Kid Ink Talks Collabs With Meek Mill And Why He Loves Tattoos So Much


Kid Ink recently sat down with VIBE and went over a few things. After signing onto a major label like RCA, Kid Ink is feeling the pressure build up. “It’s definitely a pressure to try to exceed what people expect from you — and then also exceed what I expect from myself,” the inked up kid says. You have to have higher expectations, since he’s no longer an independent artist. However, the pressure to work harder has not taken away from his tattoo sessions. He’s gotten so many that he doesn’t even know how many he has. “I lost count on my tattoos after about 22. It really got to a point that I was getting tattoos that I was forgetting about.” The two most important tats he does know, which are the two portraits on his chest of his mother and grandfather (the two people that raised him he says). Kid I just hope that when you’re 60, your still in shape. LOL. Ink fills us in on the collaborations he’s done with Meek Mill. “Bada**” wasn’t the first track that they did together. Well before the two were signed to any label they were making hits. Despite the fact that the two haven’t spoken about how their hustling as independent artists has turned in to pressure forced work on major labels is a good thing. WHY? “Because no one’s every really had that time to sit down. Everyone’s been working so hard,” Kid Ink mentions. I’m happy for…

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Aww! Guess What Happened To Wiz Khalifa At Amber’s Birthing Class!

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has been by his wifey’s side throughout her whole pregnancy…and that includes attending birthing classes with her when he can! But he didn’t do too well at one of them! Find out what happened via his new interview with Hardknock TV below!

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Kicks: @atmosNYC x @Nike x Air Max 1 “Animal Camo” Pack

IFWT Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 "Animal Camo"

Designed by the Japan-based retailer. Check out the new Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Animal Camo”. Hit the jump to see the gallery….

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(Photos) Oh Snap! Kanye Might Get Jealous That Someone Else Is Kissing Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Uh-oh…does Yeezy have some competition? His girl Kim was hanging with someone last night, and she got tons of kisses from them for her and her baby! Who could it be? Hint: they’re NOT related but they hang out often! Find out in the gallery!

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(Photos) Whoa! Is That Joanna Krupa’s Side-Boob !?!?


Side-Boob must be the new thing to do now. The real housewife of Miami is hot. SMOKIN‘ even. Joanna Krupa went back to her homeland in Poland, and she stepped out in an exposed, yet still elegant dress. Side-Boob in clear view and I’m guessing that no one is made at her for it. She’s sitting pretty up top. Drop down bottom and check out the gallery.

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NBA: Guess Who Kobe Bryant Would Love To Have On The Lakers?!


The Black Mamba did an interview with Jackie MacMullan at ESPN today and talked about a player that he’d love to have on the Lakers. He’s talked highly of this player before. Can you guess who it is?! Check out the report after the jump…

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Hmmm…Is This Karrueche’s Response To Chris & Rihanna Going Together To Court?!

What a love-triangle!

We all watched as Chris Brown and Rihanna showed up to his court date together yesterday, so you know his ex Karrueche was fully aware as well. Up until quite recently, Chris’ status with both ladies was very up in the air…as one day we’d see him with Kae, the next we’d see him with Rih. It looks like, for now at least, he’s decided to stick with Rihanna…and as one would expect, this probably isn’t the best feeling for Karrueche. An interesting tweet she sent out in the midst of all the court drama yesterday seems to share her feelings on the situation loud and clear to the world. See what she wrote in the gallery!

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I’m hosting @McDonalds #FlavorBattle #DJ Competition in #Miami Tonight!


Big ups to @McDonalds #FlavorBattle for getting behind the DJ community and helping us find the hottest mix-masters on the scene. Check out the talent & tell me who u think will win! Don’t forget to tune in to on TONIGHT at 9p EST to see me host the finale. —-> Funk Flex

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IFWT Wishes Ashton Kutcher A Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Ashton! We wish you many more!

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IFWT Remembers Big Pun!

R.I.P. Big Pun!

13 years ago, we lost one of the dopest MC’s ever, Big Punisher! Your legacy lives on and you are missed every day! R.I.P., Pun!

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