawl with Drake and his entourage at the nightclub Greenhouse in NYC. But it looks like he’s in for more, due to Sunday night’s altercations involving Frank Ocean. Authorities are investigating allegations that Brown assaulted a man in a West Hollywood parking lot. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claims the falling out was reportedly over a parking spot, “allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim.” The department says deputies responded to a report of a total of six men fighting. Chris Brown’s victim has yet to be revealed, but Frank Ocean did take to his twitter to share what’s been going on (see tweets below). Frank supposedly started the dispute when he blocked the 23-year-old singer from leaving Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Even though Chris Brown did not instigate the fight last night, it sure does seem like he ended it! Ended it ugly, at that! Who do you think won or would win between the two in the fight?! Chris also finally speaks up about the altercation here. Did this whole thing ignite off…

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NFL: Jeremy Shockey Sued For Posting Naked Picture!

IFWT_Shockey and wife 1

Oh Jeremy.  It’s always something! Jeremy Shockey is in hot water again.  This time with his soon to be hot ex-wife.  Check out the story and a few pics of the couple in their happier times…

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Chris Brown Vs. Frank Ocean: Who Wins In The Fight In Battle Of The R&B Singers?!


With everything that’s transpired since last night between Chris Brown vs Frank Ocean, we had to ask: who do you think would be in winner in the battle?! Let us know below!

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X Games: Shaun White Wins Snowboard SuperPipe Finals; 6th Consecutive Gold

Shaun White Cover photo

Congrats to Shaun White!  Shaun White won his sixth straight gold during the men’s snowboard superpipe final yesterday, at the Winter X Games at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, CO.  Details after the jump…

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(Photos) Oh SH*T! Frank Ocean & Chris Brown Get Into A MAJOR Physical Fight At L.A. Studio!!


Damn! Does it ever stop for Chris Brown!? The twist of this whole damn thing is, Chris may not have even started it! Sunday night, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had a bad run into each other at the recording studio & sources surprisingly say — Chris didn’t initiate it! Sources connected with Brown claim that Ocean started it all. Hm, this R&B beef not believable? Remember their twitter beef back in ’11? (See complete tweet exchange below), then Chris Brown’s cousin running up on Odd Future, stalking Frank on the street?! Plus the time when Tyler talking MADD sh*t about Chris Brown on stage during a concert?! (Footage for that can be seen below) Chris & Odd Future have been beefing! The beef has supposedly been squashed, but from the looks of tonight?! Definitely not! Chris was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening to one of the artists that he represents, and as soon as he starts to pack up his stuff to go? Frank blocked Chris and his entourage from leaving. Frank reportedly said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” To make matters worse, Chris did NOT instigate the whole thing — he actually tried to shake Frank’s hand, but as he tried… one of Frank’s people attacked Chris! That’s when everything got UGLY & Chris’ team jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend. Chris retaliated by pushing Frank back and that was the start of a full blown brawl. Wild!!!! The police were notified and they’re currently…

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UPDATE: (Graphic – Video) First Leaked Footage Of Brazilian Club Fire – 230+ People Killed


* 1/28/13 – 3:29pm A few arrests have been made in connection with the fire that took 230+ lives early Sunday morning. A band that was playing the the club named, Gurizada Fandangueira launched fireworks that exploded into the venue’s foam soundproofing and ignited the fast-moving flames. Co-owner of the club, Elissandro Spohr, as well as the band’s lead singer and a security chief for the group were the ones to arrested for the crime. Lead singer of the band, Marcelo Santos was arrested while attending the wake for bandmate Danilo Jacques, the group’s accordion player who perished in the fire. Sad, but they deserve to be locked under the jail for such stupidity. Drop down for more and check the gallery for additional photos. [NY Daily News] * 1/28/13 – 12:27am More photos from inside the Brazilian club fire. This is a crazy and sad tragedy. More than 230 party-goers died last night during a fire in Brazil. Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria showed the scene of death. Putting the fire out lasted until the wee hours of the morning with family members shedding tears over their loved ones. Bodies were scattered everywhere and the deaths were primarily caused by smoke inhalation and being stomped on by other party-goers trying to escape the flames. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined. Check out the gallery and hit the jump for the video.

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Indie Music Spotlight: The Kid Daytona X Phil Ade – Very Good


Check out this new one from The Kid Daytona “Very Good” featuring Phil Ade. Click below to check out the song. ***IFWT will be showing love to unsigned/indie artist each and every Sunday. For more info on how to get your music posted contact @IFWTmusic or [email protected]***

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