NCAA: UCLA Players Say Justin Combs Should Keep Scholarship, He Earned It

IFWT Diddy x Justin x UCLA

Diddy‘s son might be the RKOC (richest kid on campus) … but Justin Combs‘ fellow UCLA student-athletes say daddy big bucks shouldn’t have to pay a dime — because Justin earned his scholarship fair and square.  Read more after the jump.

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Tech Talk News: 10 Burning Questions with Rob Jagnow of Lazy 8 Studios



If your not sure who Rob Jagnow is, he is a devloper  of Lazy 8 Studios, the small development team responsible for Cogs.  Cogs was recently released on the Android platform and has been available previously on PC and PS3

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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President Obama Writes An Excuse Letter For Boy Who Missed School To Watch His Speech


Not only did 11-year-old Tyler Sullivan sit front row for one of President Obama’s speeches and get to shake his hand after, but the boy also got the President to write a letter excusing him from being absent from school. Sullivan skipped school on Friday to go hear the President talk at a plant near Minneapolis. Read more below.


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(Video) Waka Flocka’s 2011 Summer Jam Performance


Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Waka Flocka knows how to own a stage and last year Flocka had the attention of everyone at MetLife Stadium once he hit the stage! Flocka will be at this year’s Summer Jam and I’m sure he’ll bring the same energy he always brings. Check out his 2011 performance below and Summer Jam 2012 here.


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Lil Wayne’s TRUKFIT Clothing Line Launch At Macy’s In LA


On Friday Lil Wayne launched his clothing line, TRUKFIT, at the Macy’s at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Stevie Williams, a very famous skateboarder, also launched his clothing line and the two celebrated together. Find out more about both clothing lines below.

Julie1205 x DJJuanyto

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Classic Kicks: Kanye West’s @Nike Air Yeezy @ @Hot97 Summer Jam 2008


Kanye was rocking his black and white Nike Air Yeezy at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2008. These Yeezy’s lace holder look similar to the one on the Air Jordan V. Check out More pics after the jump…

Dj Juanyto

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NBA Rumor: Kris Humphries Isn’t Heading to Brooklyn With the Nets

IFWT Kris Humphries

Let’s take a moment to step away from the Kim Kardashian drama and examine Kris Humphries basketball career because he’s actually quite good.  The Brooklyn Nets lost big time during the NBA Draft trading away their top pick and not landing a coveted top-three pick.  Now they may be without Kris Humphries also by their choosing.  Read more after the jump.

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(Video) Pusha T Talks About Learning As Much As He Can From Kanye West & The Dream


While working on his solo record, Pusha T took the time to talk about learning as much as he can from both Kanye West and The Dream. Pusha says he’s learning about song structure from The Dream and perfecting his rhymes from Yeezy. I can’t think of two better people in the game to learn from. So far Pusha has been quiet about if he plans on responding to Lil Wayne’s “Ghoulish.” See what he did say below.


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Here’s A Couple Digital Things You Should Know About #Hot97SummerJam !!!


Normally this would be Tech Talk News, But Summer Jam 2012 is so Big, it deserves own Title!! Ok Hit the Jump, Find out some things Everybody Should know before the either touchdown on Giants soil, OR watch it right here via the Top Post!!

Funk Flex x Tat WZA

Ok, Let’s just get right to it, because I have to get ready and go to the place where 65K People Will be Screaming at the top of there lungs, in a Minute!!

1st, Just in case you are Not Sure who is on the Bill, Or how to get there, check this Out;

Artists info, directions & more available @

2nd, You will Really Need to Pay attention to, They Have The whole ShaBang:

Live blogs updates, photos and more will be available on throughout the day

3rd, When you are in the Building, Or watching from a far, you’re Mos Def gonna Tweet your little Heart Out, Well Make sure you’r in the Right Conversation;

Hit @HOT97 on Twitter using #HOT97SUMMERJAM (And If You use that Hashtag, You will hit the Twitter screen for All 65K Fans, AND the Artists themselves to See!!!)

4th, And this is really cool, for the 1st time ever;

This year you can view the XXL program on & download a PDF of it @

And Just in case you missed something that happened because you were

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Tech Talk Apps: JetAudio Player Comes To Android



Looking for a audio player for your Android device, you maybe in the luck with the Jet Audio player.  Previously releaed on iOS devices Jet Audio now brings the music browser to Android

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