Jennifer Hudson Will Sing With The Sandy Hook Chorus At The Super Bowl !!!

Jennifer Hudson

Oscar winning Jennifer Hudson will be performing “America the Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus live before the Super Bowl this Sunday! 26 students make up the chorus, in honor of the 26 people we lost in the shooting. This performance will be right before Alicia Keys sings the National Anthem.

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“Girls” Creator/Star, Lena Dunham, Gets Another HBO Show


Lena Dunham is the creator, executive producer, and stars of HBO’s “Girls.” If you haven’t watched the show it’s very “Sex and the City” mixed with “Entoruage” with more girl drama. “Girls” follows the life of Hannah, played by Lena, and her young 20-something year old friends as they try to survive in New York City. Lena and co recently won two Golden Globes for the show and now she will be teaming up with HBO to pen a new show. Lena will be working with “Girls” c0- executive producer Jenni Konner as well as Judd Apatow, who also works on “Girls.” Find out more about the new show below.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Makes A Shocking Announcement!


Besides, train-wreck Jenelle Evans, the girls of Teen Mom 2 are pretty good moms (yes, I watch the show from time to time.) One of my favorite on the show, Kailyn Lowry, has made a shocking announcement that I really didn’t see coming! Kailyn is on the show with her young son, Issac, and her baby’s father, Joe. She recently got married to her longtime boyfriend, Javi Morrquin. Kailyn made the shocking announcement after a fight with her husband and took the time to apologize to him and his family. The reality star didn’t elaborate on what happened or why she was so apologetic to them so I’d assume that the fight was caught on film and will air on the show and since there is no confirmation if the show will in fact be cancelled, she probably can’t talk about it. Find out her shocking announcement below.

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Pot In Kmart?!?! Not Talking About Cookware


Attention Shoppers, with the legalization of Marijuana in Washington State, also comes some surprises. 10 pounds of Marijuana was shipped to a Seattle Kmart as the packaged bared the same return address as the large chain stores location. Police confiscated the Weed that was to be shipped to Philadelphia but was discovered instead by Kmart employees. The weed was wrapped in Korean newspaper and was sitting in some type of cleaning fluid to conceal the smell. Somebody has to be pretty upset, their 10 pound package went the way of the dinosaur, never to be seen again. I wouldn’t expect to see the product on the shelves at Kmart.

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Chief Keef’s Manager Fills Us In On Chicago & What’s Next For The Rapper


If one more person says that Chief Keef is a kid I’m going to scream! This dude is months shy of turning 18 (legal age). He knows the difference between right and wrong. I can say that this interview dropped my dislike for Chief Keefs image a little lower (A LITTLE). Rovan “Dro” Manuel, Keef’s manager was able to sit down for an interview to catch us up on the Chicago born artist and the the city itself. Dro informs us that contrary to what artists like Lupe Fiasco says, there are no kids playing with toys. “You tell me one person on the West Side of Chicago in the hood that’s riding around on a skateboard. That’s not happening. No disrespect to Lupe, but you know, let’s keep it real and that’s what Keef’s all about, keeping it real.” That’s sad to know for the people. It started with the generation before every child. What happened in the windy city? Drop down bottom for more of the interview.

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NFL: Ravens Cheerleader Blocked From Cheering At Super Bowl Because She Gained 2 Pounds??


If this is true, this is pretty foul. The story seems to be gaining momentum leading up to the Super Bowl. Courtney Lenz has been a cheerleader for the Ravens for 5 years now. She recently announced she would be retiring, with the expectation the Super Bowl would be her last game. But things are not working out as expected, and Ravens fans are in an uproar about it. Read more after the jump.

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) @YvesNunez1 Showing Us What She’s Working With!!

IFWT_Yves NunezMain

Check out This pic of Yves Nunez you dont want to miss!

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Incarcerated Cash Money Artist D-Boy Killa Stone Died!!???

D-Boy Killa Stone

It has been confirmed that the popular Louisiana rapper from Cash Money, D-Boy Killa Stone has passed away during his time in prison. Weezy showed much love to his homie by sending out an “RIP” tweet (Pic After The Jump) and Juvenile also showed his sympathy via twitter. At this time we don’t have any information as to how he died but IFWT will be sure to keep you updated.

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(VIDEO) Real Life Barbie And Ken Fighting For What?!?!


Plenty of people have wished they could look more like Barbie and Ken the Matel dolls. Their perfectly sculpted physiques and symmetrical faces have been the inspiration for many people’s plastic surgery procedures/ addictions. Take these two, who now go by real life Barbie and Ken because of their relative likeness to the dolls after repeated surgery and use of make up. Honestly these people look so fake, but they were made for each other right? I guess not, there’s a disturbance in Barbie’s dream house. Check the video for the reasons why.

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50 Cent Addresses G-Unit Reunion Petition


The Game has been promoting an online petition to get a G-Unit reunion. Game was trying to get all five members of the crew back together for a reunion, which seemed like a great idea except one small problem: 50 Cent doesn’t speak to any of them any more. As you know, Fif had public beefs with Game and Buck throughout the years since G-Unit disbarred. Last week, Tony YaYo said that he would love to see a reunion, but only with the founding members of G-Unit whom are Banks, 50, and himself. 50 admitted a while ago that he no longer speaks to YaYo or Banks but they don’t really have beef. Fast forward to present time, fans got souped for a group reunion but 50 is ultimately the one who is calling all the shots and he recently addressed the reunion and the petition. Read what he said below.

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