(Video) WOW! You Will Never Believe Who Is Now Signed To Young Money !!!


Young Money has been known to grab a hold of some of the greats, but how will this turn out? Mack Maine speaks about some of the new signees, like PJ Morton, and a teen group by the name of We the Future. A few young acts are lined up so it’s no wonder they are “trying to get the Young Money young’ns going” Mack said. In a pre-grammy interview Mack also exposes a name that’s all to familiar. Drop down bottom and find out who.

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Kicks: @DjDelz 18 Minute Sneaker Collection MOVIE!!!! CRAZY!

IFWT DJ DELZ 18 Minute Sneaker Collection

Dj Delz Hits us with a 18 minute sneaker Movie showing just a fraction of his collection  including Original Air Jordans , to Rare Eminem Sneakers to Yeezys and more…Definitely alot of money in this video! Watch after the jump……………….

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(Photos) Pharrell Hits The Studio With WHO?!

Pharrell in the studio

It looks like Pharrell is back in the studio making hits! I had heard P was back in the studio, but it was still unclear whether he was working on his own project or not. Now, it seems like we might be hearing some new solo music from him and it’s about time! Although all of the people that he was in the studio with were there at separate times, I am curious to see if any of them will be featured on track together. Check out who he was in the studio with in the gallery.

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IFWT Would Like To Say Happy Birthday To Olivia Longott Of L&HHNY


Today Olivia will be turning 32. Happy Birthday and many more. Drop down bottom for more.

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NBA:(Video) WTF Was That DeAndre Jordan? The Worst Free Throw Attempt Ever..SMH


This dude makes Shaq look like he was a world class free throw shooter when he played. DeAndre Jordan is literally one of the worst free throw shooters in NBA history. But still…this was pitiful!! And his a** got the nerve to blow on his hands after he missed, like the reason he missed so bad is cause his hands were cold. Stevie Wonder could see this boy can’t shoot. As of last night, he was shooting just over 42% from the foul line, which is literally the worst in the NBA. Knowing that, I don’t want to get him too bad for this miss, but come on bro, you getting paid!! Get in the gym and get that part of your game up. Check the ugly shot after the jump.

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(Photos) Have No Fear Guidos, Seaside Heights Boardwalk To Open By Memorial Day Weekend!

Seaside before Sandy

It’s time to take out the spray-tan and hair gel because Seaside Heights boardwalk is going to be open sooner than we thought! Following the horrific Hurricane that beat into the entire Jersey shore, iconic Seaside Heights was left a ravaged mess. Earlier today, Mayor Bill Akers announced that the re-construction of the boardwalk has begun and the boardwalk is expected to be open by Memorial Day Weekend. Being a Jersey girl, everyone knows that Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer and many people flock to Seaside to hit the clubs or the beach so I’m really hoping Seaside will be back to normal! Check out some pics of construction in the gallery.

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(Photo) Chris Brown Thanks Adele For What?!

Adele & Chris Brown at the Grammys (the photo that sparked the rumors)

With all the heat surround him, he needs someone to have his back! Luckily, Adele didn’t let Chris or herself look bad with the news of her “scolding” Chris Brown at the Grammy’s (photo included in gallery below) Instead, she did the opposite and defended the picture — what exactly did she say? Whatever it was, it earned Chris Brown’s respect & he isn’t exactly known for being humble! See their posts via Twitter in the gallery!

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(Photo) LOL! 2 Chainz Arrested In MD & You’ll Never Guess What The Cops Asked Him To Do!


Talk about a Valentine’s Day twist! 2 Chainz was arrested and released in MD all in one night. Last night, he was riding in the whip with six others and pulled over while they were on the way to University of Eastern Shore’s homecoming concert. Chainz was charged with paraphernalia and the possession of marijuana. “I work hard and pray even harder , we gone always b good yall….Not to mention my security said it was his and they said , he don’t smoke ,, how da fuk u know? Haha wut a valentines day!!!” Best part about it? You’ll never believe what these cops asked to do after he was released, LOL! Find out in the gallery below!

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NBA: Kris Humphries Lawyer Speaks Out AGAINST Kris

IFWT_Humphries lawyer

C’mon fam. I’m not going to lie, I am beyond tired of doing these Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian divorce stories!  Please just get this sh*t over with!  Yesterday the news broke that Kris was dropped by his lawyer, now he’s speaking out and it looks like this could be good news for Kim! Report after the jump..

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(Video) Does Trinidad James Think He’s Responsible For The Use Of Molly?

ifwt_trinidad james puppy

Damn! Trinidad James getting a lot of heat and criticism for the use of the now common drug, “Molly.” He claims, “it’s all on YOU how you raise your kids!” What do you think? I personally don’t think it’s his fault for sheep following his actions, but it sure doesn’t help if he’s someone you look up to (LOL). It really did just catch on at the right time and just took off. See what James thinks of the whole issue as he talks to Hot 97’s very own DJ Kay Slay below!

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