(Audio) Beanie Sigel & The Game’s Convo Leaks: “I Ain’t Making No Paper With Meek”

Audio has surfaced of a conversation between Beanie Sigel and The Game. The conversation between the two seems to have taken place before the feud between Meek and Beans took off. In the conversation beans is heard saying “I don’t care about meek, I ain’t making no paper with meek.” Click for the audio and more on the story.

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NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Fined Close To $25K For Unsportsmanlike Conduct Against The Ravens


Image via Youtube Odell Beckham Jr is really racking up the fines this season and we are only in week seven. Yesterday, the NFL announced Beckham would be fined $24,309 for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Ravens last week. The incident in question happened when he scored the game winning touchdown on 66 yard pass play from Eli Manning and then proceeded to take his helmet off and declare his love for the infamous net.

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(Video) NBA: National Anthem Singer Takes Knee & Wears Black Lives Matters Shirt At Miami Heat Game


Denasia Lawrence sang the national anthem at the Miami Heat/Philadelphia 76ers game yesterday but most people aren’t talking about how good she sang. Lawrence drew the attention of everyone in the arena, as well as social media when she took a knee just before singing and opened her blazer to reveal a t-shirt that said “Black Lives Matter”. She explained in a Facebook post as to why she took the opportunity to do that.

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa Hands Out “KK” To The Paparazzi


People say Wiz Khalifa is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet in the music industry. He pretty much had it on display when he decided to share his own strand of Marijuana with paparazzi.

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(Video) Sports: High School Soccer Player In Georgia Suffers Concussion, Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Spanish


A 16 year old high school soccer player in Georgia was knocked unconscious during a recent game after accidentally being kicked in the head. The situation was very scary for Reuben Nsemoh as he stopped breathing on the field multiple times and wound up in a coma. He is doing better now but his family was shocked when he woke up come his coma and was speaking fluent Spanish, despite barely ever speaking the language prior to that.

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(Video) NBA: Klay Thompson Is Not Happy Being Called “Coward” By An Anonymous Source


Earlier this week, ESPN released a story about Draymond Green on how he can both be the reason the Warriors win the championship or could be the reason they don’t achieve the success they feel they should. It focused more on his personality and how it can be a good thing but also rub people in the organization the wrong way at times. Those aren’t the reasons we are talking about it today though. Some quotes in the story had Klay Thompson upset and he wasn’t shy about expressing himself about it.

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(Photo) Drake Hints at Dropping New Music


It seems like October’s very own might have a special surprise coming on Monday the 24th. Why the 24th you ask? It’s a special day for Drake.

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(Photo) Eric B & Rakim Seem To Be Making a Comeback


If you’re from an older generation or just a student of hip hop, you know the significance of the legendary hip hop group of Eric B and Rakim. At one point it seemed like the group would never come back together. Last night however, all that changed.

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner On Being Happy “AB Is Back And I Will Be Taking Over Boxing”


Adrien Broner feels completely removed from his dramatic suicidal threats less than two weeks ago and appears very happy, thanks in part to Floyd Mayweather. TMZ caught up with AB last night in Hollywood, where he spoke on people going through things and being up or down and getting through it and how Floyd helped him.

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(Video) NBA: Draymond Green Is Still Trying To Kick People As He & Blazers Allen Crabbe Have To Be Separated


It appears Draymond Green learned nothing from the playoffs last year and is still over exaggerating with his leg movements and trying to kick players. Last night the Warriors took on the Blazers in a very entertaining game but it almost got ugly after Green almost kicked Allen Crabbe while trying to back him down for a basket.

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