The Firearms That Will Be Banned With Sen. Feinstein’s Proposed Gun Control Bill


California Senator Dianne Feinstein was one of the first to speak up about gun control following the horrific shooting at Newtown, CT’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. On Thursday, Sen. Feinstein announced that her proposed gun control bill will ban a total of 157 types of firearms that include assault rifles. For the full list of guns that will be banned if her bill is passed below.

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UFC: Dana White Calls Justin Timberlake A “D**khead”


If you see Dana White’s kids you better speak or you will feel his wrath. I personally am not too big into UFC, but I love how White never bites his tongue. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, he went IN on Justin Timberlake and explained in detail why. Read more after the jump.

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Legendary Actor Hospitalized With The Flu


Legendary actor, Burt Reynolds, has been hospitalized with a severe case of the flu. The 76-year-old actor is currently in the intensive care until so nurses can better monitor him and his condition. Reynolds has had the flu for a while, but once his symptoms worsened and he became dehydrated. Hopefully he gets well soon! Read more below.

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This Year’s Inauguration Ceremony Was The Second LEAST-Watched Since 1969 !!!


It seems like people weren’t too excited about Obama’s Inauguration, according to The company which measures television audience, viewers were at an all time LOW during Mondays presentation. In fact, since 1969 the only Inauguration it beat in terms of viewers was President George W. Bush’s second ceremony in 2005, which was seen by 15.5 million. I guess 2nd term Inaugurations aren’t the most exciting thing to watch. No one would ever guess which Inauguration pulled in the most viewers since 1969. Hit the jump below to find out!

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Macbook Air On Sale At BestBuy Today Only


On the market for a new laptop, you might be in luck as Bestbuy is currently selling Macbook Air’s for $999. $200 of the MSRP. Right now Bestbuy is only offering the deal for only 2 days, which includes today and ends tomorrow. The deal also includes some accessories and some incentives when you make your purchase. After the break check the deal.

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Rosa Parks To Be Honored With A Statue On Capital Hill


Rosa Parks will become the first African American woman to earn a statue on Capital Hill. Sen. Charles E. Schumer announced that Rosa’s statue will be placed in Statuary Hall. Each state in America sends two statues representing people from their state and Rosa has been chosen from Alabama. The statue will be arriving later this year. If anyone deserves a statue in the Hall, it’s certainly Rosa Parks. Read more below.

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Lesbian Country Singer Chely Wright Is Expecting Twins??!!

Chely Wright

Chely Wright and her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wrigh are bringing in the new year in a great way! Chely Wright came out of the closet in 2010 being the first women in her genre to openly be Lesbian. She is now expecting not one.. but TWO babies. You guessed it, TWINS! According to sources the twins are on mark to be born sometime this summer!

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Kicks: @Reebok x Kamikaze II “Reignman” – Black/White

IFWT Reebok KamiKaze II "Reignman"

The Reebok KamiKaze series are known to stay in the same color patters that were first introduced. Well Reebok decided to step out of the box and crest the new Reebok KamiKaze II Reignman”. Hit the jump to check out rest of the gallery….. DJ JUANYTO

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(Video) Super Mayor Cory Booker Saves Dog From Freezing Weather


There’s no denying that Cory Booker has gone above and beyond when he can for the people of Newark. The “Super Mayor” has done countless self-less acts such as delivering diapers in a snow storm, offering his home to those in need after Hurricane Sandy, brought Hot Pockets to those without food after the hurricane, running into a burning building and more. Yesterday, Eyewitness News’ Toni Yates was in Newark, noticed there were two dogs in the freezing cold, and alerted the mayor via Twitter and he spring into action. Watch more below.

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NFL: (Video) Tom Brady Lives Like A King..Literally, A Castle With A Moat


Tom Brady is referred to at times as the King of NFL quarterbacks, but this is taking it to a new level. Brady will be prepared for any attacks by Medieval forces with their flame throwers and bow&arrow weapons with his new $20 million dollar mansion. The moat that is going around the house is sure to keep enemies at bay. All jokes aside the house looks crazy and I wish I had a moat to ward off all the noblemen and peasants who are always trying to battle with me. When your one of the best quarterbacks to ever do it, and you have countless endorsements dropping millions on the home of your dreams is nothing. Check the video after the jump of an overhead view of the property and check the gallery for a pic of the moat. All hail King Brady. It must be the ugg’s.

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