NFL Jokes: Joe Flacco Updates His Facebook Status…Beyonce, Ray Lewis, Brady & More Respond!!


I’m sorry, this sh*t is hilarious!!!  I mean now we got Beyonce jumping in on the conversation?! Joe Flacco updates his facebook page and hilarity ensues as not only QB’s respond, but even God himself has something to say!  Check it out after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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(Photos) Which Part Of Beyonce’s Outfit At The Inauguration Was Worth $1.8 Million?


Yesterday was President Obama’s inauguration ceremony & it was filled with A listers and fashionistas. But Beyonce was just one of the stars with a little item worth about $1.8 million! (Yes, for just one piece of her outfit!) She sang the National Anthem looking stunning with her blonde wavy hair, black embroidered Emilio Pucci gown and shining emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. Beyonce knew that this was going to be a significant and powerful moment so she knew she would want something special for the occasion! See which part cost her big bucks in the gallery! Marisa Mendez

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QuestLove Says That D’Angelo’s Album In NOT Quite Finished Yet…WHY ???


Roots’ Questlove is saying that D’Angelo’s up-coming album is 99% complete. Do you think that could be because it has no title yet ? That was the only remotely close to negative statement Questlove had to say about the “How Does It Feel” singer. He’s boasting about this album that he has assisted in by playing the drums. “He’s one of those artists that have, of course, taken 13 years to follow up a record. It’s going to take you about 10 years to digest this record. Totally brilliant,” Quest says. That must mean that this will be an old-school classic banger. Questlove also states that most records if they are a classic you’ll know after the first listen, however these D’Angelo hits, we’ll know that they are classics after the first 30secs. D’Angelo should be turning the album in no later then February for a hearing. They have been working on the album since 2004. Well, I can’t wait then. This should be good to hear. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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Apple Now Has a Third 4 Inch iPhone in The Works!!!


We keep hearing rumblings about a larger iPhone this year, according to Digitimes Apple does have 2 iPhones planned for releases sometime this year, first the iPhone 5s in June and a cheaper iPhone with a plastic body and will be available in several colors. And the rumored “iPhone Math” would be announced or released around the 2013 holiday season. Inside sources say that Apple has a 3rd 4 inch iPhone in the works but the claim Apple has no plans on releasing that iPhone until 2014. According to Digitimes the iPhone 5 will have shipped 37 million units in the first qtr of 2013. Not bad since Analysts said the iPhone 5 has slid and lost market share to Samsungs GS III. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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New Albums In Stores & Online Today, 1/22/13

ifwt_new music

Looking for some new music to add to your iPod? IFWT has you covered! Below, find purchase links to today’s hottest releases, as well as iTunes and Amazon links to search for more! Marisa Mendez

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(Video) A$AP Rocky Wants To Work With Who ???


When dealing with A$AP Rocky he seems to always think outside of the box. I love how open-minded his when it comes down to being an eclectic musician. This time Rocky wants to do a collaboration with a British singer/songwriter by the name of Jessie Ware. “I knew about her since last summer. I’m working with her, I’m going to work with her. I want to bad,” Rocky says. You can tell he’s feeling her. “I don’t care about her being a star, I just think she has a beautiful voice and a lot of talent. I haven’t got the chance or honour to meet her yet – I just love her art,” he adds. That’s all that should matter. I checked out Jessie’s U.S. single, “Wildest Moments” and think the two would mesh very well in a collab. They have the same feel. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. JaaiR (JR)

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NBA: Pau Gasol Reacts To New Bench Role!

IFWT_Pau Gasol bench

I don’t think any player would be happy to hear that they are going back to riding the pine. Of course this includes Pau Gasol. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said the team will be best served with Gasol as a substitute.  Check out Gasol’s reaction after the jump… GameTimeGirl

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(Photo) Prince Covers Billboard Magazine

ifwt_prince-billboard copy

Prince is the latest artist to cover Billboard Magazine, on newsstands now. He also will be performing and receiving the “Icon Award” at this year’s, Billboard Music Awards, going down on May 19th. Biz Baby

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Joe Budden Responds To Consquence’s Shots…Sort Of


Love & Hip-Hop cast member Consequence and his girl Jen The Pen gave an interesting radio interview yesterday morning, attempting to extend their 5 minutes of fame by dissing damn near any and everyone. From airing Kanye West’s business (they said he was definitely getting it in with Kim while she was still with Reggie), to his cousin Q-Tip (calling him a “sucka”) and even their fellow castmates like Raqi Thunda and Joe Budden. Of the latter, Cons feels he “hasn’t even got over the fact that Raekwon smacked him over the head.” Lame! Of course everyone on Twitter was looking to Joe for a response, but much like Kanye and the rest, he doesn’t really care. See what his reply was in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

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(Photo) Guess Who Swizz Beatz Ran Into Last Night!


Swizz Beatz’ career takes him all over the world. Add his marriage to Alicia Keys in there, and these two can literally go and and everywhere they want! Last night, Alicia performed at the Inauguration Ball in D.C., so of course Swizzy was right by her side. And this came with a major perk, as expected! Check out who he got to chat with in the gallery! Biz Baby

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