(Video) Ludacris-Cashin’ Out Freestyle

ifwt ludacris justin bieber 2

Luda adds his spin to Cash Out’s hit “Cashin’ Out.” Watch Luda’s freestyle below.


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POLL: Would You Release A Sex Tape If It Guaranteed You Fame & Fortune Like Kim K?


So we all know that Kim Kardashian is beautiful and rich. But do we ever stop to think, HOW she got there?

Kim K is living lavishly and rolling around in money, why? A sex tape. Her sex tape has gotten million of views worldwide. The tape has landed her a reality tv show, her own cosmetic line, a clothing line, plenty of endorsements, fame for her fam, now she even has Kanye West.

So would YOU do what she did to be in her position? Take the poll after the jump!

Biz Baby

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Trae The Truth Releases Official Statement About Tuesday’s Shooting


This past Tuesday rapper Trae the Truth and four others were shot at outside of a Houston strip club. Two people were wounded, three people were declared dead, and Trae was sent to the hospital. Trae released an official statement earlier today about the shooting. Read it below.


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(Video) NBA: Nike Congratulates LeBron With ‘Ring Maker’ Commercial

IFWT Nike Ring

Sabrina B. & DJJuanyto

LeBron and the ring maker go way back to the days of Akron afros and high school dunks. When one sliced through the paint, the other carved through wax. Together, their journey has proven that even those destined for greatness have to earn it.

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(Video) ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Trailer


To celebrate Edward Cullen’s birthday, he’s given a present to all vampire fans: a new trailer for the upcoming, final movie, Breaking Dawn.

Check out the full trailer and your favorite 111 year old vampire after the jump!

Biz Baby

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Auto Talk: GM Recalls 413,418 Chevy Cruze Models In U.S. To Modify Engine Shield, Prevent Fires


General Motors is recalling all Chevrolet Cruzes sold in the United States for a fix aimed at preventing engine-compartment fires. GM said the recall covers 413,418 Cruzes, or all of the cars sold in the United States since the model’s launch in September 2010 through May.

Funk Flex

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(Video) Jay-Z Let Rita Ora Take 2 Years To Write Her Album


Rita Ora says after she signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, she was able to take two whole years off to write her album, scrap things that weren’t right, and travel to find inspiration for her debut album. Rita said that she took the time so this way she didn’t force herself to write music that she wasn’t really behind. Watch more below.


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(Fellas Check The NSFW Position) Not Every Woman Can Do This Position


Check out this position that not every woman can do, but Blac Chyna can. Click below to see the pics.


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(Photos) Twilight Stars And Real Life Couple Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Looking Very Grungy At Event

IFWT Twilight

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the two lead characters in one of the biggest film franchises of all time, showing up at an event looking like this?!

Check out the couple looking very “non-Hollywood” after the jump!

Biz Baby

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Tech Talk Device: Looking To Save Some Pennies? Well Check Out Some Great Smartphones Under $50!


It is much harder than in the past to purchase a basic cell phone. Cell phone companies love those data plans lol well no need to give an arm and an leg for a great device. Lets look at some great smartphone under $50!

ShottaDru X TatWza

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