(Photos) Miss Bumbum 2012 Shows Off Her ASSetts


Brazilian beauty Carine Felizardo, winner of last months Miss Bumbum competition was spotted showing off her ASSetts in times square this week despite windchill bringing temperatures down to single digits, and by God does she look gorgeous. Miss Felizardo attributes her banging body to countless hours in the gym and claims those hours helped sculpt her beautiful bumbum. “I am very proud of my bumbum,” Felizardo said about her bubble, “(I’m) proud to represent the Brazilian woman.” Check the Gallery For more of Miss Felizardo in her times square spread.

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Kicks: @Nike x Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire – Black/Grey

IFWT Nike Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire

Check out the new  Nike Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire in a new color. Hit the jump to see the pics and to read more info on these …..

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(Mugshot Photo) Wow! Juelz Santana Sentenced To Two Years Probation For.. What?!


Juelz Santana got sentenced to two years probation for threatening a good Samaritan neighbor after copping a plea deal. As Santana was beating his girlfriend in Englewood, New Jersey — this neighbor whose name has yet to be released, intervened and called the cops on the rapper. The neighbor claims that the incident with Laron James has gotten bad, he “threatened me with death” and was planning to “kill me,” causing “problems in my marriage [&] my personal life. I had to move out of fear. I pay more rent now. I’ve been having problems with my wife.” Juelz got to court and supposedly said nothing to the judge. He actually was in for worse, but luckily was able to stay from a prison sentence by entering a plea deal that “substantially” reduced the possible penalties. SMH! Come on now, Juelz, you’re a father now! Get it together! Luckily Juelz avoided prison as he is scheduled for a Dipset reunion concert in March. See the rest of the story below!

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“American Idol” Finalists Say The Show Isn’t Racist


Four finalists from different seasons of “American Idol” have stepped forward on behalf of the show saying that the show isn’t racist at all. Melinda Doolittle, Vonzell Solomon, Taylor Hicks, and Casey Abrams have stepped forward to say that they never experienced any issue with racism while they were on the show. Each of the finalists were from different seasons and are shocked by the allegations made by nine former constants, one of them being Corey Clark. If you recall, Clark claimed to have an affair with former judge Paula Adbul so I’m pretty sure he’s just fame hungry. Read more below.

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(Photos) Fire Kills Over 245 People In Brazil Nightclub, Hundreds More Injured


The Kiss Club in Brazil had only one working exit, so when the bands pyrotechnic display went off and started a fire terror struck and calamity ensued. Over 500 people were jam packed in this club when the flames from a flare ignited the ceiling and turned half of the patrons into corpses before they could escape the room. Witnesses report seeing bodies everywhere. Many died from asphyxiation, others were trampled trying to force their way out of the single exit. Survivor Taynne Vendrusculo, had this to say, “When I looked around, all I saw were dead bodies all around, lying on the floor. It was macabre. It all happened so fast. Both the panic and the fire spread rapidly, in seconds.” Hit the jump for more.

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NBA: Lakers PG Steve Blake Has a Return Date


The Lakers have a few issues contributing to their 18-25 record but one of them is lack of depth at the point guard position.  They were without both Steve Nash and Steve Blake for much of the season.  Nash has since come back and provided some help and now it appears Blake is ready to return as well.  Read more after the jump.

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(Video) Juelz Santana Mixtape Signing


Juelz Santana recently dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, God Will’n, and held a signing for it. Tons of fans showed up for the event, despite the snow. Along with fans, Juelz was joined by Loaded Lux and Jim Jones. He also took the time to talk about God Will’n 2 and if that will be released. Watch what he said below.

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(Photo) Beyonce Has A Message For Her Haters


Queen Bey has come under a lot of heat since the Presidential Inauguration in which there are claims that she lip-synched. Although she personally didn’t make a statement, it is said that she sang along with a background track to preserve her voice for the Superbowl. Many have an issue with this because even though the Superbowl is watched by more people than the Inauguration was, it was an important part of history. I see both sides to the argument of whether she should have sang or not, but technically she did sing she just avoided exerting herself with the assistance of a background track and it’s not like we don’t know how well Bey can sing so I don’t see what the big deal is. Instead of making a direct, formal statement about the rumors, Bey took to her Instagram to send a message right to her haters and the skeptics which is probably better than any statement she would make. Find out what it was in the gallery.

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(Video) WTF! NO WAY! Abuse: Mother Takes Her Baby Son To Get A Tattoo!


WHERE WAS HIS PARENTS?! Oh wait, she was sitting right there! Smh! The video posted on YouTube Saturday, and you’ll never believe how crazy this Puerto Rican mom and this tattoo artist are! Apparently the baby’s mother holding the baby, as the tattoo artist gives the crying baby a tattoo. Can’t believe ANYONE would do this to their child. But she’s really failed as a parent, SMH! See the horrid footage below!

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Guess Who Filed For Bankruptcy?!


On Friday, Casey Anthony filed for Bankruptcy in a Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Anthony filed on the same day that it was announced that two of her convictions were thrown out of court. In the summer of 2011, Anthony was somehow found not guilty for the murder of her young daughter, Caylee. She currently owes over 100 people for legal fees and claims against her and that’s why she filed for Chapter 7. Read more below.

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