(Video) SMH: Shawty Lo “All My Baby Mamas” Show Pilot


I’m so sad this is real. Utter ridiculousness at its finest! Word is that Oxygen will be airing a one hour special in the Spring, showcasing the daily drama rapper Shawty Lo goes through with his 10 baby mamas and 11 children. Below you can find the pilot. I will definitely NOT be watching this one! Marisa Mendez

No Way! RIP: Peter Parker Dies In ‘Amazing Spider-Man No. 700’ Comic

ifwt_spider man

ALERT! This may be a spoiler for you, so we’re warning you before you continue! See is huge news in the comic news world – with all the changes Spider-Man has undergone to keep the series interesting.. this is probably the biggest change of all. Hit the jump to read more about it.. Biz Baby

Temple Run Downloaded More Than 2 Million Times On Christmas


  Just when thought Temple Run lost its momentum earlier after being very popular earlier this year was downloaded an astonishing 2.5 million times, 1 million times on Android devices, downloaded 1 million times on iOS devices and 500k though Amazon’s app store. All these downlads took place during a 24 hour period on xmas, so it looks like Temple Run is still alive and kicking in the app world. Obviously the game was downloaded by people who received  newer devices on Xmas . Before heading into the holiday season Temple Run was downloaded more than 40 million times alone iOS devices when the game was exclusive to Apple. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Samsung Drops In-House Web-Based Messaging App

ChatOn 2.0

  iMessage, BBM etc. all have been developed by their creators to give their specific users a unique chatting experience. Wether it be delivered/received receipts or International chat capability, each app has features that separate them from one another. Samsung has officially joined the group with their latest web-based messaging app, ChatOn 2.0! Continue for download link, pics & video… Tat Wza

(Video) Quentin Tarantino Says, “John Legend Sent Me His Written Song On A Cassette Tape”


Obviously, artists are still using cassette tapes, and in John Legend‘s case it was a good idea for his song, “Who Did That To You?” Quentin Tarantino says, “A flash drive would have still been sitting in my hotel room,” so cassette tape it is. The director that has created a major buzz with his latest film, “Django Unchained” talks about how Legend’s song ended up on the soundtrack as well as how Jamie Foxx and Rick Ross came together to create “100 Black Coffins.” Rick Ross came to the set, and “We caught a contact high, standing next to his jacket,” Tarantino said. Now that’s LOUD! I think it’s official I have to go watch this movie. I mean it does have Leonardo Dicaprio in it. Drop down bottom see what else Tarantino is talking about. JaaiR (JR)

(Fellas Check The Pics!!) Yaris Sanchez Shows Off Her Curvy Body In A SUPER Tight Sexy Outfit!


Yaris definitely has the best late night instagram pics! Check her out in the gallery! Biz Baby

WHAT?!: Private Investigator Claims He Has Video Proving Whitney Houston Was Killed By Drug Dealers

Whitney Houston

So sad! A Hollywood private investigator is claiming that Whitney Houston was murdered by drug dealers and a new surveillance video proves it. Paul Huebl says he handed over evidence to the feds, that shows the 48-year-old singer was killed over a drug debt she previously had. The medical examiner ruled that she drowned in her bathtub at the Beverley Hilton hotel after taking marijuana, a cocktail of cocaine and other legal drugs. Could this all be real? See more details after the jump! Biz Baby

Blast From The Past: 112 Facts About Boy Meets World That You May Have Never Known!


This is stuff from Boy Meets World that includes facts, goofs, flukes, and just weird information. These things will make you pay a little more attention to detail in the show, the next time you see it. With the announcement of the new show, Girl Meets World, filming soon and this list lurking around the internet – we wanted to bring you some fun facts that you may have never caught before! Biz Baby

(Fellas Check The Pics!!) Wow! Kimora Lee Simmons Showing Off Her TONED Bod In A Very Skimpy Bikini!


Still can’t believe this woman is over 40 years old! With kids and age, she still has a super toned beach body! See her pics in the gallery Biz Baby

(Videos) OMG! Shark Tank Cracks Open In A Shopping Center In China! (3 Sharks Dead.. 15 People Injured)


Last week, when shoppers came and went from a Shanghai shopping center, a 33-ton decorative aquarium in the lobby all of a sudden cracks open, which sent gallons of fish, water, turtles and three live sharks to come out and land on top of people nearby. Unfortunately 3 sharks died and 15 people were injured. See the scary footage after the jump! Biz Baby

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