Auto:(Video) If You Need An Armored Car, Might As Well Go Luxury!


This has the feeling of an armored limo, rather than just a suv. Lexani motorsports created a armored Toyota Sequoia but nobody really knows why. At this point who cares why, I want it! I can’t afford it but I want it. This suv goes above and beyond what your used to seeing with an armored car. According to Autoblog there is enough armor on each side to protect it from 51mm rifle rounds and enough body plating underneath to protect from grenades and land mines. The real show is on the inside though. You feel like your in the back of a Maybach rather than a Toyota. The TV doubles as a divider between the driver. Luxurious leather seating and room for more than enough champagne bottles. Check the video below and see how to do armored transportation the right way. IamJOE357

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Suspended 1 Game For Confronting Kevin Garnett After Loss To Celtics


Carmelo Anthony has been suspended one game without pay for confronting Kevin Garnett in the arena tunnel, near the players’ locker rooms, and in the parking garage after Monday’s game. Do you think Melo deserves the punishment?!  Full report after the jump, then let us know your take on the situation… GameTimeGirl

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(Photos) Nicki Minaj Toning Down Her Style?


We all know Nicki Minaj has had some crazy outfits over the years, everything from a religious robe to a popcorn dress. It seems as though lately she’s been toning it down and giving us a more professional side to her style, maybe in preparation for her clothing line? Who knows! Hit the jump and check out the gallery to check out her recent outfits. Let us know what you think! Melissa

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Samsung Unveils Flexible OLED At CES


  Today Samsung played up their much talked about Flexible OLED, Samsung is calling it (for the moment) the Youm. Samsung demoed the product during their Keynote speech at CES. Samsung defiantly played up the product and Samsung’s Stephen Woo said the product’s ability “Because OLEDs produce their own light, [they] don’t require thick, heavy, power-consuming back lights,” said Brian Berkeley, the senior vice president of Samsung’s display lab. “Now, thanks to Samsung technology, they can be flexible, too.” Samsung’s Berkeley then brought out displays of the actucal product that wooed the crowd at CES. I hope Apple is taking note, this is what you call innovation and not retooling existing products. After the break check out Samsung’s Flexible OLED. Yungjohmnnybravo x TatWZA

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SNL To Spoof Justin Bieber’s Weed Incident While He Hosts!??

Justin Bieber address pics of him smoking weed

This should be good… We recently reported that Justin Bieber is going to host and perform on Saturday Night Live, and now we’re learning that the weed jokes are fair game. Justin gave permission to SNL and said no topic is off limits. This is a great move by SNL considering the amount of attention this story has been getting. Click below for more information. Melissa

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Auto:(Photos) Lexus Leaks Images Of New IS Model


With the International auto show in Detroit fast approaching next week, the buzz amongst consumers and the car brands themselves is reaching its peak. With that said Lexus decided to surprise everyone by releasing photos of the 2014 newly designed IS models a week ahead of the debut, hoping it will attract even more traffic to the Lexus display. I have always been a fan of Lexus. For some reason today people tend to look down on Lexus as if it is not a luxury brand. I guess in the age of everyone needing to wear Gucci & Louis Vutton people tend to look down on things easier, even though the majority of the people who do this bought their Gucci from Canal Street in NYC. I am a little too big to personally be interested in the IS model, I am 6’4, 235, I tend need need bigger rides. But regardless I can appreciate the look and appeal of the updated model. Take a look for yourself in the gallery above. IamJOE357

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Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez’ Health Problems Won’t Allow Him To Attend Swearing-In


President Hugo Chavez won’t be able to attend his scheduled swearing-in this week, Venezuela’s government has confirmed that his health has his confined to a hospital bed. Click below to find out more. WiL Major

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MLB: Bye Bye 1930! Cellphones To Replace Bullpen Phones in Dugouts

IFWT_MLB cell phoones

Looks like the MLB is getting a technology upgrade!  Days of the old dugout bullpen phones are coming to an end.  Cell phones will soon be used. MLB’s partnership with T-Mobile was unveiled Tuesday at CES (Shout out to our own TatWza that is out there now and will keep everyone updated on all the new tech news!). Check out the report after the jump… GameTimeGirl & TatWza

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T-Mobile Says The iPhone Coming In 3 To 4 Months !!


The news Tmo customers have been waiting for, the iPhone is confirmed for a release in 3 to 4 months. I’m sure T-Mobile plans to celebrate and make it a special occasion since they are the last of the big 4 to get the iPhone. The only downside is the smartphone will be apart of the do away of the subsided phone. T-mobile refused to give a launch date for the device or what iPhone the mobile carrier will have for sale, but im sure when they do it will be everywhere. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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Dark Knight Shooting Case Update: James Holmes’ Was Planning Shooting For Months!


We all know the tragedy that happened in Colorado that left 12 people dead and 70 injured at the Dark Knight release. James Holmes was the man behind the gun and he was in court today. The prosecuters showed evidence that Holmes had cased the scene prior to the actual shooting. On the other hand the defense decided to not call witnesses to defend Holmes. Click below to find out more. WiL Major

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