(PHOTO) NBA: Damn, It’s Like That?! Caption This Photo Of Dwight Trying To Help Kobe Up Off The Floor!


Ok, so I didn’t see this when it actually happened and I can’t find video of it, BUT this pic that is floating around Twitter may give an inside to how Kobe is really feeling about Dwight right now?! It could def. be taken out of context, but from what I’ve seen people are saying what happened is just what it looks like in the picture. If that’s the case, this can’t be good news for Laker fans! Check it out…

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(Photos) Damn! Adele Gives Chris Brown A Piece Of Her Mind After He Snubbed Frank Ocean


Adele always speaks her mind, and this time she really didn’t hold back! She saw Chris being a bad sport as he snubbed Frank Ocean’s Grammy win at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Chris refused to join in the standing ovation as Frank walked on stage. Adele was seen staring across at the singer, shaking her head, and soon after appeared to give Brown, a piece of her mind. See the photos and video below!

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Microsoft Shoots New Commercial For Surface Tablet Does More Break Dancing, And No One Cared


So Microsoft is looking for another way to promote their product and not give up on their product even though its failing. And note to Microsoft the first round of Surface tablet commercials didn’t pan out well but they think this will good luck to them.

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Google To Drop A Touchscreen ‘Retina’ Style Chromebook?!?!


If the rumors floating are true, then Google may make a Chromebook that really competes with Apple’s Macbook’s & Microsoft’s Windows 8 notebooks. A recent video was leaked that shows off the “Chromebook Pixel” & it’s crazy. Watch the video & get all the details after the jump.

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He’s Done It !!! Katt Williams Is Finally Free – At Least For Now !!!


I mean it helps a little bit. Now, we know that Katt Williams went on a rampage that was unstoppable. This time he’s doing something that can help him come back over to the “angel” side. Jermaine Dupri isn’t the only one having liens lifted. Katt slammed down $280,000 to put towards his bill with Uncle Sam. The IRS placed a tax lien on the comedian back in 2010, but for now it’s been lifted. Katt still owes about $4MiL, but he’s getting there. May take him some time. Drop down bottom for more.

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Instagram DAMN! [#MirrorMonday Edition]


Fellas check out these random hotties on IG showing off their goodies in the mirror!

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Is An Official “Started From The Bottom” Remix On The Way?!


Drake’s new single “Started From The Bottom” hasn’t been out even a month yet, but it’s already spawned unofficial remixes from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Machine Gun Kelly and more. But according to Drizzy while on the red carpet at Cash Money’s annual pre-Grammy party, an official remix is on the way! When asked if he had a favorite of all the artists that have remixed his track thus far, his response was this: “Not yet ’cause the official remix hasn’t dropped.” Who would you like to hear on the record? I think French Montana would be a dope addition! Watch the full interview below and share your thoughts on who you’d like to hear on it in the comments!

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(Photos) Keyshia Cole Continues To Talk S**T…What Is It NOW !!!


Here we go again. Apparently, Keyshia’s still getting backlash from the Michelle situation. With an attitude like her’s this music career will stand in place. I thought Kanye was cocky, but this chick takes the cake. Not only did she pull out of a tour because she wasn’t headlining it (more than once I heard), but then she goes in on poor Michelle Williams, because she didn’t like her performance at the SuperBowl (everyone is entitled to their opinion – you’re not the bomb.com), but she continues to tap those fingers and post negativity all over social media. Check out the dramatics that she posted during the Grammys down bottom.

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Apple Reportedly Working On Smartwatch?!?!


The New York Times just got a major scoop that Apple may be working on iOS-based watch with a curved glass display. Apple would be the latest major company to look into wearable technology, including Google with their Glass project. The NYT’s sources say it’s in the very early stages, but could use Corning’s new Willow Glass, which is supposed to very flexible. If Apple does get into this space, they’ll have to compete with the recently launched & very popular Pebble smartwatch. Get more details in the link after the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Oh Really? JaMarcus Russell Starts Making His Comeback To NFL With This Video


I still don’t have much hope for this kid, but hey – you never know right?  Riiiiiight?! JaMarcus Russell is known as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history and he seems to thinks he still has a shot. I do enjoy good comeback stories so if he does make a comeback, this should be pretty entertaining.  There were reports already that Jets may have some interest, but for now check out this video that shows Russell’s first steps toward getting back into the NFL.

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