IFWT Wishes Angie Martinez A Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Ang! We love you and wish you many more! Marisa Mendez & IFWT

Naked Pictures Leaked Of “Teen Mom 2” Star…By Her Former Boss!


Trouble finds “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans no matter what she does. Relationship issues, child issues, parent issues, drug issues, legal issues…she’s dealt with/dealing with it all and now, another nude photo scandal. Though it’s the same photo that was already leaked, her former boss took to his Twitter on Tuesday night to make sure she doesn’t forget, as the pair are currently embroiled in a heated back-and-forth. He also added some lovely commentary: “Jenelle, l didn’t have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy.” Uh, gross. Jenelle’s response below. Marisa Mendez

Tahiry Talks About Her Feelings Towards The First LHHNY Episode !!!


It’s only the first episode and I’m really feeling Tahiry. The girl looks good and we all know that she has a body (fatty). Lol. She has a sit down with The Source and goes over some things that happened during the first episode. Of course, Raqi Thunda being one of them. “She’s one of those thirst buckets that be everywhere with every little clique trying to get in where she fit in, and I don’t respect people like that. So I cut her off real quick,” Tahiry says. I know that’s right. #DRAMA free is the way to be. Drop down bottom for more of the interview. JaaiR (JR)

2013 Grammys Performers Announced


The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will be going down on February 10th. The performances for this year’s big show were just announced, and they come as no surprise…especially since one just starred in an ad for them! All of these performers have sat atop the Billboard charts for most of 2012, so it makes sense they’ll be doing their thing on the coveted Grammy stage. Find out who to expect below! Marisa Mendez

Bad Gal RiRi Has Filled Us In On What The Next Single Is Going To Be !!!


RiRi has informed us on what’s the next single to drop. I’m in love with “Unapologetic.” There is no doubt in my mind as to why it went #1. It’s by far the best album she’s done. Drop down bottom and check out the next single. JaaiR (JR)

NBA (Rumors): Guess Who The Knicks Are Interested In Signing?!


Due to Rasheed Wallace’s foot injury, the Knicks are rumored to be interested in someone that can help out the team. Personally, I’d kinda like to see what he can do with the team. Check out who it is & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

Tomb Raider: Final Hours


Zachary Levi goes behind the scenes and talks about the addition of multiplayer option in the Tomb Raider franchise and what to look forwards for when the game is released. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Billboard’s Top 10 Album Sales, Week Ending 1/7/13


In a rare occurrence (only the third time in 4 years), a movie soundtrack has topped the Billboard charts this week. The “Les Miserables” soundtrack nabbed the number one spot with 92,000 copies sold. The last time this happened was with the “Hunger Games” soundtrack in April of last year and before that, the “Hannah Montana: The Movie” soundtrack in May of ’09. Get the rest of this week’s top 10 album sales below. Marisa Mendez

(Fellas Check The Pic!) We Were Just Wondering…Whose Boobs Are These!


Fellas check out this pic and tell IFWT whose boobs you think these are! DJTech4

(Video) Cassidy Is In Raleigh, North Carolina Still Talking S**T…This Time He Has Help !!!


And the #DRAMA continues. Cassidy has officially done it. He’s being talked about again. This time he’s in NC on BIG Tyme TV running the same ol’ story as to why him and Meek began the DISS records. He’s saying that REPO wasn’t even a diss record. It was one of Meek’s regular “party records” that he usually puts out. Ok, Cass so we know that you can battle…you got that, but this game in NOT about battling. At the end of the day these BIG wigs behind the music scene want to make records that’s going to make money. Knock It Off! But yea, on another note this fella named Shorty Mac is threatening MMG. “MBK (Mayback Killers) until you cut the check. Cassidy is good. Bring yo ass out here and see what happens to ya,” Mac yells to the camera.” Drop down bottom and check it out. JaaiR (JR)

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