Tech Talk News: At&t Blames Apple For Bad 3rd Quarter


At&t just announced their 3rd quarter and according to the mobile company the numbers weren’t that great.  Now not to put blame on anyone but At&t blames Apple for the bad numbers. They say that due to lack of iPhone 5’s on shelves and high demand customers may have gone else where to get their iPhone 5 fix.  Not sure why At&t would blame Apple since the cellular company also cell other mobile devices that aren’t Apple. At&t relied too much Apple for customers which may have caused the issue.

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(Photo) NBA Player Kicked Off Roller Coaster

IFWT Emeka Okafor

There are a lot of perks to being an NBA player, being too tall at an amusement park is not one of them.

On Tuesday, a party for Washington season ticket holders was held at Six Flags America.  Season ticket holders got to go on rides with the players and got autographs from all their favorite Wizards.  There was one issue though…


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Off-Duty Cop Shot In The Bronx Search For Suspects Underway


An off-duty officer has been shot, a suspect killed and the hunt is underway for two additional suspects in The Bronx. When his girlfriend pointed out a robbery in progress the officer sprung into action. He was subsequently shot in the chest but is in stable condition at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Click below for more info.

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Hair Salon Shooting In Florida; Woman Stares “Death” In The Face


Maryline Lowe; a female Florida resident; was on her way to get her hair done at a local salon in Casselberry. Fortunately, she was running late as she was just about to walk into the salon the gunman let off a few rounds. Three woman were shot and killed and Lowe caught eyes with the gunman and was unsure if she was going to make it out alive or not.


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Visa’s Credit Revolution To Fight Fraud Set For 2013


In an effort to combat credit card fraud credit firm Visa in on the way to phasing out signature authorizations for purchases. In 2013, personal identification numbers (PIN) will be used instead. Visa will also increase the inventory of chip implanted cards and readers that are in use at some retailers now. Click below for more info.

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Japanese Man Pays $780K For Woman’s Virginity & Man’s Virginity Goes for 3K


Catarina Migliorini,20, was looking to start charity housing she decided to auctions off her virginity on a “Virgin’s Wanted” auction website. After having several men from different countries battle for her virginity a man sealed the deal by bidding $780,000.Migliorini plans on having a videographer follow her on her journey to losing her virginity.The same site also allows men to auction off their virginity and the highest bid was set at $3,000!


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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Laura Dore Topless Showing Off Crazy Curves In A Mirror Flick!


Fellas check out this pic of Laura Dore showing topless showing off her curves in mirror flick!


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NEW MUSIC: Nelly – Country N*gga Fly


Nelly utilizes his country grammar on new single Country N*gga Fly off upcoming mixtape “Scorpio Season”.

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(Fellas Check The 18*&*Over NSFW Pics) Sexy Girls And Their Sexy Mirror Flicks!!!


Check out these sexy girls and their sexy mirror flicks. Clicks below to see the pics.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Arrested During Protest Against Bain Capital

U.S. civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson addresses the crowd at the Occupy London site outside St Paul's Cathedral

Reverend Jesse Jackson was arrested earlier today while protesting with workers from a plant in Illinois. The manufacturer, owned by Bain Capital, is being shuttered for one in China. Mitt Romney is a former employee of Bain Capital, who has a dark reputation of shuttering U.S. entities by draining assets and leaving the company on the hook for any arising debts. Click below to read more.

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