Auto(Photos) Barbie Alert!! 2013 Pink Toyota Crown Athlete


Nicki Minaj would drive this if she worked as a bank supervisor instead of a rapper. This car will eventually cause numerous car accidents I am sure. Either from drivers who take their eyes off the road when this pink car passes or the barbie dolls sitting being the wheel themselves. Toyota revealed this week the Hot Pink 2013 Toyota Crown Athlete. For the readers who never heard of that type of Toyota, it is basically like an upscale version of the Camry, but it is only sold in Japan. The car goes for about $41,000 in U.S. currency. Girls, you can still pray that eventually they will sell them here. Check the gallery above for a few more pics of the ride. IamJOE357

(Photos) NFL: Pilar Releases Photos of Abuse Allegedly Committed By Deion Sanders, He Responds


The back and forth drama between Deion Sanders and his soon to be ex-wife Pilar is messy and sad especially since there are children involved.  Domestic violence is extremely serious and these pictures do not bode well for Deion.  Pilar released the pics today along with an open letter stating her case.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

Geneticists Looking For Mutant Gene In Newtown Shooter That Could Have Triggered The Attack


Something has to be OFF about someone who would murder any person in cold blood, nonetheless innocent babies. Now, geneticists have decided to look into Newtown shooter Adam Lanza’s DNA, to see if there’s any type of mutant gene that could have possibly triggered the horrific attack. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Leaked BlackBerry 10 Slides Shows Video Calling and Screen Sharing

RIM’s new BBM 10 will now support free wifi calling, which is pretty much RIM’s version of Apple’s Facetime. New a prestation slide has just leaked showing how the Wifi calling will work when released. After the break check out some of the new features RIM plans on adding. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

NJ “Tanorexic” Mom Doll Is A Best Seller?!


Remember the really tan mom from NJ who caused a lot of controversy for being so charcoaled? Well toy companies made bank off of her this year, saying the action figure was the most popular item sold in 2012. Click below for details. Melissa

Kicks: @Nike x Air Force 1 “Year of the Snake” Customs by Zhijun Wang

IFWT Nike Air Force 1 "Year of The Snake" Customs by Zhijan

Zhijan has been going in on Air Force 1 customs for over a year now. Hit the jump to see the gallery and see the jump to see the pics… DJ JUANYTO

NBA: Avery Johnson Responds to Getting Fired

IFWT Avery Johnson

Everyone has had something to say about Avery Johnson being fired as the Brooklyn Nets head coach.  Well today after the decision was announced a press conference was held in which Billy King and  Johnson himself spoke.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

Auto:(Photo) Swizz Beats Spent Over $120K On This Car For Alicia


Being wealthy definitely has it’s benefits, especially around Christmas time. The holidays are all about seeing your loved ones smiling from ear to ear, and after this Christmas surprise I am sure Alicia is still smiling. Swizz dropped $120,000 on this Fisker Karma white knight. This car is definitely dope, too bad she will probably rarely ever drive it. Alicia if your reading, I will be glad to take it off your hands if you don’t use it too much. Those 22 inch stock rims look so sexy. Check the gallery above to see Alicia sitting in the ride checking it out, and I also included 2 other pics of the car itself just so the readers can get a good view of the ride. IamJOE357

Google Names It’s Top Apps of 2012


Google has put together their top apps of 2012, Google’s Tavares Ford  says “These are some of the best apps available in Google Play,” Take a look after the break, do you think Google is missing any apps in their top 12 apps of 2012. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

NBA: Utah Jazz Throw a Shot at Deron Williams After Avery Johnson Gets Fired

IFWT Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are very familiar with Deron Williams and coaching issues as he is blamed for the firing/departure of coach Jerry Sloan.  Williams later expressed discontent with the team leading to his trade to the then New Jersey Nets.  Well it seems the Jazz still hold bitter feelings towards Williams when they sent out this tweet.  Check it out after the jump. Shay Marie

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