(Video) NBA: So Sneaky…Ty Lawson Steals JaVale McGee’s Shoe!

IFWT_Steal shoe

Another caught on camera moment. This is what happens when your team is up at the end of the game and you’re bored. Lol. I’m not sure why Ty Lawson wanted to steal his teammates shoe, but he did. Check out Ty’s move after the jump… GameTimeGirl

(Fellas Check The Pics) Rosa Acosta Doing What She Does Best!


Check out Rosa Acosta doing what she does best. Click below to see the pic. DJTECH4

(Photo) LOL! The First Meme From Love & Hip-Hop: The #JoeBuddenFace

Love & Hip-Hop season 3 premieres January 7th on VH1 at 8pm

No season of Love & Hip-Hop would be complete without the memes! Last go ’round in ATL it was all about the Stevie J face and now with this season…it looks like we’ll be getting some classic ones from Joe Budden! After the first episode aired earlier tonight (watch it here if you missed it), a hilarious meme made its way to Instagram ASAP! Check it out in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

(Fellas Check The Pics) StephsDope Doing What She Does Best


Check out StephsDope doing what she does best. Click below to see the pic. DJTECH4

New 27 Inch iMac Delayed Again


Looks like Apple can not keep up with the demand for the 27 inch iMac as they can’t meet the demand. As a result Apple has to delay shipments again, this time shipments have been pushed back to February. Which means customers have to wait another “three to four weeks,” to get their device. Customers who order the 21.5 monitor well get theirs on time according to 9 to 5 mac. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Auto:(Video) Motorcycle Rider Likes To Scare Pedestrians..Funny


I’m not even gonna lie. This is definitely something I would do to people walking by if I rode a motorcycle. We all have that inner A-hole that comes out every once in a while. Check the video of this rider purposely revving his throttle on the bike as people walk in front of him. Some of the reactions are priceless. IamJOE357

(Video) Love & Hip-Hop [Season 3; Episode 1]

Love & Hip-Hop season 3 premieres January 7th on VH1 at 8pm

Finally the moment that we’ve all been waiting for: Love & Hip-Hop’s new season premiere! It was full of drama just as we expected, as Joe Budden led the circus of his ex-girlfriend Tahiry, current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia and former friend/rumored sidechick Raqi Thunda. Watch the full first episode of Love & Hip-Hop season 3 below! Marisa Mendez

Auto:(Photo) Traffic Cops Be Thirsty!!

Police kill florida man

So fake cars can get citations also? I guess I was not aware of that..SMH! Someone who works for either the Houston, TX police or one of the city offices really needs to get a life. A citation was left on the entrance to a furniture that has a FAKE mini cooper on the side of the building. The fake mini is part of an advertising campaign by the car maker. Supposedly the ticket is more due in part to not having a correct permit to have the car there, rather than an actual parking ticket, but it is pretty much the same thing. Officer pay attention. It is an advertisement!! Employees at the furniture store say everything is already resolved. I guess that particular day there wasn’t enough expired meter tickets to write. SMH. Check the gallery above for a picture of the actual location with the car and a pic of the actual citation. Hit the link after the jump for the full story. IamJOE357

(PHOTO) NFL: Damnnn! Christian Ponders Arm Is F’ed Up!

Christian Ponder cover photo

Christian Ponder was inactive against the Packers on Saturday (with a bruised arm – he said he lost flexibility in his arm & that’s why he sat out) and Joe Webb started.  As we know, the Packers bear the Vikings 24-10. A lot of fans wondered how bad could the bruise be?!  Well Shari Gross of the Star Tribune has a photo of the bruise in question.  It def. isn’t pretty. GameTimeGirl

ANOTHER Bench Warrant Issued For Katt Williams


Katt Williams can’t stay out of trouble. I think he enjoys it. A Sacramento judge has issued the comedian yet another bench warrant today, this time because he didn’t show up for his arraignment for his police chase back in November. According to TMZ, the D.A.’s office has charged Katt with evading a police officer while driving in a reckless manner (which is a felony.) Hopefully he sorts this mess out soon. Marisa Mendez

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