Sports: Stephen A. Smith Goes On Twitter Rant Over ‘Onion’ Article


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was angered on Monday afternoon by a story from The Onion titled, “Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument.”

The story had fun with the notion that Smith’s argumentative style was not limited to his “professional” conversations.  In case you’re clueless like Stephen A., The Onion is a famed satire website .  Check out the tweets:


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IFWT Wishes Our Very Own @Shay_Marie A Happy Birthday!

ifwt shay

Happy birthday to our lovely Sports contributor Shay! What would we do without you! We wish you many more!


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Tech Talk News: Ballmer Says Windows 8 Launch Could Be Bigger Than Windows 95


Microsoft CEO Ballmer thinks Windows 8 launch will be bigger than Windows 95.  Not sure what Ballmer was doing in 1995 but from what I can remember Windows 95 was pretty much it no else in the market . In 2012 its a bit different with competiton from Apple, Tablets, gaming consoles and a slipping PC market its going to be hard to see any success with Windows 8 ,lets hope the folks at Microsoft can prove me wrong.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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NFL Films President Steve Sabol Dies From Brain Cancer

IFWT Steve

NFL Films president Steve Sabol has died from brain cancer. He was 69.


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CEO Pleads Guilty In $100 Million Embezzlement Scheme


Russell Wasendorf Sr., former CEO of Peregrine Financial Group, has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $100 million from customers for his futures brokerage, lying to investigators to cover his tracks, and mail fraud. Wasendorf agreed to plea guilty earlier this month and thought he would be freed from jail pending his sentencing. However, the judge is holding him behind bars after its determine whether Wasendorf is a flight risk. Click below to read more.

Jason J.

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Jay-Z Shows Love To Battle Rapper Loaded Lux


Summer Madness 2, a popular event featuring artists that have made names for themselves on the battling scene going up against each other for some big bucks, recently went down…and one of the biggest moments was Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe. Lux came out of retirement just for this one, and used the phrase “You gon’ get this work,” during the battle, a gem that has been used countless times on social networking sites since then. It’s gotten so popular, even Jay-Z himself had to show some recognition. Check out the tweet below. I’m sure Calicoe is sick. Ha!

Marisa Mendez

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(Fellas Check The NSFW Position) Not Every Woman Can Do This Like Rosa Acosta


Check out the position that not every woman can do. Click below to see the pics.


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Grab a @skenergyshots Tee Signed By The Big Homie @50Cent


Funk Flex

Grab a @skenergyshots T signed by big homie 50 Cent:

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Man Accused Of Having Sex With A Donkey!


Carlos Romero of Marion County in Florida has been arrested for having sex with a 21-month-old miniature female donkey. He has been charged with sexual activity involving an animal, a misdemeanor, and animal cruelty. Click below to read more.

Jason J.

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IFWT Wishes Angela Simmons A Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Angela! We wish you many more!

Marisa Mendez & the IFWT Team

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