(Fellas Check The Pic) Sexy Smokin’ Hot Cutie Of The Day!!! WOW!!


Check out the random smokin’ cutie of the day. Click below to see the pic.


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Auto Talk: Audi TT S Line competition special edition announced


Audi has introduced an S Line Competition version of the TT that dresses things up with the S Line sport and exterior packages, plus a few extra features at reduced cost. Globally, it can be fitted to any TT with up to 211 horsepower, which for us means the standard 2.0 TFSI coupe since we don’t get the diesel or smaller gas engines.

Funk Flex

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) #ThongThursday Aubrey O’day Style!!


Aubrey shows off her cakes in a thong bikini! Check it out after the jump!


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Tech Talk Apps: Apple And Google Remove ” Find And Call” App From Their Stores!


Why was Find and Call removed? Hit the jump to find out why!

ShottaDru X TatWza

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(Photos) Boxing: Heavyweight Champ Vitali Klitschko Sprayed With Teargas In Ukranian Riot


Sabrina B. 

Boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko was injured in violent clashes with police after Ukraine’s government voted to make Russian an official language instead of his home tongue.

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Kicks: @Nike Hyperposite 2012 Amare Stoudamire PE


Amare Stoudemire on the court next season will be rocking a knicks themed Nike Hyperposite 2012. The sneaker displays a bright orange colorway, accented in blue and black, with Amare’s logo on the tongue. take a look at the pics of these player exclusives after the jump.

Dj Juanyto

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VIBE Presents: The 10 Craziest Beefs of Funkmaster Flex’s Career

ifwt flex

VIBE has put together a list of what they feel is the 10 craziest beefs over the course of my career.

Now that the beef with Nicki seems to have subsided, we decided to put together a list of The 10 Craziest Beefs of Funkmaster Flex’s Career. From his supposed beef with a rap icon to his war of words with a rival DJ, Flex has traded barbs with the best of ’em.

See the list below.

Funk Flex

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(Photos) MLB: Bryce Harper Personalizes His Mercedes-Benz

IFWT Bryce

Sabrina B.

Bryce Harper, one of baseball’s brightest young talents, isn’t afraid to flaunt a little of his wealth at age 19.

The center fielder, who signed a seven-year contract worth $9.9 million in 2010, had a picture of his car taken Tuesday by The Nats Blog.

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IFWT Wishes DJ Pauly D A Happy Birthday!

ifwt dj pauly d

Happy birthday, Pauly! We wish you many more!

Marisa Mendez & the IFWT Team

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Auto Talk: Mazda releases first info on upgraded 2013 Roadster, a.k.a. MX-5 Miata


Mazda has released a spate of information on its 2013 Roadster, known domestically as the MX-5 Miata. As you may recall, images of the newest refresh made their way to the internet via a few snapped brochure photos. As it turns out, those shots were spot on. The 2013 Japanese domestic model (and presumably the North American one, too) will wear a heavily revised front fascia with a version of the five-point grille we first saw on the Spyder Concept. Engineers have also reworked the convertible’s throttle and brake booster for improved control as well.

Funk Flex

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