Photo) This Is What LOVE Looks Like! This Photo Will Make Your Heart Melt [Or At Least Make You Tear!]


This just might be the world’s sweetest bouquet ever sent! Just in time for Valentine’s day — this just shows true love never dies! This story is about a lady & her husband “John” and their love for one another. It started out like this, “My Sweet husband, John, and I were married for 46 years. Each Valentine’s Day, he’d send me the most beautiful flowers containing a note with five simple words: ‘My love for you grows.’ Four children, 46 bouquets and a lifetime of love were his legacy to me when he passed away two years ago.” See the rest of the story in the gallery! How sweet!

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#IFWT Wishes @RandyMoss A Happy Birthday!


Happy 36th Birthday to Randy Moss! Wishing you many more!

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(Photos) What Did Wiz Khalifa Have To Say About The Christopher Dorner “CONSPIRACY” ???

This is a CONSPIRACY that will be in a lot of our minds for a long-time, however I believe that it’s something that the officials are going to want dealt with expeditiously (Mr. Clark tone). This time Wiz Khalifa finds something about this story, odd. Check out the gallery and see what he thought.

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NCAA: WTH?! Urban Meyer Says Woody Hayes Once Let WHAT Bite His Penis To Prove Toughness?!

IFWT_Urban Meyer

Boys will be boys?! SMH. This I just don’t understand. I know every guys wants to be tough, calling a man soft is super insulting. No one wants that. So how do you make a point to prove your toughness?! You let an animal bite your penis?! WTH?! Check out this crazy story by Urban Meyer, the head football coach at Ohio State University.

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(Check The Pics!) A Little Distraction For Your Day: Alicia Keys’ Under Boob Caught Peeking Out!

Alicia Keys

Do you like this little peek-a-boo look or do you think she should’ve gotten a better-sized dress? Can’t go wrong with a little under cleavage showing! We noticed when Alicia took the stage to perform “Girl On Fire” with Maroon 5, she had changed into a looser outfit which was more eligible for a “wardrobe malfunction.” But could the choice of her under cleavage exposed be premeditated? Either way A. Keys always looks amazing & we love how many of the female celebs try to bypass CBS’ new rules about “less cleavage.” There’s always a way to get around the system, check out Alicia’s way in the gallery!

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(Check The 18+ Video) This Guy Has A ‘Special’ Valentine!!!


Actually, I think he’s the ‘Special’ one in this situation, but you Have to see this one for yourself!!!

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(Video) French Montana Ft. J. Cole And Rick Ross – “Diamonds” [Trailer]

French Montana has dropped a trailer for his new single “Diamonds” off of his latest mixtape, “Mac & Cheese 3.” I’m not surprised that he’s still releasing singles from the mixtape, since he’s pushed the album “Excuse My French” back, AGAIN to May 21st. Frenchie babyyyyy, what is the hold-up? Drop down bottom and check out the snippet.

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NBA: Shaq Courtside at Lakers Game — Guess Who Was Happy About It & Who Wasn’t!!


As most sports fan know, Kobe & Shaq didn’t have the greatest relationship in the past when they played together.  So how are they now?!  Well Shaq hit up the Lakers/Suns game last night and Kobe and Dwight both spoke on it.  They had complete opposite views on Shaq being courtside.  Check it out.

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(Video) Behind The Scenes: Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future – Love Me


Before the video drops in the morning, go behind the scenes of Lil Wayne’s new video for “Love Me” with Drake and Future. If you missed it, you can also get a preview of the vid here.

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LMAO…”They’re Probably Single Too” @Viddy Valentine’s Edition!!!!


This Is a Super Dope Idea, “The Viddy-O-Show”, Get it(VideoShow), I could So See This On TV….Especially with TV’s that have internet/Youtube capabilities(rimshot), But seriously, Really Dope Idea, and Everyone can get involved!! Ok Don’t Be a Vidiot, Hit the Jump to check WTH I’m talking about with the Velentine Edition…”They’re Probably Single Too”, and Be sure to check out “Bathroom Break” as well!!!!

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