(Photo) New York Representative Has No Clue Who Jay-Z Is?!?!


My mom always taught me to think before I spoke, that lesson inspired me to go one step further, I’ll do research on a topic before speak on a topic. Peter King (R-NY) an elected official must surely think before he speaks, but if you haven’t got a clue who Jay-Z by now Mr. King, how can you call yourself a real New Yorker. King was caught snapping a pic of Beyonce with hubby in tow, and while some headlines read “FIRST COUPLE! (Well almost)–Pols fawn over Beyonce, Jay-Z at inaugural.” Some people still don’t know who they are. Hit the jump for more.

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NBA: Mark Cuban Addresses Whether or Not He’ll Pick Up Delonte West From the D-League

IFWT_Delonte West

After a couple suspensions and then being subsequently let go from the Mavericks, Delonte West wasn’t picked up by any NBA teams.  He decided to throw his name in the D-League pool and was picked up by none other than the Texas Legends, the Mavericks affiliate.  So does that mean he could make a comeback to the Mavs?  Read more after the jump.

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Katy Perry Gets Her Very Own Flavor Of Popchips !!!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is taking another HUGE step forward in her career closing a deal with Popchips to get her very own flavor! Katy said “Popchips had never ventured into sweet territory before, but I wanted to add my personal touch when creating a flavor,” then saying “After a series of intensive taste tests, I’m proud to introduce the best of both worlds, and my dream snack realized — Katy’s Kettle Corn!”

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(Video) Nicki Minaj Sits Down With Jimmy Kimmel


Nicki Minaj sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night and opened up about a few things. Ms. Minaj spoke about her infamous feud with fellow American Idol judge, Mariah Carey, her recent trip to Dubai, her fans, and more. Before leaving the show, Nick hit the stage to perform her singles “Freedom” and “Va Va Voom.” Watch more below.

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(Video) French Montana Announces “Excuse My French” Push Back


French Montana’s Excuse My French has been pushed back yet again. His debut album was supposed to come out last summer and then this fall, now we can expect the album this spring. French will be releasing his first single, “Freaks” featuring Nicki Minaj, sometime next week and announced that it will sample “Freaks” by Doug E Fresh & Lil Vicous. During an interview with Rap-Up, the BX rapper said he’s sure the single will go to #1 on the charts. Watch more below.

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‘Movie 43’ Gets EXTREMELY Horrible Reviews Despite A-List Filled Cast !!!

Movie 43

Shockingly the star-studded cast from film ‘Movie 43’ which was released yesterday, is getting the worst reviews EVER for their efforts. HollywoodReporter gave their thoughts on the film by stating “An awesome array of talent doesn’t prevent this witlessly profane anthology of comic shorts from being an utter disaster.” then went on to say “this god-awful exercise is so painfully unfunny, so screamingly bad, that it immediately qualifies as one of the worst films of all time.” With a movie starring Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Greg Kinnear and Naomi Watts just to name a FEW I thought this would have been a must-see.

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Celeb Kicks: @S_C_ x Wearing Nike Air Force 180 Mid

IFWT Jay-Z Rocking Nike Air Force 180 Mid

Check out Jay-z rocking some casual heat on feet. Hit the jump to see the pics….

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(Video) CRAZY! Turkish Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Catches Fire


The people on a Turkish Airlines flight are lucky to be alive today after their planes engine caught fire upon being struck by lightening. 114 people were on-board the plane that was on fire and at one point light-less. Thankfully, the pilot of the airplane landed safely. Ironically, video that was taken from inside the aircraft show that most of the passengers were calm and not panicked at all. Watch the video from inside the plane below.

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50 Cent Speaks On MMG Chain In Video, Claims He Got It From Where?!?!


We previously broke the story about the MMG chain used in the Major Distribution music video. Since then 50 has shed some light on how he came about the MMG chain brandished in the video on the neck of a young man, seemingly mocking Rick Ross and his camp. 50 claims the medallion came from a jeweler and that people can’t trust everything they read on the internet. Since 50 never been one to back down from good beef, I have to believe he did it just to get at the MMG brand and shake things up. It was earlier purported that the chain belonged to Gunplay, the MMG artist got into a scuffle with part of 50’s entourage at the BET awards last year, but the G-unit boss claims he got obtained the chain legally likening it to a Death Row hat he saw A$AP Rocky wearing. What do you think, is 50 pulling our leg? Does he really think those are similar situations? I can’t call it but the court of law says innocent until proven guilty so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Hit the jump for more

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Google Closes $1.6 Billion Deal For New Headquarters In U.K.

As Googles reign in the world of technology continues, the multi-billion dollar corporation closes yet another huge deal. A new Headquarter in the U.K. called The King’s Cross building is estimated to be 1 million square feet and should be completed 2016. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, But financial Times said that the deal was estimated to be about $1.6 BILLION!

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